Led Throwies Making for Novices

The Ultimate Step by Step on How to Make Your Own DIY Light Throwie at Home

Author: Gabriel Van




Page: 40

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LED Throwies are a cheap way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood.This guide is a step by step instructional guide on how to make an LED throwie at homeThrow it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials.GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY BY SCROLLING UP AND CLICKING BUY NOW TO GET YOUR COPY TODAY

A Stargazing Program for Beginners

A Pocket Field Guide

Author: Jamie Carter

Publisher: Springer


Category: Science

Page: 419

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Sets out a simple month-by-month program to reveal all of the night sky's biggest and most beautiful secrets in just one year – and with only a few hours of stargazing each month By investing just an hour a week and $50 in binoculars, it’s possible to learn a few simple techniques and quickly gain a real insight into the night sky's ever-changing patterns – and what they tell us about Earth, the seasons and ourselves. Searching more for a learned appreciation of nature and our exact place within the cosmos than academic scientific knowledge, science and travel writer Jamie Carter takes the reader on a 12 month tour of the night sky's incredible annual rhythms that say so much about Earth. During the journey he learns about the celestial mechanics at work in the skies above that are – to the beginner – almost beyond belief. As well as the vital constellations and clusters, and the weird and wonderful nebulas, he searches out “dark sky destinations” across the globe that help increase knowledge and give a new perspective on familiar night sky sights. On the journey he witnesses a solar eclipse and grapples with star-charts, binoculars, smartphone apps, telescopes, spots satellites and attempts basic astro-photography. By year's end, the reader will be able to glance at the night sky from anywhere on the planet and tell what direction he or she is facing, what time it is, where all the planets are and even where the Galactic Center Point is.

Egg Carving for Beginners

Techniques to Creating Exquisite Eggs

Author: Katy Nuetzel Wilson

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Art

Page: 170

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Egg Carving for Beginners By: Katy Nuetzel Wilson This book is meant to assist anyone with the desire to learn how to cut, carve or etch eggs with the basics. It will take you through the different stages it takes to get the end results you desire. There are many techniques an egg artist can use with a carved or cut egg. With this guide, you will find what works best for you and push your imagination to the limits. This book shows a variety of ways to attempt many of these techniques, along with photographs showing the steps of each process. With this book, you can follow along at your own pace and follow techniques step by step without having to pause and play a video when you're ready to move on. Whether you're truly a beginner or just looking to expand your Egger knowledge, Egg Carving for Beginners will give you the basics and serve as an easy reference anytime you need it!

Robot Building for Beginners

Author: David Cook

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 516

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“I wrote this book because I love building robots. I want you to love building robots, too. It took me a while to learn about many of the tools and parts in amateur robotics. Perhaps by writing about my experiences, I can give you a head start.” —David Cook Robot Building for Beginners, Second Edition is an update of David Cook’s best-selling Robot Building for Beginners. This book continues its aim at teenagers and adults who have an avid interest in science and dream of building household explorers. No formal engineering education is assumed. The robot described and built in this book is battery powered and about the size of a lunchbox. It is autonomous. That is, it isn’t remote controlled. You’ll begin with some tools of the trade, and then work your way through prototyping, robot bodybuilding, and eventually soldering your own circuit boards. By the book’s end, you will have a solid amateur base of understanding so that you can begin creating your own robots to vacuum your house or maybe even rule the world!

Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition

Author: David Cook

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 458

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"I wrote this book because I love building robots. I want you to love building robots, too. It took me a while to learn about many of the tools and parts in amateur robotics. Perhaps by writing about my experiences, I can give you a head start."--David Cook Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition provides basic, practical knowledge on getting started in amateur robotics. There is a mix of content: from serious reference tables and descriptions to personal stories and humorous bits. The robot described and built in this book is battery powered and about the size of a lunch box. It is autonomous; that is, it isn't remote controlled. The book is broken up into small chapters, suitable for bedtime (or bathroom) reading. The characteristics and purposes of each major component (resistor, transistor, wire, and motor) are described, followed by a hands-on experiment to demonstrate. Not only does this help the reader to understand a particular piece, but it also prepares them with processes to learn new parts on their own. An appendix offers an introduction to 3D printing and parts of the robot can, as an alternative, be "printed" using a 3D printer. The master project of the book is a simple, entertaining, line-following robot.

