Man and Woman He Created Them

A Theology of the Body

Author: Pope John Paul II



Category: Religion

Page: 735

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A new critical translation of Pope John Paul II's talks on the Theology of the Body by the internationally renowned biblical scholar Michael Waldstein. With meticulous scholarship and profound insight, Waldstein presents John Paul II's magnificent vision

Male and Female He Created Them: A Guide to Classical Torah Commentary on the Roles and Natures of Men and Women

Author: Yisrael Ben Reuven

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Religion

Page: 99

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A Guide to Classical Torah Commentary on the Roles and Natures of Men and Women. This book focuses on three topics: the equality in worth of men and women and their equal opportunity for spiritual growth through their distinct roles in Jewish life, the derivation and reasons for the exemption of women from positive time-bound commandments, and the similarities and differences in the spiritual natures of men and women.

He Made Them Male and Female

Marriage and Sexuality for Engaged and Married Couples

Author: Father Miguel Ángel Fuentes

Publisher: IvePress


Category: Marriage

Page: 166

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Give God a Second Chance

Author: Emilio Chuvieco

Publisher: Palibrio


Category: Religion

Page: 190

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The main purpose of the book is to provide solid arguments for Catholics who have left their faith to think again about their current positions and better know the arguments behind the Church’s teaching, particularly those related to controversial contemporary issues. It also provides arguments for practicing Catholics to speak about God with their friends and colleagues. The book is mainly addressed to college and young professionals, but other readers with intellectual interests should also benefit from it. Following the First Letter of Saint Peter, we Christians should always be ready to provide answers: “... for people who ask you the reason for the hope that you have... with courtesy and respect” (1 Peter 3:14-16).

Feed them Yourself

Training leaders to become Shepherd and under Shepherd

Author: Emmanuel Seide

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

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The book addresses the challenge Jesus put before the disciples when they asked him to release the crowd to go home so they can get some food to eat because it became dark, but instead of releasing the people Jesus asked the disciples to feed the crowd themselves. They were unprepared, they gave all the excuses, but Jesus was serious. He fed the crowd bread, fish. Can pastors and church leaders answer to this challenge within the body of believers’ context? The church needs to have an holistic approach in ministry to provide the necessary care for God’s flock. The service to Jesus is expressed by the love his servant has for him. Pastors and church leaders can make great difference in believers lives to bring real change that presents the reality of the Gospel. Yes, the believers are on their way to heaven, but they still live on earth. Therefore, they have to deal with many challenges they face in their daily life in this present century. The church is not doing enough to help the people in the pews or chairs, especially the needy person, who face all kinds of challenges. A believer can worship the Lord and feel the presence of God, feel that he or she is ready to go in heaven, but that does not prevent him or her to still struggle with many issues in life such as: Emotional, family, divorce, financial, social, job, spiritual, health, physical, physiological issues just to name a few that I addressed in the book. The bible remains a great source and resource of information for the contribution of biblical leadership of the Old and New Testaments. Jesus is the owner of the church. His love for the church, his investment in the disciples make the church what it is today, his trust and his vision, mission for his church mean a lot and can challenge the pastors and church leaders to do ministry with love. The different challenges the church of Jesus-Christ face in this present century and the church needs to acknowledge and deal with them.

