The Light That Was Dark

A Spiritual Journey

Author: Warren Smith

Publisher: Northfield Pub


Category: Religion

Page: 155

View: 310

Heading for the Light

The 10 Things That Happen When You Die

Author: Colm Keane

Publisher: Capel Island Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 832

Heading for the Light, by bestselling author Colm Keane, reveals the truth about what happens when we die. The ten stages we go through at death are outlined for the very first time. They establish conclusively that the journey is a warm one and is not to be feared. Based on five years of research, the author has drawn from the real-life stories of people who have temporarily died and returned to life. Among the stages are the departure of the inner essence - often referred to as the soul or spirit - from the body, following which it travels on a journey suffused with peace, through a tunnel-like space, to a border or boundary, where the former loved ones are met and a "superior being" is encountered. Those who are interviewed in the book also give their insights on what we need to do to prepare for the afterlife. They additionally speak of the profound feelings of love they return with from their extraordinary journeys. This definitive book provides all you need to know about what we face as we head for the light.

The Wind Masters

The Lives of North American Birds of Prey

Author: Pete Dunne

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Nature

Page: 288

View: 535

The director of New Jersey's Cape May Bird Observatory takes readers inside the minds of hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, and North America's other birds of prey, exploring the behavior of each from a bird's eye's view. Reprint.


Author: Veronica Robinson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 656

View: 313

Satan has won! At least that is what he thinks. The big war wiped out everything—churches, temples, synagogues—and anything having to do with religion is a thing of folklore now. Overnight, every religious leaders and anyone training or learning to help them were murdered. All churches and worship building all over the world were burned to the ground overnight. When everyone woke up the world as they knew it was no more. Quickly, anything having to do with a religion of any kind was outlawed. The worst thing you could have was a Bible of any kind. One hundred years later, the war that was all over the Earth was finally over. There are no more schools, stores, and technology, and books are very few, and most did not know how to read and write anymore anyway. The Earth was a leftover battlefield with no countries and no leaders left. Then a tall stranger comes out of nowhere. Looking at him, it was hard not to listen to him and do what he wanted you to do just to be able to get close to him. Did Satan finally kill God?

Dark Light

Author: Randy Wayne White

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 888

Imagine hurricane winds over the Sahara Desert, preceded by a cavalry of tornadoes. Imagine dunes flattened, then resculpted. Then imagine all that at the bottom of the sea. A Category 4 hurricane has swept the west coast of Florida, creating havoc, changing lives, and reshaping the ocean bottom. Well-known reefs and wrecks have been covered—and new ones have emerged. From one such wreck, marine biologist Doc Ford and his friends make a chance discovery that will have a monumental effect—a cluster of mysterious objects that lead to an equally mysterious woman and her ancient, gray-gabled estate of a beach house. The woman weaves a haunting story of a loved one lost, and her chance to uncover the truth if Ford will help salvage the boat, named Dark Light, which sank without explanation in the hurricane of 1944. Intrigued, Ford agrees, and begins a chain of events that will change his life forever. For there are other things in that wreck as well, and other men who want them, men willing to commit terrible acts. And the woman herself—the woman is not what she seems. . . . Filled with passion and vivid, pungent prose and some of the best characters in suspense fiction, Dark Light is a thriller of uncommon intensity.

A Soul to Keep

Author: Christopher L. Haefner

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 355

View: 723

Book Summary of The Cuz Bounded by truth, The Cuz, highlights the diabolical life of James Cuzze as told through the inculcations of Dr. Christopher Haefner. The doctor had always endeavored to help him before it was too late. But then James is killed! The doctor is devastated. As a prominent psychiatrist he knows that if he could have helped James he could have helped anybody. Had he succeeded he could have considered himself a brilliant physician. Now he would never know. But would he? Ten years after his death James returns-in ghostly form! Little by little he exacts his purposes into the doctors life by purporting to his exasperated friend that he has come back only to help him. James has nothing to reconcile with as the doctor does and he shows him in ways which were like him, wildly wicked. From the first encounter until last the doctors life is blasted towards a final enlightenment!

My Dark Places

Author: James Ellroy

Publisher: Vintage


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

View: 468

The internationally acclaimed author of the L.A. Quartet and The Underworld USA Trilogy, James Ellroy, presents another literary masterpiece, this time a true crime murder mystery about his own mother. In 1958 Jean Ellroy was murdered, her body dumped on a roadway in a seedy L.A. suburb. Her killer was never found, and the police dismissed her as a casualty of a cheap Saturday night. James Ellroy was ten when his mother died, and he spent the next thirty-six years running from her ghost and attempting to exorcize it through crime fiction. In 1994, Ellroy quit running. He went back to L.A., to find out the truth about his mother--and himself. In My Dark Places, our most uncompromising crime writer tells what happened when he teamed up with a brilliant homicide cop to investigate a murder that everyone else had forgotten--and reclaim the mother he had despised, desired, but never dared to love. What ensues is a epic of loss, fixation, and redemption, a memoir that is also a history of the American way of violence. "Ellroy is more powerful than ever." --The Nation "Astonishing . . . original, daring, brilliant." --Philadelphia Inquirer

The Resurrection Factor

Author: Wade Powers

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 943

At a secret CIA facility Timothy Lazarus awakens from a coma to discover that he is a dead man. Because of the events that caused his twenty month hiatus, and the lofty status of the people involved, the patient is told that he must surrender his old life. He will only be able to live again through a dark and little known program called "The Resurrection Factor Project." The surgery is scheduled and Tim pretends to agree to a new life and a new face. He plays along but all the while his brain is hatching a plan of escape. Being the son of a legendary Israeli super spy secures the trust of his keepers and Tim Lazarus uses it to his full advantage. He pulls off a daring break out and begins his trek to the West Coast in an effort to reclaim his snuffed out existence. However, the CIA has plans for the runaway and after apprehending him they give him a choice. Tim is guaranteed his old life back only if he completes a dangerous mission that is likely to make him dead for real this time. He accepts the mission in Northern India and what starts out as simple surveillance of a potential arms dealer morphs into what could be a limited nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan. When evidence of enriched uranium is revealed the stakes grow even higher. What starts out as a high-tech border war could rapidly escalate into World War III. Can Lazarus stop the first warhead from being fired before his cover is blown? Intrigue, suspense fill the pages of this must read novel. Wade Powers has spun a tale filled with passion, revenge and romance. The characters are deep and complex and the reader will be sorry to say goodbye on the last page. But maybe there will be no one left to say goodbye to on the last page. Maybe civilization as we know it, will simply be vaporized.