A Beginner's Guide to Circuits

Nine Simple Projects with Lights, Sounds, and More!

Author: Oyvind Nydal Dahl

Publisher: No Starch Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 80

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A Beginner's Guide to Circuits is the perfect first step for anyone ready to jump into the world of electronics and circuit design. After finishing the book's nine graded projects, readers will understand core electronics concepts which they can use to make their own electrifying creations! First, you'll learn to read circuit diagrams and use a breadboard, which allows you to connect electrical components without using a hot soldering iron! Next, you'll build nine simple projects using just a handful of readily available components, like resistors, transistors, capacitors, and other parts. As you build, you'll learn what each component does, how it works, and how to combine components to achieve new and interesting effects. By the end of the book, you'll be able to build your own electronic creations. With easy-to-follow directions, anyone can become an inventor with the help of A Beginner's Guide to Circuits! Build These 9 Simple Circuits! * Steady-Hand Game: Test your nerves using a wire and a buzzer to create an Operation-style game! * Touch-Enabled Light: Turn on a light with your finger! * Cookie Jar Alarm: Catch cookie thieves red-handed with this contraption. * Night-Light: Automatically turn on a light when it gets dark. * Blinking LED: This classic circuit blinks an LED. * Railroad Crossing Light: Danger! Don't cross the tracks if this circuit's pair of lights is flashing. * Party Lights: Throw a party with these charming string lights. * Digital Piano: Play a tune with this simple synthesizer and learn how speakers work. * LED Marquee: Put on a light show and impress your friends with this flashy finale.

Kindle Oasis 3 Beginners User Guide

The Simple Quick Manual to Manage, Master and Troubleshoot Your Kindle E-Reader with Advanced Tips and Hints

Author: Clayton M. Rines

Publisher: Publishdrive.com


Category: Computers

Page: 140

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Getting to let loose the fantastic powers that your Kindle Oasis has running under the hood is an experience that quite a lot of folks miss out on because they never came across this book. This user guide is the master key in unlocking all there is to know about your device. This device was designed with you in mind to make reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks a worthwhile experience to be looked forward to every time. The Kindle Oasis 3 comes as an upgrade to the previous version with the warm temperature on the screen and a mixture of LED lights to make your eyes less strained and bring about evokes a more paper-like feeling. The ergonomics of the 7-inch screen is simply out of this world There are quite a few things that you need to know about your Kindle, which ranges from advanced settings to how to move your contents from one device to another. The directives on how to carry out these tasks are written in simple and easy to under English. Here are some of the things that you will get to discover in this book; - Putting on your Kindle Oasis 3 - Charging your device and battery maximization - Status indicators - Using the email to send contents to your Kindle Oasis 3 - Setting up a household account - Connecting your Kindle to an external Bluetooth device - Making use of Audible on your device - Reading and listening to your items on android and iOS devices - Checking how much storage space you have used up - How to troubleshoot your device - And so much more! Get this book now and unleash the powers of your Kindle Oasis 3!

Getting the Most Out of Makerspaces to Explore Arduino & Electronics

Author: Don Rauf

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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If makerspaces allow young people to collaborate on building projects, then Arduino allows them to go to the next level. Arduino is a do-it-yourself kit that includes a microcontroller that makes using electronics more accessible. Basically, this means that even those who are not experts in electronics can do amazing things, such as build and program robots. This book opens young people up to the possibilities of this exciting world by explaining exactly what makerspaces and Arduino are and how virtually anyone can use these tools to build programmable devices, a skill that is essential in any STEM field.

