Lunch Box

Author: Australian Women's Weekly Weekly

Publisher: Australian Women's Weekly



Page: 192

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As lunchtime rolls around and you (and your stomach) start thinking about food, it?s all too easy to grab takeaway or eat something unhealthy on-the-go. Eating a yummy and nutritious lunch requires a little thought and preplanning - which we?ve done for you! Whether you?re an adult, big kid or little kid, we?ve got you covered. The recipes in this book are designed to travel, stay fresh and nourish you throughout the day. So pack your lunch box with recipes from this book - and feel better for it!

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History

Author: Bonnie G. Smith

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 2752

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This encyclopedia captures the experiences of women throughout world history and illuminates how they have influenced and been influenced by these historical, social, and demographic changes. It contains over 1,300 signed articles covering six main areas: biographies; geography and history; comparative culture and society; organizations and movements; womens and gender studies; and topics in world history.

American Heart Association The Go Red For Women Cookbook

Cook Your Way to a Heart-Healthy Weight and Good Nutrition

Author: American Heart Association

Publisher: Harmony


Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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A HEALTH COOKBOOK FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women social initiative has inspired hundreds of thousands of women to eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight. Now the iconic "red dress" can be your kitchen companion all year long, with 200 recipes to help you take charge of your health. By cooking wholesome meals at home, you can easily and significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, which takes the lives of more women each year than all forms of cancer combined. The Go Red For Women Cookbook helps you stick to your health goals with recipes for guilt-free drinks, appetizers, dinners, and desserts for gatherings with friends and breakfasts on the go, brown-bag lunches, and snacks for the whole family. Recipes include: · Vegetable-Shrimp Spring Rolls with Honey-Jalapeño Sauce · Chipotle Tomato Soup · Spinach Salad with Apples and Caramelized Radishes · Kale Salad with Sweet Citrus Dressing · Lime-Basil Tilapia · Jerk Chicken with Mango-Avocado Salsa · Portobello Ragout with Sun-Dried Tomato Polenta · Garlicky Greek Salad Pizza · Sangría-Style Punch · Lemon Mini Cheesecakes · Red Velvet Cake Pops A necessary primer on good nutrition, weight control, and smart grocery shopping as well as how to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle while helping to prevent heart disease, The Go Red For Women Cookbook makes it easy for you to adopt healthy eating habits. From the Hardcover edition.

Manly Meals and Mom's Home Cooking

Cookbooks and Gender in Modern America

Author: Jessamyn Neuhaus

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: History

Page: 352

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From the first edition of The Fannie Farmer Cookbook to the latest works by today's celebrity chefs, cookbooks reflect more than just passing culinary fads. As historical artifacts, they offer a unique perspective on the cultures that produced them. In Manly Meals and Mom's Home Cooking, Jessamyn Neuhaus offers a perceptive and piquant analysis of the tone and content of American cookbooks published between the 1790s and the 1960s, adroitly uncovering the cultural assumptions and anxieties—particularly about women and domesticity—they contain. Neuhaus's in-depth survey of these cookbooks questions the supposedly straightforward lessons about food preparation they imparted. While she finds that cookbooks aimed to make readers—mainly white, middle-class women—into effective, modern-age homemakers who saw joy, not drudgery, in their domestic tasks, she notes that the phenomenal popularity of Peg Bracken's 1960 cookbook, The I Hate to Cook Book, attests to the limitations of this kind of indoctrination. At the same time, she explores the proliferation of bachelor cookbooks aimed at "the man in the kitchen" and the biases they display about male and female abilities, tastes, and responsibilities. Neuhaus also addresses the impact of World War II rationing on homefront cuisine; the introduction of new culinary technologies, gourmet sensibilities, and ethnic foods into American kitchens; and developments in the cookbook industry since the 1960s. More than a history of the cookbook, Manly Meals and Mom's Home Cooking provides an absorbing and enlightening account of gender and food in modern America.

