Love, Sex and Philosophy

Author: Travis Woods

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Page: 232

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Love, sex and philosophy are three words that encapsulate the human experience. What they represent is so central to our existence, yet we overlook the power and wonder involved when consciously engaging with these interests. As such, we neglect our beauty and misunderstand what we are. The book is split into two sections, heavier on the philosophical side, with a taste of poetry to help translate love.

Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Marriage

An Introduction

Author: Raja Halwani

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Philosophy

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How is love different from lust or infatuation? Do love and marriage really go together "like a horse and carriage"? Does sex have any necessary connection to either? And how important are love, sex, and marriage to a well-lived life? In the Second Edition of this lively, lucid, and comprehensive book, Raja Halwani explores and elucidates the nature, uses, and ethics of romantic love, sexuality, and marriage. It is structured in three parts: Love examines the nature of romantic love and how it differs from other types of love, such as friendship and parental love. It also investigates the relationship of love to morality and asks what limits morality puts on romantic love and even whether romantic love is inherently moral. Sex demonstrates the difficulty in defining sex and the sexual, and examines what constitutes good and bad sex in terms of pleasure, "naturalness," and moral permissibility. It discusses the nature of sexual desire and its connection to objectification and virtue, all the while looking at specific sexual engagements such as pornography, BDSM, and raced desires. Marriage traces the history of the institution and describes the various forms in which marriage exists and the reasons why people marry. It also investigates the necessity of marriage and ways in which it requires reform. Updates and Revisions in the Second Edition Expands the coverage of love and morality from one to two chapters, incorporating much of the recent literature on love as a moral emotion. Includes a new chapter on sex and virtue ethics. Ends each of the chapters on sex with an "applied" topic, such as pornography, BDSM, prostitution, racial sexual desires, and adultery. Increases coverage of the nature and purpose of marriage, including debates surrounding same-sex marriage, but also moving beyond these debates to include issues on minimal marriage, temporary marriage, polygamy, and other forms of marriage. Updates the Further Reading and Study Questions sections at the end of each chapter and provides an up-to-date comprehensive bibliography at the back of the book. Includes new discussions of topics on the nature of love; love and reasons; distinctions between two types of romantic love; love and its connections to moral theories; definitions of crucial sexual concepts; objectification; virtue and sex; racial sexual desires; and the definition of marriage and whether it is important as an institution.

Sex, Love, and Friendship

Studies of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love: 1993-2003

Author: Adrianne Leigh McEvoy

Publisher: Rodopi


Category: Family & Relationships

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The joke is that all the prostitutes go on vacation when the philosophers come to town. The reason that the other conventioneers do it; philosophers just talk about it. And talk about sex and love, and friendship is what the contributors to this volume do! They talk and argue, split hairs and clarify, all trying to advance our understanding of this most interesting practice of the human species. Some of the best minds on three continents, from four nations, and eighteen of the United States discuss such topics as adultery, commitment, cross dressing, gender politics, date rape, family, friendship, friends as lovers, gayness, love, marital pluralism, marriage, prostitution, religiously motivated anti-queer sentiments, same sex marriage, seduction, and self-respect. Rather than preach, participants probe our attitudes and practices involving these issues with the aim of better understanding the broad range of sexual practices of our species. The result is a collection of stimulating essays that can enliven class discussions as well as provide guidance for the sexually perplexed. The work is accessible to readers from high school through college and beyond.

Sex Without Love

A Philosophical Exploration

Author: Russell Vannoy



Category: Love

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"Here, in a break from traditional philosophical views of sex and love, Russell Vannoy presents a radical defense of sexual enjoyment without love. Vannoy argues that truly humanistic and fulfilling sex is found only when it is enjoyed for its own sake and it is divorced from traditional forms of love. The book contains insightful analyses of the philosophies of Sartre, Freud, Schopenhauer, Reich, Nagel, de Sade, and others." -- back cover.

Philosophy of Sex and Love

An Introduction 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded

Author: Alan Soble

Publisher: Paragon House Publishers


Category: Philosophy

Page: 327

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"This introductory textbook is an overview of the nature and the ethics of the many aspects of sex and love"--Provided by publisher.

Philosophy of Sex and Love

A Reader

Author: Robert Trevas

Publisher: Pearson College Division


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 452

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The human experience of sex and love has direct impact on our social well-being. By studying sexual philosophy, we allow ourselves, through exposure to a variety of alternative belief systems, to consider new possibilities and options as well as to develop a deeper understanding of the philosophy we already possess. This is the underlying principle behind the readings presented in Philosophy of Sex and Love. Coverage begins with an historical overview of some of the most influential thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Erich Fromm, and Alexander Comfort, who have helped shape contemporary discussions in the philosophy of sex and love. Then, ten major topics treated in the philosophy of sex and love are examined in detail. Guaranteed to spark lively debate, Philosophy of Sex and Love challenges readers to sharpen their critical faculties as they explore the reasons supporting each position and to develop a philosophy of sex and love that, when examined fully and rationally, will not only be self-satisfying but will promote the welfare of society as a whole.

Philosophy of Sex and Love

An Opinionated Introduction

Author: Patricia Marino

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Philosophy

Page: 238

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Writing for non-specialists and students as well as for fellow philosophers, this book explores some basic issues surrounding sex and love in today's world, among them consent, objectification, non-monogamy, racial stereotyping, and the need to reconcile contemporary expectations about gender equality with our beliefs about how love works. Author Patricia Marino argues that we cannot fully understand these issues by focusing only on individual desires and choices. Instead, we need to examine the social contexts within which choices are made and acquire their meanings. That perspective, she argues, is especially needed today, when the values of individualism, self-expression, and self-interest permeate our lives. Marino asks how we can fit these values, which govern so many areas of contemporary life, with the generosity, caring, and selflessness we expect in love and sex. Key Features of Philosophy of Sex and Love: An Opinionated Introduction Offers a contemporary, problems-based approach to the subject, helping readers better understand and address current issues and controversial questions Includes coverage of sex and love as they intersect with topics like disability, race, medicine, and economics Considers not only the ethical, but also the broadly social and political dimensions of sex and love Includes a helpful introduction and conclusion in each chapter and is written throughout in a clear and straightforward style, with examples and signposts to help guide the student and general reader A comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography provides a valuable tool for anyone’s further research

Desire, Love, and Identity

Philosophy of Sex and Love

Author: Gary Foster



Category: Desire (Philosophy)


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"Desire, Love, and Identity: Philosophy of Sex and Love combines classical readings with contemporary articles exploring love and sex as defining features of our identity. This volume includes readings from a wide variety of perspectives, addressing topics such as sexual objectification, sexual identity, the ethics of sex work, love and sex online, friendship, polyamory, and BDSM. Alongside ancient, modern, and contemporary selections are sixteen original contributions written by emerging voices in the field. A wide-ranging, engaging, accessible introduction to the subject, the text includes further readings and discussion questions to promote thought, discussion, and composition on subjects deeply intertwined with students' identities."--


A Scientific and Living Philosophy of Love and Sex

Author: Lao Russell



Category: Sexual ethics

Page: 207

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