Letters to My Darling Daughter

Blank Journal Love Letters to My Baby - Write Your Love Letters for Your Daughter for Them to Read Later & Treasure this Lovely Time Capsule Keepsake Forever

Author: Jessie Grate




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Your loving girl will always be your baby. Share your thoughts with your child in a letter. Fill this blank journal with fun loving memories and hopes for your bundle of joy. Set a date, wrap, seal, and save the letters to gift to your child at a later date. Few topics you can write about: ✅Most loved recollections of you and your child ✅Early qualities and learnings during the early stages ✅Cute facial expressions, motions, sounds, and quirks ✅Things about your baby that astonished you ✅Neighborhood and world recent developments ✅How you feel about your baby ✅Expectations, dreams, and desire

Letters to My Daughter

Author: Edith Clara Summerskill



Category: Authors, English

Page: 205

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A Letter to My Daughter

Author: Michael B. Dodd

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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Michael Ireland has a pen, a notebook, and five days to live! In that time, his desire to bring his daughter to Christ will tax the resources of all three.

Letters to My Darling Daughter Blank Ruled Journal

Better Than a Greeting Card | Keepsake, Special Gift for New Mothers and Parents

Author: ChrisRandy Press




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This LINED beautifully designed softcover 8.5 x 11-inch notebook, 120-page journal can be used to record your personal thoughts and feelings for your child to read at a later time, when old enough to appreciate them. This cute gift is more thoughtful than a greeting card as it has actual functionality. Keep track of all of your most important moments in this large notebook. Cover is soft matte. Very soft and smooth to the touch. Bonus picture of a fairy mom and her daughter lined drawing on the cover page. This LINED JOURNAL/NOTEBOOK/DIARY would make a perfect gift to yourself or for any new mom or parent. Give it a try!

Oh My Darling Daughter

Author: Eric Malpass

Publisher: House of Stratus


Category: Fiction

Page: 249

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Mother cannot take any more - so she takes off to Marrakesh. It is left to seventeen-year-old Viola to take charge of a grubby little brother and a younger sister who constantly asks about sex. Then Father invites the alluring Gloria to 'keep house'. This amusing tale is also a thoughtful and perceptive account of a young woman's coming of age.

Yes, My Darling Daughter

Author: Roy Clark

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Fiction

Page: 154

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A murder mystery, inspired by a real life event. This novel within a novel is a page turner. The details of the familiar tragic event, which inspired this novel, have remained unsolved. This novel answers the questions which have thus far gone unanswered.

Mothers’ Know

Letters to My Global Daughters

Author: Feeyola Dawood

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 204

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Daughters are precious beings we wish we could keep with us for a lifetime. We never run out of things we want to tell them, share with them, and teach them. It is because we always want the best for them. Mothers’ Know - Letters to My Global Daughters is a tribute to every young woman in the world. Written in the form of letters, it ventures into discussions about topics mothers sometimes struggle to talk to their daughters about. As far along as we have developed, somethings are still a cultural taboo, or we are too ashamed to talk to our daughter about them. Mothers’ Know - Letters to My Global Daughters ventures into those spaces with the intention to educate, highlight and nurture young women. Readers can look forward to: • True stories that have been adapted for use in each letter. • Real personal letters that were written for the authors daughter. • A variety of relevant issues that are relevant to young women. • Lessons that are applicable, relatable, and practical. “Mothers’ Know - Letters to My Global Daughters is a delightful but powerful book which all mothers should gift to their young daughters. No young woman should miss reading the letters written by this author to her daughter.” - Tahera Seedat, Principal, Sizwe Hosiptal School

Letters from the Front

From the First World War to the Present Day

Author: Andrew Roberts

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: History

Page: 328

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A legacy of an empire and a nation at war, Letters from the Front is a collection of correspondence sent by British and Commonwealth troops from the front line of war to their loved ones at home. Poignant expressions of love, hope and fear sit alongside amusing anecdotes, grumbles about rations and thoughtful reflections, eloquently revealing how, despite the passage of time, the experiences of the fighting man are shared in countless wars and battles across history. From the muddy trenches of the Somme through the frozen ground of the Falklands to the heat and dust of Afghanistan today, these letters are the ordinary soldier's testament to life on the front line.