Women's Health Healthy Meals for One (or Two) Cookbook

A Simple Guide to Shopping, Prepping, and Cooking for Yourself with 175 Nutritio us Recipes

Author: Editors of Women's Health

Publisher: Rodale Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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Take care of your taste buds, your wallet, and your health by prepping and cooking your way to healthy eating every day of the week with a cookbook designed with just one (or two) diners in mind! In the US, we eat nearly half of our meals as a party of one, with only the TV or social media followers for company. But with The Women's Health Healthy Meals for One (or Two) Cookbook, you don't have to wait until you have 2.5 kids and a spouse around the dining table to prepare simple, fresh, and nutritious meals that taste as good as they are for your health. So step away from the microwave, ditch the delivery, and get cooking! This book is filled with inventive recipes that you can make ahead, pull together on a minute’s notice, or take your time to create, all for the most important person in your life: you. With shopping guides, meal-prep plans for every type of week, a kitchen tool guide, tips for a well-stocked pantry, and advice for making leftovers seem new, The Women's Health Healthy Meals for One (or Two) Cookbook is not just a cookbook: it’s your new cooking bible. So whether you are prepping quick batches of grab-and-go meals for a hectic workweek or sipping rosé with a date as you create an impressive dish from scratch to eat together, you have found your indispensable guide for simple, portioned-out, healthful eats you can make yourself.

My Naked Lunchbox

The Most Controversial Cookbook Ever Written

Author: Freelee Banana Girl




Page: 240

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My Naked Lunchbox by Freelee the Banana Girl - The Most Controversial Cookbook Ever Written.-i don't want to live in this ' world' anymore... a world where shopping at the mall for useless shit is more popular than growing your own food. a world where women are born ugly and must be enhanced with makeup, painful fashion, 'beauty' treatments, and mutilating surgeries. a world where it's normal to use and abuse other animals. a world where 9 businessmen own half the global wealth. no, i don't need to know who trump is threatening this week on twitter, or the gruesome details of the latest school shooting. i'm not interested in who won dancing with the stars or who flopped on american idol. i couldn't care less about justin bieber's sexy selfie or taylor swift's latest squeeze... so. much. noise. what the heck happened to us?! the truth, it seems, has been smothered by the lovely kim k's ass.welcome sister, i wrote this book for hungry women, starving for change. women who not only crave tasty, nutritious food but also have a ravenous appetite to be their true self. inside you will find delicious 'naked' lunchboxes. naked in the sense that they are free of chemical additives, junk food, and animal products that cause sickness in your body. it's no accident that you have picked up this book. you are ready to hear the truth. if (like me) you are sick and tired of being force-fed the patriarchy's poison and bullied into 'beauty' duty then this is the book for you. # 12 DAY LIFE GUIDE# 60+ LUNCHBOX RECIPE PICS# MY PERSONAL LIFE STORIES# LOSE WEIGHT NO STARVING

The American Ethnic Cookbook for Students

Author: Mark Zanger

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Cooking

Page: 325

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qrovides 400 recipes that are American adaptions from over 120 ethnic groups including Black Muslims, Australians, Creoles, Dominicans, Filipinos, Koreans, and Persians.

The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

More than 100 Recipes from the Best Litte Bakery in the South

Author: Cheryl Day

Publisher: Artisan Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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More Back in the Day Bakery favorites: “Fans of Southern baking (not to mention baking in general) will want to add it to their collection” (Publishers Weekly). Cheryl and Griffith Day, authors of the New York Times–bestselling Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook, are back with more recipes to make with love. Who needs store-bought when baking things at home is so gratifying? In this follow-up to their smash-hit first book, the Days share ways to lovingly craft not only desserts, but also breakfast pastries, breads, pizza, and condiments. The book features more than one hundred new recipes, including some of the bakery’s most requested treats, such as Star Brownies and the Cakette Party Cake, as well as savories like Chive Parmigiano-Reggiano Popovers and Rosemary Focaccia. Cheryl and Griff share their baking techniques and also show readers how to put together whimsical decorations, like a marshmallow chandelier and a best-in-show banner. With pure delight woven throughout the pages, Back in the Day Bakery Made with Love is sure to please Cheryl and Griff’s fans nationwide. “Cheryl and Griff Day continue to share the love and homemade goodness in their second cookbook. If you thought it just couldn’t get any better, you’re in for a treat. Warning: Eat before reading!” —Carla Hall, cohost of The Chew and author of Carla’s Comfort Foods “Baking magic.” —Southern Living “Sensational, homey desserts.” —Food & Wine

