Mao's War Against Nature

Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China

Author: Judith Shapiro

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 287

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This book tells the story of environmental destruction and human suffering during the Mao years.

Australian Wetland Cultures

Swamps and the Environmental Crisis

Author: John Charles Ryan

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Nature

Page: 286

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Among the most productive ecosystems on earth, wetlands are also some of the most vulnerable. Australian Wetland Cultures argues for the cultural value of wetlands. Through a focus on swamps and their conservation, the volume makes a unique contribution to the growing interdisciplinary field of the environmental humanities. The authors investigate the crucial role of swamps in Australian society through the idea of wetland cultures. The broad historical and cultural range of the book spans pre-settlement indigenous Australian cultures, nineteenth-century European colonization, and contemporary Australian engagements with wetland habitats. The contributors situate the Australian emphasis in international cultural and ecological contexts. Case studies from Perth, Western Australia, provide practical examples of the conservation of wetlands as sites of interlinked natural and cultural heritage. The volume will appeal to readers with interests in anthropology, Australian studies, cultural studies, ecological science, environmental studies, and heritage protection.

Remains of the Everyday

A Century of Recycling in Beijing

Author: Joshua Goldstein

Publisher: University of California Press


Category: History

Page: 338

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Remains of the Everyday traces the changing material culture and industrial ecology of China through the lens of recycling. Over the last century, waste recovery and secondhand goods markets have been integral to Beijing’s economic functioning and cultural identity, and acts of recycling have figured centrally in the ideological imagination of modernity and citizenship. On the one hand, the Chinese state has repeatedly promoted acts of voluntary recycling as exemplary of conscientious citizenship. On the other, informal recycling networks—from the night soil carriers of the Republican era to the collectors of plastic and cardboard in Beijing’s neighborhoods today—have been represented as undisciplined, polluting, and technologically primitive due to the municipal government’s failure to control them. The result, Joshua Goldstein argues, is the repeatedly re-inscribed exclusion of waste workers from formations of modern urban citizenship as well as the intrinsic liminality of recycling itself as an economic process.

Afterlives of Chinese Communism

Author: Christian Sorace

Publisher: Verso


Category: China

Page: 416

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Afterlives of Chinese Communism includes essays from over 40 world-renowned scholars in the China field, from different disciplines, and continents. It provides an indispensable guide for understanding how the intellectual legacies of the Mao era shape Chinese politics today. The volume addresses the question: what lessons does the Chinese Revolution have for leftist thinking in the present?0As a volume, the essays speak to each other by answering this question. Across the various approaches, there is a sensitivity to the potentials, enthusiasms, and resistances to domination that Maoist concepts once generated. Each essay provides an introduction to a concept or keyword in Chinese politics, its origins in the Mao era, uses in the present, and potential futures. Participating in an emerging conversation on the futures of communism, the edited volume is designed as an archive of the political vocabulary of Maoism, and a legend to the lost political cartographies of the past and any potential utopian futures.

A Natural Place for Nationalism

The Wanglang Nature Reserve and the Emergence of the Giant Panda as a National Icon

Author: Edith Elena Songster



Category: Environmental policy

Page: 682

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The People's Peking Man

Popular Paleoanthropology in Twentieth-century China

Author: Sigrid Schmalzer



Category: Group identity

Page: 1306

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China's Environmental Challenges

Author: Judith Shapiro

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Political Science

Page: 200

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China’s huge environmental challenges are significant for us all. They affect not only the health and well-being of China but the very future of the planet. In this trailblazing book, noted China specialist and environmentalist Judith Shapiro investigates China’s struggle to achieve sustainable development against a backdrop of acute rural poverty and soaring middle class consumption. Using five core analytical concepts to explore the complexities of this struggle - the implications of globalization, the challenges of governance; contested national identity, the evolution of civil society and problems of environmental justice and equity - Shapiro poses a number of pressing questions: Do the Chinese people have the right to the higher living standards enjoyed in the developed world? Are China's environmental problems so severe that they may shake the government's stability, legitimacy and control? To what extent are China’s environmental problems due to patterns of Western consumption? And in a world of increasing limits on resources and pollution "sinks," is it even possible to build an equitable system in which people enjoy equal access to resources without taking them from successive generations, from the poor, or from other species? China and the planet are at a pivotal moment; the path towards a more sustainable development model is still open. But - as Shapiro persuasively argues - making this choice will require humility, creativity, and a rejection of business as usual. The window of opportunity will not be open much longer. Chapter 1 - 'The Big Picture' - is available online.

World Watch




Category: Economic history


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The Penguin History of Modern China

The Fall and Rise of a Great Power, 1850 to the Present

Author: Jonathan Fenby

Publisher: Penguin Global


Category: History

Page: 762

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Documents the history of modern China and its evolution from a turbulent, troubled nation in the mid-nineteenth century to a powerful global economic, cultural, and political force in the twenty-first century.

Summary of World Broadcasts

Far East

Author: British Broadcasting Corporation. Monitoring Service



Category: East Asia


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Socialism and Tradition

Author: Shemuel Noaḥ Aizensḥtadṭ

Publisher: Humanities Press International


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 262

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