Letters to My Son

A Journey Through Grief

Author: Mitch Carmody

Publisher: Heartlight Studios


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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Powerfully written book about death, grief, loss and recovery

Letters to the Dead: Things I Wish I'd Said

Author: Ann Palmer

Publisher: CCB Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 362

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With loving respect and a desire to pay homage to many who have passed on and to help keep their personalities and talents alive in the public's mind, I wrote letters to the following celebrities and special people in my life: Orson Welles, Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bill Bryant, Howard Hawks, Robert Mitchum, David Janssen, Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Steve McQueen, Natalie Wood, Milton Krasner, Walter Matthau, Ray Walston, Rock Hudson, Cornel Wilde, Gardner McKay, Fred Holliday, John Carroll, Rex Harrison, Jessica Tandy & Hume Cronin, Richard Burton, Desmond Llewelyn, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Leon Shamroy, Stuart Lyons, Joan Jones, Arthur Shields, Harry Guardino, Nick Colasanto, Vince Edwards, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Jayne Mansfield, Joan Crawford, Charles Bronson, Leon Mirell, Rick Jason, Richard E. Lyons, John Bernardino, Norma Connolly, Emily McLaughlin, David Lewis. And my family and friends: Richard Castle, Helen Coffey, Mary, Jack Kogel, my father, my mother, Dr. Richard E. Goodrich, and my daughter Debbie. This is my last tribute to many of those wonderful souls that passed through my life that I honor in this way.

The Granite Farm Letters

The Civil War Correspondence of Edgeworth & Sallie Bird

Author: John Rozier

Publisher: University of Georgia Press


Category: History

Page: 330

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Gathers letters between Edgeworth Byrd, a Confederate soldier, planter, and slave owner, and his wife and daughter

Death, My Darling Daughters

Author: Jonathan Stagge

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 219

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Dr. Hugh Westlake investigates murder in a powerful family, by the Edgar Award–winning author who wrote the Peter Duluth Mysteries as Patrick Quentin. Patrick Quentin, best known for the Peter Duluth puzzle mysteries, also penned outstanding detective novels from the 1930s through the 1960s under other pseudonyms, including Q. Patrick and Jonathan Stagge. Anthony Boucher wrote: “Quentin is particularly noted for the enviable polish and grace which make him one of the leading American fabricants of the murderous comedy of manners; but this surface smoothness conceals intricate and meticulous plot construction as faultless as that of Agatha Christie.” The entire town is at sixes and sevens with the homecoming of the Hilton family, whose ancestor, Benjamin, left the village of Kenmore ages ago and eventually rose to become vice president of the United States. Now the Hiltons have returned—not that they’re particularly happy about it, if their rather standoffish attitude is any clue. But even such a highly regarded family has its secrets. And when their aged nanny dies under mysterious circumstances, Westlake is asked by Inspector Cobb to step beyond his role as local coroner and conduct a clandestine investigation into the Hilton household. Such a task won’t be easy, as other branches of the family arrive and expand Westlake’s list of possible suspects. But he’s not about to let a possible murder go unsolved, no matter how blue the blood being spilled . . .

Henry's Letters to the Kkk

Kindly Konarski Klan

Author: Henry Gornowicz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 106

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The letters reveal the experiences and fun I experienced in work, management and especially meeting people, friends and even relatives.

The Lost Daughter

The gripping saga of grief and love

Author: Sylvia Broady

Publisher: Allison & Busby Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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‘A fascinating story concerning a gripping loss, beautifully written’ Freda Lightfoot Alice Goddard runs through dark, rain-lashed streets with one thing in mind: her daughter. In her panic to escape her pursuer, she is hit by a car and rushed to hospital. When she wakes, she has no idea who she is, but dreams of being hunted by a man, and of a little girl. As the weeks pass and her memories gradually resurface, Alice anxiously searches for her daughter, but no one is forthcoming about the girl’s whereabouts. Penniless and homeless, Alice must begin again and rebuild her life, always hoping that one day she will be reunited with her lost daughter. 'Irresistible’ Freda Lightfoot