Lions of Ireland

A Celebration of Irish Rugby Legends

Author: David Walmsley

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 392

Look for a Lions legend and the chances are you will find an Irishman. Throughout the touring team's history, the heroes of Irish rugby have been at the heart of the Lions' finest hours - on and off the pitch. Look at the Lions record books and you will find Irishmen at the top of almost every list, from Willie John McBride and Tony O'Reilly to Ronnie Dawson. No nation has provided more leaders of the Lions. In Lions of Ireland, these greats tell their stories of life on some of the longest, hardest roads in sport. Those featured include world-class players and characters who have contributed to Lions folklore, such as Karl Mullen, Jack Kyle, Fergus Slattery, Tom Kiernan, Mike Gibson and Syd Millar - and the account is brought up to date with contributions from the likes of Keith Wood. This book includes a complete reference section featuring every Irish player to have represented the Lions in Tests since the first united tour of 1910. It recalls the powerful personalities and relives the most dramatic deeds in the Lions' long history - from the 1971 groundbreaking triumph against the All Blacks and success against the odds in South Africa in 1997 to the 2005 tour of New Zealand.

The Lion Tamer Who Lost

Author: Louise Beech

Publisher: Orenda Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 324

NOMINATED FOR SAPERE BOOKS POPULAR ROMANTIC FICTION AWARD AT THE 2019 ROMANTIC NOVEL AWARDS A heartbreaking, breathtakingly beautiful love story with a tragedy at its heart, from the critically acclaimed author of Maria in the Moon ‘Beech eloquently conveys their feelings and longings and sets atmospheric, vividly drawn scenes that transport the reader from grey and damp England to the searing heat of the lion reserve ...The Lion Tamer Who Lost will touch the most hardhearted of readers with its persuasive, well-drawn and memorable characters’ Daily Express 'A devastating, tender and powerful story love story, beautifully and bravely told. You will lose your heart to this book. I adored it’ Miranda Dickinson Be careful what you wish for... Long ago, Andrew made a childhood wish, and kept it in a silver box. When it finally comes true, he wishes he hadn’t... Long ago, Ben made a promise and he had a dream: to travel to Africa to volunteer at a lion reserve. When he finally makes it, it isn’t for the reasons he imagined... Ben and Andrew keep meeting in unexpected places, and the intense relationship that develops seems to be guided by fate. Or is it? What if the very thing that draws them together is tainted by past secrets that threaten everything? A dark, consuming drama that shifts from Zimbabwe to England, and then back into the past, The Lion Tamer Who Lost is also a devastatingly beautiful love story, with a tragic heart... ‘A stirring novel, beautifully written, reminiscent of the early work of Maggie O’Farrell’ Irish Times ‘Fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine will love it’ Red Magazine ‘Centering on an excruciatingly passionate love story, Louise Beech’s The Lion Tamer Who Lost is a rich literary text that includes family tragedies, unexpected discoveries, and second chances, all considered against the vibrant backgrounds of England and Zimbabwe ... In its surprising turns and lovely particulars ... A beautiful text’ Foreword Reviews ‘This book really got under my skin as a beautiful portrait of love, loss and longing’ Irish Sunday Independent 'An incredible, poignant piece of work. Louise Beech had cemented her place as one of Britain’s finest modern storytellers’ John Marrs 'A beautiful, honest and tender love story that I won’t forget for a long time ...Their love had me trapped in its spell, their tragic moments had me sobbing like a baby’ Fionnuala Kearney ‘A beautifully crafted book’ Carol Lovekin ‘Louise Beech has totally blown me away with her storytelling’ Madeleine Black ‘I adored this beautiful and inspiring book’ Kate Furnivall ‘Already one of my favourites of 2018’ LoveReading ‘Digs deep emotionally, but is funny and feel-good, too’ Fiona Mitchell ‘A stunning and very brave book’ Gill Paul ‘The setting alone makes this book worth a read’ S. E. Lynes ‘Heartfelt and wry’ Ruth Dugdall ‘Louise Beech is a natural-born storyteller with an elegance about her writing that never fails to move me’ Michael J. Malone ‘There are times when you finish reading a book and know that part of it will stay with you always. This will be one of those books’ Claire Allen ‘It put me in mind of John Irving. It’s that feeling of being in the hands of a master storyteller and just trusting him or her so completely’ Laura Pearson ’A love story, a tale of secrets, guilt, confusion, bigotry and shame, beautifully woven together’ Tracy Fenton

The Disappearance of Ember Crow: The Tribe, Book Two

Author: Ambelin Kwaymullina

Publisher: Candlewick Press


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 432

View: 550

In this fast-paced sequel to The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, Ashala and her friends face a new danger from the least expected source — one of their own. After a daring raid on Detention Center 3 to rescue their trapped peers, Ashala Wolf and her Tribe of fellow Illegals — children with powerful and inexplicable abilities — are once again entrenched in their safe haven, the Firstwood. Existing in alliance with the ancient trees and the giant intelligent lizards known as saurs, the young people of the Tribe do their best to survive and hide. But the new peace is fractured when Ashala’s friend Ember Crow goes missing, leaving only a cryptic message behind. Ember claims to be harboring terrible secrets about her past that could be a threat to the Tribe and all Illegals. Ashala and her boyfriend, Connor, spring into action, but with Ashala’s Sleepwalking ability functioning erratically and unknown enemies lying in wait, leaving the Firstwood is a dangerous proposition. Can Ashala and Connor protect the Tribe and bring Ember home, or must they abandon one to save the other?

