Leonhart Fuchs - The New Herbal of 1543

Author: Werner Dressendörfer



Category: Botanical illustration

Page: 960

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With his 1543 herb catalog, botanical pioneer Leonhart Fuchs created a masterpiece of Renaissance botany and publishing. This fresh reprint is based on Fuchs's personal, hand-colored original and features over 500 illustrations, including the first visual record of New World plant types such as maize, cactus, and tobacco.

New Kreüterbuch

Author: Leonhart Fuchs



Category: Science

Page: 960

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Genoptryk af original fra 1543.

A Companion to Illustration

Art and Theory

Author: Alan Male

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Art

Page: 688

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A contemporary synthesis of the philosophical, theoretical and practical methodologies of illustration and its future development Illustration is contextualized visual communication; its purpose is to serve society by influencing the many aspects of its cultural infrastructure; it dispenses knowledge and education, it commentates and delivers journalistic opinion, it persuades, advertises and promotes, it entertains and provides for all forms of narrative fiction. A Companion to Illustration explores the definition of illustration through cognition and research and its impact on culture. It explores illustration’s boundaries and its archetypal distinction, the inflected forms of its parameters, its professional, contextual, educational and creative applications. This unique reference volume offers insights into the expanding global intellectual conversation on illustration through a compendium of readings by an international roster of scholars, academics and practitioners of illustration and visual communication. Encompassing a wide range of thematic dialogues, the Companion offers twenty-five chapters of original theses, examining the character and making of imagery, illustration education and research, and contemporary and post-contemporary context and practice. Topics including conceptual strategies for the contemporary illustrator, the epistemic potential of active imagination in science, developing creativity in a polymathic environment, and the presentation of new insights on the intellectual and practical methodologies of illustration. Evaluates innovative theoretical and contextual teaching and learning strategies Considers the influence of illustration through cognition, research and cultural hypotheses Discusses the illustrator as author, intellectual and multi-disciplinarian Explores state-of-the-art research and contemporary trends in illustration Examines the philosophical, theoretical and practical framework of the discipline A Companion to Illustration is a valuable resource for students, scholars and professionals in disciplines including illustration, graphic and visual arts, visual communications, cultural and media and advertising studies, and art history.

Visualizing Medieval Medicine and Natural History, 1200-1550

Author: Jean Ann Givens

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: History

Page: 278

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Visualizing Medieval Medicine and Natural History, 1200-1550 addresses fundamental questions about the interplay of visual and verbal communication in medieval medicine, pharmacy, and natural history. Analyzing images in works as diverse as herbals, jewellery, surgery manuals, lay health guides, cinquecento paintings, manuscripts of Pliny's Natural History, and Leonardo's notebooks, the essays ask: What counts as medical illustration in the Middle Ages? What purposes and audiences do these illustrations serve? How do images of natural objects, observed phenomena, and theoretical concepts amplify texts and convey complex cultural attitudes? Why do we regard some of these images as medieval productions while other exactly contemporary images strike us as typically early modern in character?

Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae: Secondary Metabolites

Biosynthesis, Chemotaxonomy, Biological and Economic Significance (A Handbook)

Author: Eckart Eich

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 637

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This comprehensive and interdisciplinary handbook provides a bird’s-eye view of two centuries of research on secondary metabolites of the two large Solanales families, Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae. In this book they’re arranged according to their biosynthetic principles, while the occurrence and chemical structures of almost all known individual secondary metabolites are covered, which are found in hundreds of wild as well as cultivated solanaceous and convolvulaceous species.

Herbs and Healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West

Essays in Honor of John M. Riddle

Author: Dr Anne Van Arsdall

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Medical

Page: 394

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Herbs and Healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West brings together eleven papers by leading scholars in ancient and medieval medicine and pharmacy. Fittingly, the volume honors Professor John M. Riddle, one of today's most respected medieval historians, whose career has been devoted to decoding the complexities of early medicine and pharmacy. "Herbs" in the title generally connotes drugs in ancient and medieval times; the essays here discuss interesting aspects of the challenges scholars face as they translate and interpret texts in several older languages. Some of the healers in the volume are named, such as Philotas of Amphissa, Gariopontus, and Constantine the African; many are anonymous and known only from their treatises on drugs and/or medicine. The volume's scope demonstrates the breadth of current research being undertaken in the field, examining both practical medical arts and medical theory from the ancient world into early modern times. It also includes a paper about a cutting-edge Internet-based system for ongoing academic collaboration. The essays in this volume reveal insightful research approaches and highlight new discoveries that will be of interest to the international academic community of classicists, medievalists, and early-modernists because of the scarcity of publications objectively evaluating long-lived traditions that have their origin in the world of the ancient Mediterranean.

Publishing and Medicine in Early Modern England

Author: Elizabeth Lane Furdell

Publisher: University Rochester Press


Category: History

Page: 282

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An investigation of the role which the English book trade played in an important transitional period in early modern medicine.

Flowers and Herbs of Early America

Author: Lawrence D. Griffith



Category: Flowers

Page: 292

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A leading historic plant expert bring the botanical heritage of early America back to life, documenting more than fifty species of flowers and herbs and providing details on how they were cultivated and used.