Learn to Relax

A Practical Guide to Easing Tension and Conquering Stress

Author: Mike George

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Self-Help

Page: 159

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With the aid of 130 color illustrations, a guide to relaxation shows busy people how to ease tension at work, at home, or on the road through nearly thirty easy-to-perform exercises, along with techniques for breathing, visualization, and more. Original. IP.

Learn to Relax

Author: Gordon Rosenberg

Publisher: Gordon Rosenberg


Category: Medical


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Learn to Relax

Proven Techniques for Reducing Stress, Tension, and Anxiety —and Promoting Peak Performance


Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Psychology

Page: 234

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Provides specific anxiety-conquering techniques, stress management exercises, and methods for creative problem solving and decision making to achieve mental and physical relaxation.


How to gain Bliss & Inner Peace with the Energy Meditation, Chi Gong, God Love, Tantra, Tao-Love…

Author: Rudi Zimmerer

Publisher: Rudi Zimmerer


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 223

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Most people don’t understand that meditation reflects what is inside of us. When we are fighting against our thoughts, sometimes we don’t even know that our suppressed feelings have caused the thoughts. This book shows: how to release negative emotions with EFT; how to gain bliss with the energy pump; how to ground negative thoughts so that they disappear; how can God benefit our meditation and life; how can we learn to love God; how can we use Tantra and Tao love to gain great results fast for our meditation and spirituality and to enjoy our sexuality; how to achieve health through releasing negative suppressed feelings, the right food, and through the Qigong exercises.

How to Relax

Enhancing Your Mental and Physical Health Through the Art of Inner Self-Regulation

Author: Patrick Davis PhD

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Self-Help

Page: 128

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How to Relax is a concise yet comprehensive presentation of the fundmental priniciples and basic techniques of effective relaxation training. It is for anyone who wishes to learn to more effectively manage stress or stress related physical, emotional, or behavioral problems. The format is short enough that anyone can read the entire book and get started learning the skill of relaxation right away. There is no unnecessary history, theory, or fluff to slow the learning process. Dr. Davis's style of writing is readable, clear, and friendly. As one moves through the book it is clear that Dr. Davis's intent is to help the reader learn to master the skill of relaxation as quickly and effectively as possible. If you have been contemplating the value of learning effective relaxation skills and are ready to jump in with both feet and get right to work, this is the book for you.

How to Deal With Stress: Learn to Be Stress Free

Author: Alvina Powell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Health & Fitness


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Stress is a misdemeanor waiting to happen. Stress will wear heavy on your nerves when it builds up, causing you to feel depressed. You may start to develop unnatural health issues that seem to have no justifiable cause for its development. This can lead to problems, which is why you need a guide to thriving on stress. You can avoid many problems by taking action instead of letting stress get you down. In order to be stress free you have to work at it, it will not come to you over night. It takes time to train your brain to deal with stress. There are many ways to train you brain to get rid of the stress.

Learning to Relax and Attend

Investigating Methods to Analyze Neurofeedback Data from Nepalese Children's Mind-Full Sessions

Author: Srilekha Kirshnamachari Sridharan




Page: 160

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Mind-Full (Nepal) consists of three neurofeedback (NF) games designed to help young children living in extreme poverty learn to self-regulate relaxation and attention. In this thesis, I present the methodological process used to analyze the Mind-Full's log data that was collected from a field-study conducted in Nepal (Antle et al., 2015). The results of this analysis showed that there was no significant improvement in relaxation, attention and game performance of the children across sessions in all three games. There was no correlation between the dependent measures derived from headset generated relaxation/attention indices and brainwave amplitudes. I discuss reasons for these findings, grounded in the previous NF studies. Based on my results and previous works, I recommend approaches to data analysis methods for future NF studies including how to pre-process data, choose dependent measures and sample sessions for across sessions analysis.

Guided Meditation, Sleep Anxiety, and Insomnia

Learn to Relax Your Mind and Body Through Difficult and Hard Times with Deep Sleeps for Self-Healing

Author: Paul H Ciccarelli




Page: 208

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Do you know that every person has been endowed with 15 billion nerve cells since birth? And despite the fact that during life we lose 1-2 billion cells, the number of remaining ones is still huge. Every day we lose about 100 thousand cells, which means our nervous strength and mental potential decrease. These, among all other body processes, are repaired and replaced only during sleep. I consider this book to be very important because it contains useful tips that you need to apply here and now. They are able to defuse the situation, will not allow mild sadness to turn into insomnia, melancholy, formidable depression, or neurosis. I tried to formulate recommendations as clearly and concisely as possible so that they are easier to remember - so that you can remember them at a difficult moment and help not only yourself but also your family. Even if you are experiencing any of these already, the tips in this book will save you. Having analyzed all my correspondence and oral questions of patients, I highlighted the most burning topic. It will be about one of the biggest problems of civilization. After all, it is enough to look around to understand: we are being pressured from all sides - economic and political crises, the state of the economy ... Stress changes us (and not for the better), makes us more irritable and meaner. It takes away our good sleep, tranquility, turns our family into a training ground for tolerance and mutual understanding. Everywhere they say that we are forced to be such realities of life. Yes, no matter how bitter, there is some truth to this. But is it permissible to follow the path of self-destruction? In an effort to understand the many problems, we must comprehend their root causes, as well as ways to confront them. This is the main condition of our inner strength, our core, our healthy nervous system. It is the nervous system and the ailments that are closely related to it that my work is devoted to. Readers will learn how to cure themselves of all pathologies and, most importantly, their prevention. I tried to explain complex concepts in an accessible and simple way so that anyone reading this book could get practical advice for improving themselves and their loved ones. Take a peek at some of the issues tackled in this book: - Simple Anti-Insomnia yoga training. - Techniques and exercises to relieve stress. - Energy cleaning. - Guided meditations. - Fixing your "organic clock." - Night psychotherapy. - Sleep disorder knock-outs. - What you need for a good night. - Jacobson's progressive relaxation. - How to compensate for sleep deficiency. See you on the pages of my book. Add to cart and buy now!

Be Free From Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety, Learn to Relax and Enjoy Life

Author: Lucy Appleton



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 130

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Hi! I'm Lucy Appleton and a very warm welcome to 'BE FREE FROM ANXIETY' If you're freaking-out with anxiety then this little book is for YOU! It's a practical, no-nonsense approach, FULL OF POWERFUL ANXIETY-BUSTING SECRETS to help you overcome anxiety, learn to relax and enjoy life. You really CAN overcome anxiety and this book will show you how. You'll learn how to make friends with anxiety. How to shrug your shoulders in the face of panic and extinguish it with a kindly smile. You'll learn how to glide through nervous tension and how to relax, nourish and rejuvenate your body. I'll even show you how to boost your self-esteem; regain your inner confidence and assert all your dreams for the future! Know that you're not alone and that no matter what you're going through or how much you're freaking-out with anxiety right now, you CAN and WILL overcome it. So ... let's get this magic started, because you have special things to do, my friend. MAY THIS BOOK EASE YOU ON YOUR WAY TO FULFILLING YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!

Learn to relax

how to feel calmer and more in control of your life

Author: Nicola Jenkins



Category: Relaxation

Page: 32

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