Making the Case for Leadership

Profiles of Chief Advancement Officers in Higher Education

Author: Jon Derek Croteau

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers


Category: Education

Page: 228

View: 988

This book identifies details and themes of leadership along with theoretical and practical implications important to a broad academic audience.

Ethical Decision-Making

Cases in Organization and Leadership

Author: Patricia A. Mitchell

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC


Category: Education

Page: 184

View: 334

This text provides a unique collection of case studies across a wide range of organizations (higher education, K-12 education, military, state and local government administration, non-profit institutions, and agency management, etc.). These cases examine ethical decision-making and organizational and leadership behavioral concepts that are practiced in these organizations. The cases cover topics facing our workforce today and ask the reader to solve the dilemma. Through a discussion of these cases, students apply decision making and organizational and leadership strategies to analyze each case and therefore gain a better understanding of how to effectively lead and manage within their organizations. This text challenges students to think critically and analytically. Students are encouraged to reflect on options a practitioner could use to solve the problem. All of the cases end with an open scenario and a set of questions, allowing students to offer a wide range of opinions and participate in reflective and robust discussions.

Practical Leadership

Making a Case for Synergy

Author: David "ricky" Sobrino




Page: 198

View: 118

This book defines leadership in a simple, applicable construct. Practical Leadership defines leadership based on the concept of synergy. Synergetic Leadership is then compared with known leadership styles to assert applicability. This book gives specific attributes and processes to improve the leadership effectiveness in a social environment (Business or otherwise).

Leadership in Agriculture

Case Studies for a New Generation

Author: John Patrick Jordan

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 563

In a world facing chronic and increasing shortages in food crops and natural resources, visionary leadership in agriculture becomes more and more critical for building and maintaining a sustainable future. It is of paramount importance that the dynamic and challenging evolution in agriculture over the last century and a half be met today with imaginative leadership in virtually all aspects of activities and organizations involved. Leadership in Agriculture: Case Studies for a New Generation focuses on key characteristics and elements of leadership. Using case studies from research, industry, education, administration, and extension services, the authors present real-world circumstances ranging from natural disasters to major restructuring that demanded problem solving, new initiatives, consensus, and organizational commitment. Drawing on their own experiences and covering topics as diverse as closing facilities, mounting a national research initiative, reinventing a major corporation, and dealing with invasive termites, the studies contain examples of both good and bad outcomes and tie back to the stated leadership principles and qualities. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Preface vii Acknowledgments xiii Leadership in the Agricultural Environment 1 Character: The Bedrock of Leaders and Leadership 13 Case Studies—How Leadership Can Make a Difference 37 1. Facing Down Nature: How a Regional Lab Survived Hurricane Katrina (Addressing Physical Crises) 38 2. Exerting Ag Leadership in Distributed Geographic Locations (Coordinating Dispersed Units within One Organization) 49 3. Closing and Relocating Facilities and Terminating Programs (Leadership Challenges with Organizational Restructuring) 59 4. National Research Initiative: Creating a Shared Leadership Vision (Bringing about a New Solution) 73 5. Battling Formosan Subterranean Termites (Forging a New Approach) 81 6. Gathering of the Agricultural Clan (Bringing Leaders Together without Central Authority) 90 7. Monsanto: How One Company Saw the Future and Transformed to Seize It (Leadership’s Role in a Significant Change) 96 8. Enhancing Leadership in the State Agricultural Experiment Stations (Cultivating New Leadership) 123 9. Development of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) (Enhancing a Better Understanding of Agricultural Science and Technology) 133 Lessons Learned from Case Studies 145 Making Leadership Work for You 152 Appendixes: How Does the Scientific Agricultural System Work? 161 Appendix A. The Land-Grant System: A Key to America’s Dream? How Does It Function? 161 Appendix B. The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service: Focus on National and International Issues 165 Appendix C. The Industrial Approach to Research: Diverse Foci Linked to Industrial Economic Effects 167 Notes 171 Bibliography 173 About the Authors 177 Index 179 For more information, please visit

Leadership, Mission, and Governance

Author: Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko

Publisher: Rowman Altamira


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 168

View: 587

Small museums need champions. In this book, we make a case for small museums and share what the broader museum field can learn from the small museum leadership. Because a few tools have been invaluable to small museum leaders and are referred to throughout the book series, we highlight the MAP and CAP assessment process, accreditation, and provide an overview of the StEPs program that inspired this book series in this first book.

A Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership

Author: Sharon D. Kruse

Publisher: Taylor & Francis



Page: 250

View: 886

A Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership takes on six core areas of school leadership—organizational vision; curriculum, instruction, and assessment; school and external community; school climate and culture; equity; and improvement, innovation, and reform. Using a case learning approach, this volume introduces salient theoretical and empirical literature in each core area and provides illustrative cases designed for individual and group analysis. Written for aspiring educational leaders, this book facilitates the discussion and reflection of individual and collective professional judgment and helps developing leaders make sense of the challenges school leaders face today.Discussion Questions foster reflection of content and practical applicationsFeatured Cases direct readers toward the issues of practice embedded within the theoretical content area Leadership Activities and Web-Based Resources support leaders in making further connections to practiceLinkage to relevant Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) standards ground each chapter in the latest guidelines for the fieldSpecial Features.

Ethical Dilemmas in Church Leadership

Case Studies in Biblical Decision Making

Author: Michael R. Milco

Publisher: Kregel Ministry


Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 656

Shares case studies on some of the most sensitive issues pastors and church leaders may have to deal with in their churches--child abuse, AIDS, infidelity, homosexuality, and unexpected pregnancies.

Leadership Case Studies in Education

Author: Peter G. Northouse

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 515

Leadership Case Studies in Education looks at leadership through the eyes of educators. The text examines how the major theories and models of leadership apply to education. Taking a clear, concise, and informative approach, Peter G. Northouse, Marie Lee, and contributors from all levels of the education discipline provide readers with real-world case studies that illustrate the complex leadership challenges and issues facing educators today. Engaging, practical, and relevant, Leadership Case Studies in Education is the perfect companion for educational leadership courses.

Standards-based Leadership

A Case Study Book for the Assistant Principalship

Author: Sandra Harris

Publisher: R&L Education


Category: Education

Page: 129

View: 857

Provides a structure for learning and growth that connects theory with practice, whether the assistant principal is already 'on the job' or enrolled in a preparation program.

Coach and Couch 2nd edition

The Psychology of Making Better Leaders

Author: Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 302

View: 246

Drawing upon substantial research this book presents the essential leadership models and equips practitioners with tools for developing executive coaches and working with business leaders. This second edition includes new chapters on Executive Stress Coaching and Coaching Across the Gender Divide.

School Leadership

Case Studies Solving School Problems

Author: Benjamin Piltch

Publisher: R&L Education


Category: Education

Page: 173

View: 117

Parents, lawmakers, supervisors, and unions are among the many constituencies that demand influence, if not control, of the educational process. How does the school administrator balance all the needs of the various groups and still remain true to the ultimate, though most powerless constituency: the students? Through case studies and anecdotes based on real-life experiences, the authors share the ups and downs of the educational world, seeking to find the balance that is most effective in ensuring success. School Leadership:Case Studies Solving School Problems details decision making and actions taken that dramatically affect the success of students and schools as well as school systems. This second edition continues and improves on the first edition with a series of new and timely school leadership case studies that require the reader to reflect on the variety of issues that cross the principal's desk every day. The reader will find the case studies and anecdotes highly absorbing. They are so real, fraught with complexity, and will require the reader to use a sophisticated decision-making process.

A Day in the Life of a College Student Leader

Case Studies for Undergraduate Leaders

Author: Sarah M. Marshall

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.