Raspberry Pi 3

A Practical Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Full Potential Of Raspberry Pi 3 By Starting Your Own Projects Using Python Programming

Author: Finn Sanders

Publisher: Data Science



Page: 220

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The world of technology is quickly changing, and more and more people are looking for ways to learn coding and programming. However, some of the traditional options for this can be difficult and challenging to get started with-but with the Raspberry Pi 3, you will see the results in no time!

Arduino Programming for Beginners

Getting Started with Sketches Guide

Author: Simone Bales

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 146

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Learn Arduino Programming with Sketches and Example Projects If you are getting started with Arduino programming, This is the perfect guide for you. This book will answer all your programming questions related to Arduino and get you started with developing your own projects at the end of completing the book. Some of the beginners projects include: Blinking LED's The LED knight Effect Making some Noise Automatic Lights RGB LED Control Motor Movement Control


How to Make Homemade Electronic Circuits Using Paperclips

Author: Christopher Topalian




Page: 149

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Teaches Students to Make Strong & Secure Homemade Electronic Circuits using Paperclips! Our innovative method allows every student in a classroom to make circuits for pennies, instead of having to buy expensive breadboards. Using everyday materials, we construct electronic circuits and teach every step of the way.These are VERY STRONG PERMANENT CIRCUITS! Students of Electronics will enjoy building circuits with Papercliptronics for both ease of learning and for the ability to construct hundreds of circuits for almost no cost at all.Best of all, students avoid the FUMES of solder.I invented Papercliptronics to save kids from the danger of solder fumes, when learning electronics.If you are a teacher, please, feel free to print this book after purchase. All teachers have license to print this book once purchased.This book is presented by the College of Scripting Music & Science, established 2007 and teaching millions of people around the world how to program computers and learn circuitry.

Beginner's Luck

Author: Oriel Malet



Category: Aunts

Page: 216

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Three orphan children find a way to leave their mean aunt.

A to Z How to Grow Weed at Home for Total Beginner

Author: Lisa Bond

Publisher: SB Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 44

View: 447

Do you want to be in full control over where your weed grows? Maybe you are tired of dealing with that shady dealer or you are simply tired of paying for it. If you are here for the above reasons or any other one, then you are in the best place a stoner can be! Growing marijuana at home might seem complicated but the truth is that it's quite easy if you have the right information and attitude. Simply put, anyone who loves weed can grow weed! I mean, which stoner would not like to see this beautiful plant growing taller every morning when he or she wakes up? Personally, I decided to start growing cannabis for the heck of it, I got engaged to sweet Maryjane back in campus and it was only right that I should get married to her. That's why I have weed growing in my house, I am just a guy who enjoys his blunt and I want it close to me all the time.

SAP GRC For Dummies

Author: Denise Vu Broady

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Computers

Page: 342

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Governance, risk, and compliance—these three big letters can add up to one giant headache. But GRC doesn't have to be a boil on your corporate behind. SAP GRC For Dummies untangles the web of regulations that confronts your company and introduces you to software solutions the not only keep you in compliance, but also make your whole enterprise stronger. This completely practical guide starts with a big-picture look and GRC and explains how it can help your organization grow. You'll find out why these regulations were enacted; what you can do to ensure compliance; and how compliance can help you prevent fraud, bolster your corporate image, and envision and execute the best possible corporate strategy. This all-business handbook will help you: Understand the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Control access effectively Color your company a greener shade of green Source or sell goods internationally Keep your employees safe and healthy Ensure that data is kept secret and private Manage information flow in all directions Enhance your public image through sustainability reporting Use GRC as the basis for a powerful new corporate strategy Complete with enlightening lists of best practices for successful GRC implementation and conducting global trade, this book also puts you in touch with thought leadership Web sights where you can deepen your understanding of GRC-based business strategies. You can't avoid dealing with GRC, but you can make the most of it with a little help from SAP GRC For Dummies.