Bong Mom's Cookbook

Author: Sandeepa Datta Mukherjee

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Cooking

Page: 288

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The elaborate Sunday morning breakfasts, the seasonal delicacies, the preserves that made available non-seasonal flavours - this is the stuff of childhood memories. Tragically, given the sheer pace of life today, it has become harder and harder to follow in our mothers' footsteps, to recreate moments of bonding in the kitchen, to maintain family traditions - especially when it comes to food. Sandeepa Mukherjee Datta - blogger, foodie and mother of two - strives to make this possible in her own life, and yours. This delicious book travels from Sandeepa's grandmother's kitchen in north Calcutta to her home in a New York suburb through heart-warming anecdotes and quick-and-easy recipes. Find out how to cook the classic kosha mangsho, throw in a few mushrooms to improvise on the traditional posto, make your own paanchphoron. The new woman's spin on old traditions - the tastes of an old Kolkata kitchen, as well as the quick and healthy recipes for a family meal - The Bong Mom's Cookbook is a must-have kitchen supplement for Bongs and non-Bongs alike. 'Authentic and enjoyable, clear and personal, studded with anecdotes that warm the heart and stir up your own memories of your favourite family recipes, Bong Mom's Cookbook is a delight to read. The only problem: you'll have to interrupt your reading many times to try out these mouth-watering recipes!' - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of Sister of My Heart, One Amazing Thing and Oleander Girl

The Healthy Pregnancy Menu Cookbook

Author: Shirley Smalheiser

Publisher: Simon & Schuster


Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 627

Discusses the nutritional needs of pregnant women and supplies recipes for soups, main courses, desserts, and other foods designed to meet a pregnant woman's nutritional requirements

Woman's Day Collector's Cookbook

Author: Kelli M. Gary

Publisher: New York : Pocket Books ; Markham, Ont. : Distributed in Canada by PaperJacks


Category: Cooking

Page: 254

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Atlanta Woman's Club Cook Book

Author: Atlanta Woman's Club



Category: Community cookbooks

Page: 253

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This delightful, early 20th-century woman's club cookbook hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Although the authors apologize for the temerity of publishing a cookbook by "amateurs," it is precisely this feature that makes it priceless. It provides a window into the everyday world in which Southern cooking took place. In addition to chapters featuring recipes for breakfasts, luncheons and dinners, it also contains chapters titled "Budgeting Your Time," "Queen Sweet Potato," "The Secret of Kitchen Happiness," "Famous Creole Dishes" and "Thrift Recipes." Looking for a recipe for roast opossum and sweet potatoes? You'll find it here.

The Woman Suffrage Cook Book

Conta[i]ning Thoroughly Tested and Reliable Recipes for Cooking, Directions for the Care of the Sick, and Practical Suggestions, Contributed Especially for this Work

Author: Hattie A. Burr



Category: Care of the sick

Page: 148

View: 966

Pilaf, Pozole, and Pad Thai

American Women and Ethnic Food

Author: Sherrie A. Inness

Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 234

View: 815

In this volume, 11 scholars explore the role of ethnic food in American culture, with a particular focus on women. They argue that ethnic cooking represents both a source of sustenance and a complex form of communication.

Food Fight!

The Battle Over the American Lunch in Schools and the Workplace

Author: Julie L. Lautenschlager

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Education

Page: 246

View: 272

"This book studies the contentious history of the American lunch, and explains how divergent forces have carved out overlapping territories in the contest to influence America's eating habits. Early chapters explore the shift from agrarianism to industrialization and the pursuant lunch revolution, and cover early reform efforts to improve lunch in schools and workplaces"--Provided by publisher.