Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Testing

Author: Jewel B. Barlow




Page: 800

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The proposed will be the fourth edition of a classic text reference originally authored by William H. Rae Jr. The book is considered one of the only availabel which covers all aspects of wind low-speed tunnel design, analysis, testing, and instrumentation. The authors are considered the most experienced wind tunnel engineers in the world and manage the University of Maryland's Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel. This edition has been updated with a new chapter on experiments on insects and other flying animals, as well as discussion throughout about the relationship between wind tunnel testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD. There will also be updates to third edition topics and applications, including coverage of digital electronics, new instrumentation, video and photographic methods, pressure-sensitive paint, and liquid crystal-based measurement methods. As with prior editions the book will be supplemented with real-world examples based on the authors' work. It is planned that this edition will be supplemented with an online resource containing software applications and simulations using MATLAB or other commercial programs that will enhance its use in both academic and professional markets.