Guida alla Dea Madre in Italia

Itinerari fra culti e tradizioni popolari

Author: Andrea Romanazzi

Publisher: Venexia Editrice


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 250

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La penisola italiana ha accolto nei millenni numerosi riti, tradizioni e culti incentrati sulla Divinità Femminile, dei quali restano ampie e talora vistose tracce. Ed è proprio viaggiando alla loro ricerca, fraterra, acqua, aria e fuoco, che l'autore ha scoperto una serie diemozionanti itinerari in cui rivivere gli arcaici sapori della Grande Madre. La prefazione è di Syusy Blady, conduttrice e regista di "Turisti / Misteri per caso". All'interno, illustrazioni in b/n e 16 mappe con percorsi suggeriti per visitare i luoghi della Dea in Italia.

Religious Life Or Secular Institute

Author: Jean Beyer

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop


Category: Religion

Page: 207

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Many requests have been made for the publication of these studies in book form. Much of this material has already appeared as articles in The Way. In the first section, I discuss the distinction between the forms of consecrated life, following a classification which is also taken up by the Secon Vatican Council in its decree Perfectae Caritatis. It is by distinguishing between these different ways of the Spirit, and by seeking to enter more deeply into them, that all who lead that life - whether they be monks or nuns, or religions dedicated to the apostolate of the priestly ministry or of charitable works, or those leading a consecrated life in the midst of the world - will gain a better understanding of their vocation and of their special mission in the Church. The scond study is an attempt to express the profound meaning of the secular vocation proper to those institutes which were approved by Pope Pius XII in 1947, and of which the Motu Proprio Primo Feliciter laid down the essential characteristics. The third section is a discussion of the role of the priest in approved Secular Institutes. This has relevance today, when special questions arise concerning those Institutes whose secular character is less apparent, who live in community and are occupied in their own special works. In the opinion of many who follow the fully secular vocation, those Institutes would do better to revise their statutes or to choose another denomination - for example, that of Apostolic Institute or Society.

Archaeology in the Dodecanese

Author: Søren Dietz

Publisher: National Museum of Denmark


Category: History

Page: 260

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Thirty one papers from a 1986 symposium (in Copenhagen) which discussed the developments of archaeological research in the Dodecanese and presented accounts of recent finds in the area. Papers from all over Europe, but chiefly in English, range from Prehistoric to Hellenistic as follows: Prehistory (9), the island of Rhodes (12), the island of Cos (3) and the Dodecanese (7).

Citizens of Discord

Rome and Its Civil Wars

Author: Brian Breed

Publisher: OUP USA


Category: History

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Cynthia Damon is Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. --


acta philologica fennica




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