Laughing All the Way to the Mosque

The Misadventures of a Muslim Woman

Author: Zarqa Nawaz

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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Being a practicing Muslim in the West is sometimes challenging, sometimes rewarding and sometimes downright absurd. How do you explain why Eid never falls on the same date each year; why it is that Halal butchers also sell teapots and alarm clocks; how do you make clear to the plumber that it's essential the toilet is installed within sitting-arm's reach of the tap? Zarqa Nawaz has seen and done it all. And it's not always easy to get things right with the community either: Zarqa tells of being asked to leave the DBW (Dead Body Washing) committee after making unsuitable remarks; of undertaking the momentous trip to Mecca with her husband, without the children, thinking (most incorrectly) that it will also be a nice time to have uninterrupted sex; of doing the unthinkable, and creating Little Mosque on the Prairie, a successful TV sitcom about that very (horrified, then proud) community. You have to laugh.


Author: James Joyce




Page: 1014

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Little Mosque on the Prairie and the Paradoxes of Cultural Translation

Author: Kyle Conway

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Cultural pluralism in mass media

Page: 184

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Kyle Conway's textual analysis and in-depth research, including interviews from the show's creator, executive producers, writers, and CBC executives, reveals the many ways Muslims have and have not been integrated into North American television.

Problems of Protecting Civilians Under International Law in the Middle East Conflict

Hearing, Ninety-third Congress, Second Session

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements



Category: Palestinian Arabs

Page: 108

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A New History of India

Author: François Gautier



Category: India

Page: 248

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We see more and more today that Indian History has to be rewritten according to the latest linguistic and archaeological discoveries, if Indian children are to understand who they are and where they come from. We know now that not only the history of India's beginnings were written by European colonizers, with an intention to downsize, downgrade and postdate Indian civilization, but that unfortunately, generation after generation of Indian historians, for their own selfish purposes, endorsed and perpetuated these wrong theories, such as the Aryan invasion, which divided India like nothing else, pitting South against North, Aryan against Dravidian, Untouchables against Brahmins. Hence this book, which we hope will lay the foundations for the next generation of Indian historians.

Cool, Calm & Collected

Poems 1960-2000

Author: Carolyn Kizer



Category: Poetry

Page: 509

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Sexual politics, social awareness, literary irreverence--Carolyn Kizer is the indisputable grande dame of American letters. Never afraid to say what is on her mind, in her poetry Kizer has always done so with both grace and flair. For four decades she has been one of the most influential, controversial, and recognizable figures in American poetry: as an early feminist, a Pulitzer Prize-winner, as a Roethke student, as the first director of the National Endowment for the Arts's literary program, as a member of the board of The Academy of American Poets (from which she resigned, in protest, in 1999), and as the founding editor of the influential Poetry Northwest. Cool, Calm & Collected is a "new and collected" volume by one of Copper Canyon Press's all-time bestselling poets. It gathers new poems together with work from all of Kizer's eight previous volumes, several of which have been unavailable for many years. from "Pro Femina" From Sappho to myself, consider the fate of women. How unwomanly to discuss it! Like a noose or an albatross necktie The clinical sobriquet hangs us: cod-piece coveters. Never mind these epithets; I myself have collected some honeys. Juvenal set us apart in denouncing our vices Which had grown, in part, from having been set apart: Women abused their spouses, cuckolded them, even plotted To poison them. Sensing, behind the violence of his manner-- "Think I'm crazy or drunk?"--his emotional stake in us, As we forgive Strindberg and Nietzsche, we forgive all those Who cannot forget us. We are hyenas. Yes, we admit it... Carolyn Kizer was born in Spokane, Washington in 1925 and currently lives in Sonoma, California. She is the author of eight previous books of poetry, two collections of essays, and has edited several anthologies and volumes of translations. Her collection Yin won the 1984 Pulitzer Prize. Also available by Carolyn Kizer Harping On PB $12.00, 1-55659-115-2 * CUSA HC y $22.00, 1-55659-114-4 * CUSA Mermaids in the Basement PB $10.00, 0-914742-81-7 * CUSA Proses: On Poems and Poets PB $12.00, 1-55659-045-8 * CUSA Yin PB

Carrying Over

Poems from the Chinese, Urdu, Macedonian, Yiddish, and French African

Author: Carolyn Kizer



Category: Poetry

Page: 122

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Poem translations deal with rivers, Chinese court life, travel, friendship, mourning, and art


Author: Nathaniel Burt

Publisher: Compass America Guides


Category: Wyoming

Page: 390

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Millions of centuries in the making, one hundred years in the Union, Wyoming is one of our country's most spectacular states. A land of wode-open spaces and scenic mountains, deep forests, wide rivers, dusty towns and storied byways, where all the characters of the Old West still bristle with life.

Arise Again, Ô India!

Author: François Gautier

Publisher: Har Anand Publications


Category: India

Page: 184

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Articles, mostly on Indian civilization.

Titanium Punch

Author: Yashin Blake

Publisher: E C W Press


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 171

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A summer of heavy metal, racial tension, and love... a stunning debut. From the mosh pit, to the barbeque pit. From the heavy metal rack in your record store to the beat-up metal lashed to the bike rack outside. A book about tenderness and adrenalin. A book about friendship and chainsaw guitars. Ladies and gentlemen, for those with the benefit of flash photography: Titanium Punch. Yashin Blake's remarkable debut novel is an exquisitely wrought introduction to a cast of characters -- a world, in fact -- that until now had no literary voice. In Titanium Punch Issac "Iqbal" Khan, a devout headbanger, comes of age in a summer of beer, bikes, concerts, camping, and love. It's a breathless take on a young man in the midst of significant personal evolution, a man coming to terms with religious intolerance and subtle racism, with bad cops and hidden agendas. A man about to fall in love. Iqbal gives you a backstage pass to the shadowy world of underground music, opening up its racial, cultural, and sexual mix to the scrutiny of many who'd prefer not to acknowledge its existence and relevance. From Pantera to jazz, from the importance of heavy metal lyrics to watching your buddy's back, Titanium Punch pulls no punches.

Dear Shameless Death

Author: Latife Tekin

Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers Limited - Marion Boyars Publishers Limited


Category: Fiction

Page: 237

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A nihilistic wit reminiscent of Samuel Beckett.? Independent on Sunday This is the strange, magical story of a young girl growing up in modern Turkey, from her birth in a small rural village haunted by fairies and demons to her traumatic move to the big city. Based on her own childhood experiences, Latife Tekin's literary debut marked a turning point in Turkish fiction. Concentrating on a daughter's struggle against her overbearing mother set against the pressures of a rapidly changing society, Dear Shameless Deathis a fantastic, hallucinatory novel, with strong feminist insights about what it means to be a woman growing up in Turkey today. A major best seller in her native Turkey, Latife Tekin maintains a politically active presence and has written a number of literary works. Her first novel, Berji Kristin: Tales from the Garbage Hills, was published by Marion Boyars to great critical acclaim.