Category: Education

Page: 215

View: 130

"This book works well as a teaching and student leader development tool for several reasons. The cases presented in each chapter cover a wide range of topics and functional areas. The situations also vary in complexity.Each case comes with suggested discussion questions, beginning by asking participants to identify the issues in the case. The depth of questions often correlates to the complexity of the dilemma presented. Questions move beyond the specific case's basic issues to larger questions, making the cases adaptable to varying types of institutions, organizations or situations."--The Review of Higher Education

Cases in Long-term Care Management: Leadership challenges in managing change

Author: Donna Lind Infeld

Publisher: Foundation of the Amer College


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

View: 667

This book is an ideal training tool for nursing home administrators, nurse managers, gerontologists, consultants, & others. These 23 cases bring theory to life with realistic challenges & practical solutions.

Leadership and Management in Nursing Test Success

An Unfolding Case Study Review

Author: Julia M. Ward, PhD, RN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Medical

Page: 224

View: 324

"This will be very helpful to students studying leadership and management for the NCLEX. The questions are pertinent and well written, and they cover a wide range of topics. This review is a worthwhile resource for student preparation." Score: 96, 4 Stars. --Doody's Medical Reviews Based on an innovative, active learning paradigm, this course review for the Leadership and Management Nursing Skills NCLEX-RN features the use of unfolding case studies to thoroughly engage students while helping them to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Unlike other content review books, this resource builds required content into compelling case scenarios that mimic situations in real-life practice. It features answers and rationales at the end of each chapter and includes 200 questions comprised of 150 multiple choice and 50 alternative NCLEX-RN style questions. The book is also infused with Web links and resources that will keep students engaged and further reinforce realistic decision-making. The review focuses on developing leadership and management competencies, patient care management including advanced directives, ethical and legal issues, organizational management, and delegating responsibilities to other members of the health care team. Students love this innovative approach to learning how to ëthink like a nurseí! Faculty find the case studies useful for clinical make-up assignments. Available in both print and eBook formats, the review is enhanced by the inclusion of URLs linking to resources that expands scope of content and increases content assimilation. Key Features: Promotes active learning through use of unfolding case studies Eschews traditional repetitive question review for an intensified learning experience Provides answers conveniently located at the end of each chapter and rationales for both correct AND incorrect answers Serves as a handy resource for clinical make-up assignments Includes more than 200 questions including 150 multiple choice and 50 alternative NCLEX questions

The Joy of Leadership

How Positive Psychology Can Maximize Your Impact (and Make You Happier) in a Challenging World

Author: Tal Ben-Shahar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 331

The difference between flourishing and floundering is 10X. The difference between quantity and quality is a factor of 10. The difference in levels of engagement is exponential. People functioning at the highest level are what the authors call 10x leaders. Research on these leaders consistently brought up five major strengths. This book teaches readers to become a 10x leader using these five key areas, the SHARP framework. ● Strengths: 10X leaders stop trying to eliminate weaknesses and learn to focus on their strengths ● Health: 10X leaders stop trying to eliminate stress and learn how to integrate periods of restoration ● Absorption: 10X leaders stop waiting for the lightning of focus and creativity to strike and learn how to achieve consistent engagement and presence ● Relationships: 10X leaders stop trying to exert power and control and learn to cultivate healthy relationships through positivity and authenticity ● Purpose: 10X leaders stop grinding out tasks and learn how to find meaning and commitment in everything they do The 10X elixir of peak performance comes not from focusing on just one of these areas, but from learning to light the fire of all five aspects of SHARP and functioning naturally with them on a daily basis. If you just cultivate one or two aspects of leadership skills you are unlikely to succeed. If one of the five isn’t taken care of it affects the performance of the whole. But if you focus on all five areas, you will not only be more likely to find what helps you most, you have the best chance of enjoying the synergy of performance multiplication.

