Letters to a Soldier

Author: David A. Falvey

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Presents letters written to Lieutenant David Falvey from a fourth grade class while he was stationed in Iraq, and includes his answers to the students on his duties, life in the military, and himself.

A Soldier's Letters to Charming Nellie

Author: Joseph Benjamin Polley

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 362

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One of the most cited collections of letters by a Civil War soldier, A Soldier's Letters to Charming Nellie was originally published in 1908. A unit history of the 4th Texas Infantry in epistolary form, Joseph B. Polley's letters make available the correspondence of a soldier who participated in virtually all military action in the Eastern Theater. Polley was an unusually gifted writer, with a talent for satire and humor unmatched by most Civil War diarists. While the collection met with an enthusiastic audience upon its appearance, it has not been without controversy. Scholars have debated some of the letters' authenticity; many appeared in the Confederate Veteran long after the end of the war, and questions remain about whether they were all written during the Civil War or if some were composed at the turn of the century or later. In this definitive, annotated edition, Richard B. McCaslin has prepared new transcriptions of the letters and compared variant versions of them, resolving many of the historiographical puzzles that surround this wonderful collection. McCaslin also includes an analysis of when, how, and why Polley wrote the letters. The volume will aid historians interested in the activities of the Army of Northern Virginia and its commanders, and especially students of Hood's Texas Brigade.

Letters from a Soldier

Author: Mhairi Milligan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 156

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John Butler and Mhairi Falconer met at a wedding in 1940, and although they did not meet again for five years due to the war, they remained friends for the rest of his life. They had agreed to write to each other, and these are some of the delightful wartime letters he wrote.

Letters From The Trenches

A Soldier of the Great War

Author: Bill Lamin

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books


Category: History

Page: 339

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Harry Lamin was born in Derbyshire in 1877 and left school at thirteen to work in the lace industry, but by December 1916 he had been conscripted into the 9th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment and sent to war. Harry's letters home to his family describe the conflict with a poignant immediacy, even ninety years on, detailing everything from the action in battle to the often amusing incidents of life amongst his comrades. Throughout the letters, Harry's tone is unwaveringly stoical, uncomplaining and good humoured. Letters From The Trenches is a fitting tribute to the unsung heroes of the Great War who fought and endured and returned home, and the one in six who did not. The letters describe the war through the eyes of those who really lived it, bringing the horrors and triumphs to life for the twenty-first-century reader. Edited by Harry's grandson, Bill, Letters From The Trenches tells the moving story of a brave, selfless and honourable man who endured everything that the war could throw at him, and still came up smiling.

Letters from a Soldier

Author: Walter Robson



Category: Soldiers

Page: 192

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A collection of letters written from 1943 to 1945 by a soldier in the field to his wife in England.

Letters from a Soldier of France 1914-1915

Wartime Letters from France

Author: Arthur Clutton-Brock

Publisher: Pen and Sword


Category: History

Page: 120

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In March 1915, a young French artist-turned soldier went missing in action. He left behind a remarkable series of letters which, due to wartime security, had to be edited and published anonymously under the title Letters of a Soldier 1914-1915. This powerful volume was for many years out of print, but this new edition corrects that unhappy situation and provides an English speaking readership with a rare and much needed insight into what it meant to experience the Great War from the sharp end during the desperate struggles of the French Army fighting for its survival in 1914 and 1915.??Originally published by Constable & Co., London in 1917 with a preface by AndrŽ Chevrillon, this evocative and moving primary source volume is essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand the role of the French army in the opening battles of the Great War.

Letters from a Soldier

Author: Susan Mowry

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

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When Jim met Sue, he had already enlisted in the US Army. As he is drawn away into military service abroad in the 1960s, it is through heartfelt and sincere letters that Jim and Sue’s love for each other is able to grow and strengthen. From basic training, to being stationed in France, and eventually through the unrest of Vietnam, a story unfolds that shows how true love and family can transcend any distance. In Letters from a Soldier, writer Susan Mowry shares her husband Jim’s touching and honest letters of love and longing, as their love for each other keeps them both brave when Jim is sent to Vietnam—leaving Sue pregnant with their first child. Experience with Sue the sometimes whirlwind, sometimes heart-pounding, but always loving messages and letters of courage in the face of adversity, as even a letter to President Johnson works wonders to help save their wedding day. With words and passionate feelings shared across the world through both letters and prayer, discover how a soldier and his wife cultivate both their love for each other and a family together, and delight in Sue’s dedication to Jim as he finally comes home from Vietnam—where he will never leave her again.

Julia Spencer-Fleming's Letters to a Soldier

With a special note from Julia Spencer-Fleming

Author: Julia Spencer-Fleming

Publisher: Minotaur Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 32

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In LETTERS TO A SOLDIER, Julia Spencer-Fleming provides new content--letters exchanged between the main characters in I Shall Not Want and One Was a Soldier. Along with the letters, there is also a special note from Julia Spencer-Fleming and a sneak peak of ONE WAS A SOLDIER. Julia Spencer-Fleming burst onto the mystery scene with her debut, In the Bleak Midwinter, garnering almost every award imaginable. Since then, her Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne series has taken suspense and heart-tugging to the next level, making for truly satisfying reading. The newest installment, ONE WAS A SOLDIER, is available April 2011.