Loving Thoughts

Author: Anne Knopf

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Poetry

Page: 124

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Although she began her studies in the art of music, playing the piano and violin, Anne S. Knopf soon discovered that she had a natural talent for expressing herself through verse. Various articles about Anne and her poetry have been written in the Miami Herald; The Sun Sentinal and The Sunrise Times in Broward and Dade County, Florida. As well, Ms. Knopf's poems have been featured in a number of Florida newspaper publications. Anne is a native New Yorker who cherishes her childhood experiences, having grown up across the street from Central Park West. With topics that tug at the heart-strings of a variety of poetry lovers, Anne brings all of her readers together, with her unique ability to express herself, through compassion and understanding of the human spirit. Ms. Knopf has won numerous awards for her poetry from a number of highly regarded poetry libraries and committees, including: The National Library of Poetry; The Famous Poets Society; The International Library of Poetry; The Annual Poetry Convention, and others.

Fighting Words And Other Loving Thoughts

Author: T.K. Long & Kyle Holland

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 102

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Fighting Words And Other Loving Thoughts is a collection of poems and short stories deeply rooted in the human condition. It speaks to the dichotomy of love and its many forms. An emotional and mental radio of sorts, it is written with the understanding that one page may be the introduction of a character you merely admire from afar whereas the next will read like a summary of your life. It does not shy away from speaking out on the subjects that tug at the heart and boggle the mind. Its language is brash, gentle, metaphoric, in-your-face, decorated and stripped bare. It is a wild and unapologetic journey through the heart and mind that will inevitably leave you changed. If you have ever loved, hated, laughed, cried or existed, you will want to read this book.

100 Loving Thoughts to My Children

Life Lessons and Ideas for Joy and Success

Author: Sherry Ramrattan Smith

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Education

Page: 32

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How do you lead your life? Choices we make send messages to others about our beliefs and values. Daily actions count and require attention because our choices and actions impact on our feelings and interactions with one another. We can feel supported or isolated in our families, classrooms, workplaces, and communities. This book offers ideas and simple steps to improve our relationships and build success into our everyday actions. 100 Loving Thoughts To My Children: Life lessons and ideas for joy and success is the fourth book of A Considerate Curriculum Series by Sherry Ramrattan Smith.

To My Daughter, with Love

Loving Thoughts

Author: Publications International, Ltd



Category: Daughters

Page: 77

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Loving Thoughts

Author: Helen Steiner Rice



Category: Christian poetry, American

Page: 114

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Helen Steiner Rice reminds us of the enduring truths of life in verse which can serve as comfort in time of need and as reassurance in times of doubt.

Love Thoughts

Learning to Love, While Trying to Live

Author: Sylvester III Hubbard

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Poetry

Page: 152

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This book details a personal journey that explores many aspects of male and female relationships. It emphasizes the trials and tribulations that men and women have struggled with throughout the course of time. Having written numerous things related to the complex topic of love and relationships, I have been humbled by my newfound understanding of what it means to love and to be committed. As this journey unfolded, I have learned much about myself and even more about the degree to which a woman is able to love. It disturbed me to a certain extent when I realized that the deepest love that I had every felt for a woman is only the most basic love that a woman feels for a man. Women live to love and it's the foundation of their happiness. They will fight to keep it and stand in the midst of ridicule to protect it. Like many men, I was never taught how to love or to respect women. The knowledge I acquired was gained though bits of information obtained from balers, womanizers, old folks and television. In all, I learned nothing. I stumbled my way through a failed marriage, encountered my adolescence in my thirties, and found myself searching for love in my forties. I thought that I was a loving man, but later realized that the qualities I thought I had were self-serving and inconsistent. Life has caught up with me now and Love Thoughts is my written apology on behalf of the male species, for our failure to dispense love and romance to the hearts women. As for my punishment, I have assigned myself a lifetime of community service. This sentence will carry with it no chance of parole for the crime that I have committed. My crime of failing to love a woman, when all that women had sought from me was simply to be loved. These are my stories.

For My Sister

A Basket of Loving Thoughts

Author: Ariel



Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 32

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Dear Mom

A Book of Loving Thoughts


Publisher: Brownlow Publishing Company


Category: Mothers


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