Challenges of Anglophone Language(s), Literatures and Cultures

Author: Alena Kačmárová

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing



Page: 340

View: 385

This book explores scholarly challenges within the fields of Anglophone language, literature, and culture. The section focusing on language details issues falling within two areas: namely, language contact and the language-culture relationship, and stylistic and syntactic perspectives on the English language. The literature part investigates twentieth-century American, English, and Australian literature, dealing with both poetry and prose and discussing topics of identity, gender, metafiction, postmodern conditions, and other relevant theoretical issues in contemporary literature. The culture part treats theoretical approaches in cultural studies that are vital in today’s cultural context, especially in Central European universities, the Irish language and culture, and contemporary cultural phenomena inspired by the growing ubiquity of technological intrusions into various fields of cultural production.

The Lost Lions

Author: Edward Gorey

Publisher: Pomegranate


Category: Fiction

Page: 32

View: 615

Fetching young Hamish prefers life in the great outdoors. One day he mistakenly opens an envelope. Sudden wealth from movie stardom leads Hamish to raising lions. But the newfound fame frustrates him, so he chooses the big cats over the big screen. With charming, distinctive pen-and-ink drawings coupled with characteristically succinct text, Edward Gorey leads us--as only he can do--through the mysterious circumstances that envelop Hamish on a long journey that begins with a single misstep. First published in 1973 and long out of print, " The Lost Lions" is an ever-popular Gorey classic.

Legends of Irish Rugby

Forty Golden Greats

Author: John Scally

Publisher: Random House


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

View: 403

Based on exclusive interviews with 40 celebrated players, past and present, Legends of Irish Rugby is a veritable who's who of the sport. Immortals such as Jack Kyle, Willie John McBride, Tony Ward, Brian O'Driscoll, Gordon D'Arcy and Paul O'Connell bare their souls to reveal themselves as men of vision, passion and dedication - men who, through their glories, disappointments and dramatic deeds, have inspired others to realise their dreams. In this engrossing and entertaining account of the bittersweet history of Irish rugby, these powerful personalities offer startling insights into some of the sport's most controversial moments - from the assault on Ronan O'Gara during the 2001 Lions tour to Gary Ella's tenure as Leinster coach. They also express their opinions on the most important issues facing the game today - from Brian O'Driscoll's hair to the role of the coach and the future of the sport itself. Their take on the times is often as comical as it is insightful. Compelling, informative and humorous, Legends of Irish Rugby is by far the most revealing volume yet on one of the country's favourite sports.

Last of the Giants

The Rise and Fall of Earth's Most Dominant Species

Author: Jeff Campbell

Publisher: Zest Books ™


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 272

View: 930

Today, an ancient world is vanishing right before our eyes: the age of giant animals. Over 40,000 years ago, the earth was ruled by megafauna: mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed tigers and giant sloths. Of course, those creatures no longer exist, and there is only one likely reason for that: the evolution and arrival of the earth's only tool-wielding hunter, the wildly adaptive, comparatively pint-sized human species. Many more of the world's biggest and baddest creatures—including the black rhino, the dodo, giant tortoises, and the great auk—have vanished since our world became truly global. Last of the Giants chronicles those giant animals and apex predators pushed to extinction in the modern era. The book also highlights those giant species that remain—even though many barely survive, living in such low numbers that they are on the brink of leaving this world within the next few decades. However, there is hope, for many endangered species can still be saved. As it profiles each extinct and endangered animal, Last of the Giants focuses on the conservation efforts that are trying to preserve the world's remaining charismatic species before they are lost forever.

The Last Lions

Author: Beverly Joubert

Publisher: National Geographic Books


Category: Nature

Page: 175

View: 232

Depicts the lions of Botswana's Okavango Delta as they engage in an ageless rhythm of life and death with their prey, the dangerous and aggressive African buffalo.

Lions in the Street

And Other Stories

Author: James Schneider

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 172

View: 648

Lions in the Street is a compilation of poems, short stories on education, letters to the editor, unfinished novels, children stories and political and historical essays by the late James Schneider. The writings presented in this book are a compilation on a wide range of topics with an underlying thread of a love for family and children, a desire to improve the society in which we live and need to present an alternative point of view close to that of the common man which has been all, but ignored in the mainstream media.