Make a Nerdy Living

Author: Alex Langley

Publisher: Sterling


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Turn your obsession into your profession! This funny, information-packed guide shows you how to transform your nerdy passion into a lucrative career . . . and satisfying life. "How can I make a living at this?" Many nerds ask themselves this question--and now they have an answer. Filled with humor and real-life advice, this entertaining guide explores how you can actually get paid for nerdy passions that range from live-streaming video and prop making to writing and cosplay. Along with general tips for newcomers and in-depth advice for the more experienced, interviews with stars reveal how geeks, gamers, and fans successfully turned their dreams into reality.

The “People Power” Education Superbook: Book 20. Practical College Guide (Living On Your Own, Probably for the First Time)

Author: Tony Kelbrat

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Education


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You're probably living a comfortable life at high school where you're well-respected and have friends then you go to college and you're just another generic, average student who is not popular like you were at home. Relax. Everyone else is like you. You have to put yourself out there if you want to make friends, do fun things and enjoy the ride. The average 18 year old is massively brainwashed. He has no idea of who he is in his true nature. He's trying to achieve success by society's formula which is college. Many kids go to college not even knowing that there are no jobs for many of the social science fields. They think that if the college offers it as a major, there must be a job waiting at the end. This is so stupid. Most 18 year-olds are self-centered. They think they're special because they're going to college then they go home and try to act scholarly like those nerdy professors they've been listening to for the past four months.

Forever Nerdy

Living My Dorky Dreams and Staying Metal

Author: Brian Posehn

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Humor

Page: 304

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The first memoir by beloved comedian, actor, and writer Brian Posehn, hilariously detailing what it's like to grow up as and remain a nerd, with a foreword by Patton Oswalt Brian Posehn is a successful and instantly recognizable comedian, actor, and writer. He also happens to be a giant nerd. That's partly because he's been obsessed with such things as Dungeons & Dragons, comic books, and heavy metal since he was a child; the other part is because he fills out every bit of his 6'7'' frame. Brian's always felt awkward and like a perpetual outsider, but he found his way through the difficulties of growing up by escaping into the worlds of Star Wars, D&D, and comics, and by rocking his face off. He was a nerd long before it was cool (and that didn't help his situation much), but his passions proved time and again to be the safe haven he needed to persevere and thrive in a world in which he was far from comfortable. Brian, now balls deep in middle age with a wife, child, and thriving career, still feels like an outsider and is as big a nerd as ever. But that's okay, because in his five decades of nerdom he's discovered that the key to happiness is not growing up. You can be a nerd forever and find success that way. because somehow along the way the nerds won. Forever Nerdy is a celebration of growing up nerdy and different. This isn't Brian's life story, just some bizarre and hilarious stories from his life, along with a captivating look back at nearly fifty years of nerd culture. Being a nerd hasn't always been easy, but somehow this self-hating nerd who suffered from depression was able to land his dream job, get the girl, and learn to fit in. Kind of. See how he did it while managing to remain forever nerdy.

Dinosaur Jr.'s You're Living All Over Me

Author: Nick Attfield

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Music

Page: 160

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Dinosaur Jr, the stereotypical slackers. Mascis, Barlow, Murph (just Murph): three early-twentysomethings still overburdened by a torpid adolescence and a disastrous dress sense. With battered guitar, bass, and kit, they carry around a catalogue of songs that betrays identities half-formed at best, schizoid at worst. But listen. 1987, a new album, a snapshot of a moment when a furious musical intensity swung upwards and pushed their lyrics and Mascis's vocal whine far into the margins. Searing riffs, mountainous solos, and the tightest of fills – underpinned by stream-of-consciousness structures and a palette of crazed effects – steal the show. These three build a one-off sound that stirred up the hardening alternative mainstream and drove it to distraction. You're Living All Over Me: supposedly Mascis's indictment of what it was like to tour in a van with these other two misfits, but also testimony to the obsession – an itch, a disease – that the band's disengagement from their world had produced. This record cares so little it cares a lot.

The Nerdy Dozen

Author: Jeff Miller

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

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When Neil Andertol and a motley crew of video-gaming whizzes accidentally download top-secret training software and are recruited by the military to restore a botched aircraft mission, they're no longer playing for points—they're playing to save the world! Part action movie, part slapstick comedy, debut author Jeff Miller's The Nerdy Dozen is a madcap adventure for the middle grade set.

Honey from the Rock

Author: James Morin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 215

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The author has published two other books: My Father's Son and Jesus Priceless Treasure. He is a lifelong Hoosier Methodist Minister having served large and small congregations throughout Indiana for more than sixty years. He is still involved in pastoral care and continues to write everyday including many poems. Considers himself a "progressive" theologian

Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan Vol. 1

The Complete Collection Vol. 1

Author: Brian Posehn

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 384

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Collects Deadpool (2012) #1-14, #20 And #26. Comedy writing partners Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan bring the funny, Deadpool-style, in one of the most celebrated eras of the Merc with a Mouth! Wade Wilson must take down an army of dead presidents — and things only get wilder from there! Deadpool is hired by a demon to reclaim damned souls; gets in touch with his feminine side; targets a man with aquatic powers; and teams up with the Superior Spider-Man! Plus: The debut of the flashback “inventory issue” tales Posehn and Duggan made famous, featuring Deadpool’s adventures in yesteryear! Deadpool drowns his sorrows with Iron Man, gets funky with Power Man and Iron Fist, wreaks Kirby-fied havoc on a cosmic level and fights Hitler alongside Cable and Nick Fury! Deadpool has never been more hilarious!

Understanding Parricide

When Sons and Daughters Kill Parents

Author: Kathleen M. Heide

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 446

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Understanding Parricide is the most comprehensive book available about juvenile and adult sons and daughters who kill their parents. Dr. Heide moves far behind the statistical correlates of parricide by synthesizing the professional literature on parricide in general, matricide, patricide, double parricides, and familicides. As a clinician, she explains the reasons behind the killings. Understanding Parricide includes in-depth discussion of issues related to prosecuting and defending parricide offenders. The book is enriched with its focus on clinical assessment, case studies, and follow-up of parricide offenders, as well as treatment, risk assessment, and prevention.

Vibrant Faith

Author: Chris Goldman

Publisher: College Press


Category: Religion

Page: 96

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This is an eleven week small group or individual Bible study of the book of James. Over the centuries followers of Christ have troubled over balancing two key issues: grace and Christian living. James writes to a people who are already saved; he just wants to challenge believers to respond as if they really believe.

Giant Robot




Category: Alternative rock music


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Living Along the Fault Line

Community, Suburbia, and Multiethnicity in Garden Grove and Westminster, California, 1900-1995

Author: Elisabeth E. Orr



Category: California, Southern

Page: 728

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Tracking Bigfoot

Author: Joseph Marx

Publisher: Booktango


Category: Fiction


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I was skeptical when asked to attend a school trip to study the elusive Sasquatch in the California hills, but the excursion would satisfy the research project needed to complete my CSU Capstone, and the stipend to participate would help pay my student loans, so for me it was a no brainer. I had misgivings when learning former graduate John Prescott, my demanding crew boss on an archaeological dig in Egypt, would be leading the expedition. I remained skeptical even after hearing our chopper pilot’s account of seeing a Bigfoot. Remote screams in the night, dubious tracks, and blurry film footage were the most eventful things I anticipated on the expedition. I didn’t foresee our upcoming fight for survival.