Leadership Theories and Case Studies

An Epidemiological Perspective

Author: Garry Wade McGiboney

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 355

View: 164

Effective leadership does not occur by chance. Leaders must be trained and groomed for the daunting responsibility of leading organizations. Research shows that half of the people currently in leadership positions will fail. Why they fail and what can be done to prevent failure are the main subjects of this book. It shows that effective leadership is possible and illustrates why and how, based on research and case studies from an epidemiological perspective. The epidemiological word “determinant” is used frequently, and is a word that no other book on leadership uses. Epidemiologists work from two basic principles: namely, that all diseases have determinants and that diseases do not occur randomly. In other words, there are always causes for diseases and patterns that describe how diseases spread. Effective and ineffective leadership always have determinants that are not randomly distributed; the impacts are uniformly and deeply spread throughout an organization. Like the epidemiologists, this book not only identifies leadership determinants, but also provides research-based “antidotes” at the end of each chapter, along with a summary of the most salient points in the chapter. This book offers examples of leadership and governance from the non-profit sector, businesses, public and private education, higher education, and other organizations, highlighting over 50 case studies to illustrate concepts about leadership.

Effective Leadership

Theory, Cases, and Applications

Author: Ronald H. Humphrey

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 480

View: 279

This innovative book integrates traditional and new leadership theories—including transformational leadership, leader-member exchange, authentic leadership, servant leadership, self-leadership, shared and distributed leadership, identity theory, and the value of emotions and affect—to provide a comprehensive look at the many facets of effective leadership. Practical and fun to read, the book incorporates personal reflections and current business examples to bring the theories of organizational leadership to life. In addition, engaging and relevant "Put it in Practice" features help students see how they can apply the leadership research to their own work lives, while leadership cases throughout demonstrate how real leaders have succeeded by applying the leadership principles discussed in the book. Written in a conversational style, the book is concise enough to be used in a case- or course pack-oriented course or in a modular program.

Made in Canada Leadership

Wisdom from the Nation's Best and Brightest on the Art and Practice of Leadership

Author: Amal Henein

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 350

Praise for Made in Canada Leadership "As an energy delivery company that takes great pride in our commitment to sustainable development, Enbridge recognizes that the leading, sustainable corporations of tomorrow must create an internal culture where leadership is fostered and nurtured at all levels. Made in Canada Leadership provides the roadmap for corporations seeking to secure their long-term future as industry leaders through the development and empowerment of any great company's strength—its people." —Patrick D. Daniel, President & CEO, Enbridge Inc. "Made in Canada Leadership makes a compelling case for a strategic and concerted approach to individual and collective leadership development to build our country’s leadership. If we want the right supply of leaders, we need to develop leadership in all sectors and at all levels. It is a long-term commitment and a collaborative endeavour. I am personally committed to rise to the challenge and engage in the leadership development movement and I hope others will join us in this quest for leadership." —Denise Amyot, Vice-President, Leadership Network, Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada "Developing elite athletes who can win at the international level demands more than time, effort, resources, money and raw talent. It requires support systems that are effective and strategic and the mentoring of coaches who understand how to maximize not only the athletes’ physical potential but also their mental preparation. A similar case can be made for leader development. Made in Canada Leadership looks at what is needed to transform our leadership development efforts from amateur to major league. A must read!" —Chris Rudge, CEO and Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee "In our global world, human assets increasingly constitute the competitive advantage; and to succeed, quality leadership is required. However, leadership development is not a casual undertaking, but a long term investment and a shared responsibility. Nurturing future leaders offers significant ROI for all concerned: high returns for the organization and fulfilled leaders. Made in Canada Leadership provides an essential guide to the secrets of growing leaders from a strategic and Canadian perspective." —Paul Juniper, Director, Industrial Relations Centre, Queen’s University

The Servant Leader

Unleashing the Power of Your People

Author: Robert P. Neuschel

Publisher: Northwestern University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 138

View: 422

"In the past several decades, Neuschel became concerned with corporate leaders' preoccupation with quick shareholder value at the expense of building enduring organizations based on ethical values. In his book he forcefully outlines how leaders must take personal responsibility for all their decisions and actions." "The Servant Leader provides thoughtful insights from a man who truly understood the importance of humility and humanity to all those who take on the role of leader."--BOOK JACKET.