Manny Khoshbin's Contrarian Playbook: How to Build Your $100 Million Real Estate Portfolio from the Ground Up

Author: Manny Khoshbin

Publisher: Geniuswork Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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Manny Khoshbin's Contrarian PlayBook gives you a successful strategy for building your $100 million real estate portfolio. If you are already a real estate investor, this will become the go-to book for taking your game to the next level. If you are a new investor, this book will provide you a powerful way to enter the game of real estate investment. The PlayBook will take you through twelve "Plays," each one an important part of your real estate investing strategy. In the end, you will have a complete blueprint for building your own $100 million real estate portfolio. Let's Gooooo!


The Never-Give-Up Roadmap to Massive Success

Author: Manny Khoshbin

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 158

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Live Your Life Full Throttle Behind every entrepreneur's success story, there's a never-ending list of gut-wrenching failures, missed opportunities, and jaw-dropping setbacks. Real estate mogul and serial entrepreneur Manny Khoshbin is one of those entrepreneurs with a story of perseverance that will make you believe in the American Dream all over again. Driven: The Never-Give-Up Roadmap to Massive Success goes beyond Manny's personal ride through the entrepreneurial journey to deliver the habits, mindset, and insights aspiring entrepreneurs need to turn dreams into reality. Buckle up and join Manny as he shares his experiences and teaches you how to: Beat the odds and become a successful entrepreneur in your own right Challenge yourself, study your failures, and pivot your plans Double down on projects, ideas, and investments you're passionate about Spot and surround yourself with positive, successful, and like-minded people Change your mindset to achieve what you think is impossible It's imporant to remember that on your journey, you can navigate around obstacles and overcome them—just never give up. Dream big, stay ambitious, and remember that anything you really want deserves your 100 percent effort. Got it? Good. Now, let's ride.


How to Beat the Things That Make Us Quit.

Author: Clarence M. Lee Jr. MD MBA

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

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What was your dream when you were growing up? Are you living it now? Gone are the days of settling for less in life and quitting on your dreams. Dr. Lee has spent the last ten years researching what it takes to cultivate a life of resilience. This simple formula (resilience plus persistence) has been instrumental for many who are living their dreams. Whether you feel unfulfilled at work, or you have a vision to start a business, this book is the step-by-step guide on how to get started and how to keep going after your vision. Join Dr. Lee as he teaches you the following: The top ten reasons why we quit and how to beat them How to turn fear on its head and use it as fuel How to start your business now with no money Why setting realistic goals is killing your dream How to schedule your time to maintain momentum in your key area of impact Why a comfortable life may be the thing thats holding you back How to bring purpose into your day and live a more fulfilled life

Spätantike und Byzantinische Elfenbeinbildwerke Im Diskurs

Author: Gudrun Bühl

Publisher: Dr Ludwig Reichert


Category: History

Page: 281

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Contents: Non-destructive Investigation of Ivory by FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy ( Arun Banerjee); The Making of Early-Byzantine Pyxides ( Gudrun Buhl); Caillet, Remarques sur l'iconographie Christo-Mariale des grands diptyques d'ivoire du VIe siecle. Incidences eventuelles quant a leur datation et origine ( Jean-Pierre ); Basilius and His Diptych Again ( Alan Cameron); Color on Late Antique and Byzantine Ivories: Problems and Challenges of Conservation ( Carolyn L. Connor); Resemblance and Difference: Carving in Byzantium and Ottonian Germany in the Ivory Century ( Anthony Cutler); Carving in the Center: Evidence for an Urban Workshop on the Palatine Hill in Rome ( Archer St. Clair); Zur Bedeutung der Veranstaltung in Amphitheater und Circus in der Spatantike ( Josef Engemann); Digenis Akritis and a Middle Byzantine Rosette Casket in The Metropolitan Museum of Art ( Helen Evans); Editions of the Joseph Narrative in Ivory between East and West ( John Hanson); Technologische Aspekte ausgewahlter Elfenbeinarbeiten des Museums fur Byzantinische Kunst, Berlin ( Hiltrud Jehle); First-Generation Diptychs in the Discourse of Visual Culture ( Dale Kinney); Die Elfenbein-Staurothek von Cortona im Kontext mittelbyzantinischer Kreuzreliquiarproduktion ( Holger A. Klein); Kopien imaginarer Vorbilder und Reproduktionen. Spatantike, karolingische und byzantinische Elfenbeinwerke im forschungsgeschichtlichen Diskurs ( Ulrike Koenen ); ... als Kunstgeschichte so exakt werden wollte wie die Philologie oder die Zoologie - Die fruhe Elfenbeinforschung in Deutschland ( Barbara Schellewald); La cattedra di Massimiano a Ravenna: Status quaestionis e nuove linee interpretative ( Clementina Rizzardi); The Second Life of Objects: Ivory Horns in Medieval Church Treasuries ( Avinoam Shalem ); Die byzantinischen Elfenbeintafeln im Domschatz zu Halberstadt ( Petra Sevrugian-Janke); Beharrlichkeit oder Die Verteidigung alter Feststellungen ( Paul Speck).