Family Abuse and the Bible

The Scriptural Perspective

Author: Aimee K Cassiday-Shaw

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Medical

Page: 162

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Learn the fundamental distinctions with this thoughtful study of Christ-ordained marriage! This unique volume reconciles a Biblical interpretation of marriage with the reality of domestic violence. Designed to raise awareness of abuse issues within the born-again community, Family Abuse and the Bible: The Scriptural Perspective works to promote the genuine sanctity of marriage and headship of the husband by examining the ways this God-given position can be subverted by Satan. It combines close Biblical exegesis with psychological insight into the effects of verbal, sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse. Family Abuse and the Bible offers new hope to conservative Christian women in abusive relationships. It demonstrates that abuse is not the will of God and that submission to violence is actually giving in to demonic forces. The tools in this book can ultimately free them from the horror of an abuse they may feel is ordained by God, while leaving them with an intact source of strength in their faith. Secular therapists and counselors will find Family Abuse and the Bible an essential resource that can help them remain sensitive to the needs of abused Christian women. This book explains conservative Christian beliefs about marriage, while providing powerful Biblical justifications that will reach Christian clients when secular ideas fail. Family Abuse and the Bible offers a clear-sighted Scriptural interpretation of domestic violence issues, including: the link between drugs and demonic possession the ways abusers twist the Scriptures to justify their ungodly actions the cycle of violence the role of repentance and forgiveness the difference between Biblical headship and abuse This book is an essential tool for pastors, Christian counselors, and family therapists who work with Christian clients and also for husbands and wives who want the Lord’s will for their marriage.

Woman as Mother and Wife in the African Context of the Family in the Light of John Paul II’s Anthropological and Theological Foundation

The Case Reflected within the Bantu and Nilotic Tribes of Kenya

Author: Joseph Okech Adhunga

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 524

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This study examines the theological and anthropological foundations of the understanding of the dignity and vocation of woman as a mother and wife, gifts given by God that expresses the riches of the African concept of family. There are two approaches to inculturation theology in Africa, namely, that which attempts to construct African theology by starting from the biblical ecclesial teachings and find from them what features of African culture are relevant to the Christian theological and anthropological values, and the other one which takes the African cultural background as the point of departure. According to John Paul II, the dignity and vocation of woman is “something more universal, based on the very fact of her being a woman within all the interpersonal relationships, which, in the most varied ways, shape society and structure the interaction between all persons,” (Mulieris Dignitatem no. 29). This “concerns each and every woman, independent of the cultural context in which she lives and independently of her spiritual, psychological and physical characteristics, as for example, age, education, health, work, and whether she is married or single,” (Mulieris Dignitatem, no. 29). The theology of inculturation as presented in this dissertation opens the way for the integration of the theological anthropological teachings of John Paul II in understanding African woman as mother and wife.

52 Weeks with Jesus

Fall in Love with the One Who Changed Everything

Author: James Merritt

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Jesus Christ is the most influential human to ever walk the earth. We've heard and seen so many depictions of Him that we think we know Him better than we actually do. If we took the time to really look at Him, we might be surprised at what we'd find. In 52 Weeks with Jesus, author and pastor James Merritt leads you on a transformational journey as he shares what he's learned over a lifetime of studying Jesus' life and ministry. As you join Dr. Merritt on this journey, you will come to know and encounter Jesus in new and surprising ways and be inspired anew to embrace His invitation, "Come, follow Me." Filled with practical applications and surprising truths, this book will help you more ably answer that ancient question that's as timely today as when it was first posed: "Who do you say that I am?"

Catechism Of The Catholic Church Revised PB

Author: The Vatican

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Religion

Page: 500

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The first edition of the new Catechism went out across the world in many language versions. This gave the local Churches the chance to study it in depth. Through their bishops and teachers they responded with comments on texts that needed refinement. The present edition was developed in the light of these comments and published in Latin as the definitive Editio Typica. This book is the English translation of the Editio Typica.

In His Image

In the Image of God He Created Them, Male & Female He Created Them

Author: Faith Marie Baczko

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Religion

Page: 176

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In His Image unveils God's intended destiny for women in His work to sum up all things in Christ at the close of this dispensation! The vast number of women now being released into ministry and leadership roles within the Church and in the world, can be taken as a very powerful sign of the lateness of the hour in which we live, as women have been created to play a significant part in the work to prepare the way for the Return of the Lord! God is now releasing women for maximum impact in such a time as this! Both men and women will be enlightened by revelations showing the significance of each gender's role in the fulfillment and completion of God's plan! However, this book is a call to the women of God to rise up and take their place in the Father's plan for their lives in this crucial hour of His-story. This work will: - Awaken, warn, and inspire women to greater heights of their destiny in God. - Provide the keys to unlock God's destiny - Give insight into the Word of God on the Father's Heart for His daughters - Serve as a tool to release women in greater numbers to fulfill their calling in Christ