Longman Pocket Activator Dictionary

Author: Pearson-Longman

Publisher: Longman


Category: Reference

Page: 640

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The Longman Pocket Activator is a convenient version of the Longman Language Activator®. This dictionary expands students¿ vocabulary and improves their ability to express themselves fluently. The Longman Pocket Activator groups similar word- and phrase- meanings together, and highlights key differences in definitions and usage. There are helpful labels, corpus-based example sentences, and grammar pointers within definitions to guide students in selecting the right word for the right circumstances. Features: • Easy-to-use vocabulary finder • Accessible key words and basic ideas guide vocabulary exploration • Thousands of examples showing real usage and natural communication • Spoken communication tips for everyday situations

Impressions 5, 2/E

Author: Bhattacharya Supriya

Publisher: Pearson Education India




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Aspects of Modern Language Teaching in Europe

Author: Wolf Gewehr

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 248

View: 468

From the teaching of grammar to the teaching of literature; from classroom teaching to independent learning; from role-playing to CAL - few books on teaching languages cover such a wide field. In this book teaching experience and research from practitioners in four European countries throw new light on old problems faced every day, while others reveal innovative teaching methods and new insights into how teachers and learners interact. Sections include: *language learning strategies and computer-assisted language learning *facilitating individual progress through autonomous learning *how to bring a foreign country alive in the classroom *de-mythologising grammar teaching *how different types of dictionaries can make valuable contributions to language teaching *teaching and using idiomatic phrases.

Longman Language Activator

The World's First Production Dictionary

Author: Della Summers

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1632

View: 306

Presents linguistic as well as lexical information.

The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary

German-English, English-German

Author: Dudenredaktion (Bibliographisches Institut)

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: English language

Page: 1712

View: 500

The highly acclaimed Oxford-Duden German Dictionary provides authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date coverage of modern English and German. The text has been designed to meet the needs of both English and German speakers, whether they wish to write or speak the foreign language ortranslate from it. This revised edition includes a full supplement detailing the changes to the German spelling system ratified in 1996. Over 260,000 words and phrases and 450,000 translations Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the general vocabulary of contemporary German and English Hundreds of example sentences showing words in use Extensive guidance on the selection of the correct translation Explanation of terms for which cultural or other differences prevent an exact translation Coverage of British and American English, and the German of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Detailed grammatical information, including irregular plurals and past tenses Helpful appendices on a wide variety of subjects including: grammar, numerical expressions, weights and measures, and a letter-writing guide