Las Vegas on Twelve Dollars a Day

Author: Mike Bennett




Page: 148

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Nearing retirement, an independent contractor enabling CIA technical operations mentors the next generation of patriots in their craft until tragedy pulls him back into the game to rollback China's global ambitions. Jon Prescott had made mistakes in his life, as most people do, but there were some decisions he had made in his past he wanted to rectify. Following 9/11, he started a journey along a path toward redemption, a path that would lead him to the vast stretches of federal lands out west where he would train the next generation of special operators and technical intelligence officers. These young American men and women are fighting to preserve the liberties that America offers and would soon join the fray to flush terrorist strongholds out of East Africa. Although the Tier 1 operators rightfully claim the mantle of leadership in the realms requiring violence of action, the technical enablers of low-vis operations tend to their duty's unseen in the shadows....The web spanning the Middle East and beyond was centuries in the making. Not a web of gossamer silk, but one of malice anchored by conviction, with its center point being Tehran and many radii along each axis of opportunity. This was not a web of wonderous symmetry that artfully caught the sun kissing a sprinkle of glistening dew drops on a pristine spring morning. No, its core of expanding boundaries was a tangled cobweb in the shape of a crescent joining Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Yemen, and western Afghanistan. Within its dark recesses was not Shelob, but a man. A man who sought to sow the seeds of discontent, pollinate the fervor of the adherents of Shia Islamist ideology and reap its bloody harvest under the guise of the tenets of the Cultural Revolution.Qasem Soleimani was not yet at the height of his powers, but well on his way. As the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps - Quds Force, it would be a courtesy to define his role as exporting mischief to influence and fund miscreants ranging from the Islamic Jihad to Lebanese Hezbollah. Such euphemistic characterizations would only be irresponsible. Plain and simple, he was a killer, and he was a hater, but his skills to knit together a blooming network of chaos were to be respected. He was a master strategist and fearsome opponent who devised alliances that prosecuted layers of operations nested within operations with an alacrity that was awesome to behold.The Americans were a problem. Saddam Hussein was a problem, too, but with him removed, Iraq was less manageable in a bid for hegemonic regional dominance. There were other vectors to explore such as Yemen or Somalia, but Soleimani had to devise something to thwart Bush's plans and he knew exactly to whom to commission this task and how best to achieve the desired result...

Twelve Stones

Author: Kay Adkins

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 332

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Through years of trial and error, Adkins discovered that Jesus Christ is the only way to victory over any addiction. In a collection of essays written during a two-year period of her recovery walk, without sugarcoating, she freely relays her struggles, tears, fears, failures, and successes. (Practical Life)

Virtuous Trepidation

The Black Hand of the Mafia

Author: Carl E. Prichard

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 348

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Moving with ease from the sordid tables of the Wrong Number Bar on the west side of Detroit, to the expansive Italian Villa of the Mafia's Sicilian don himself. Carl E. Prichard had scored another triumph of fast paced action with his third novel, VIRTUOUS TREPIDATION. As intrigue and happenstance link high priced prostitutes, quick thinking strong armed thieves, and the cold cruel business world of the Mafia, you find yourself drawn into a world you hope is only fiction, yet you know is very real. From the stench of Shaggy Dog's unkempt life style to the glitz of Las Vegas, the French Foreign Legend to Father Timothy's fight to save his parishioners, this is a novel that will keep you turning pages long into the night.


Author: Graham Masterton

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Fiction

Page: 560

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First published in 1991, this is the story of New York City. Friday night. Untouched by anything visible, Mrs Greenberg's furniture starts to slide across the room - and however hard she tries, she can't move it back. Harry Erskine, self-taught fortune teller, agrees to investigate - but soon realises that Mrs Greenberg's moving furniture is just the beginning of a nightmare, for it is being drawn by the same inexorable force which drags us all to the grave. City by city, America is on the brink of falling into the abyss - women and children, streets and buildings - one and all brought thundering and screaming into the dominion of the dead...

Why Not Me October One

Author: Li'Shey Johnson

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 102

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How to get your power back? How Li’Shey pushed forward after losing her faith. I lost myself up under the bleachers on October 1, 2017, the Las Vegas massive shooting. Fifty-eight innocent people were killed that night. My life would never be the same. I felt like I died up under the bleachers. The real struggles of learning the new you after such a horrific ordeal. PTSD got the best of me. I felt like my family and friends didn’t know how to support me and didn’t know what to say to me. So they did nothing. I was alone. I had to learn that I mattered and that it was okay to seek professional help.

Things I Like About America

Personal Narratives

Author: Poe Ballantine

Publisher: Hawthorne Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

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POE BALLANTINE’S RISKY PERSONAL ESSAYS are populated with odd jobs, eccentric characters, boarding houses, buses, and beer. He takes us along on his Greyhound bus journey through small town America (including a detour to Mexico) exploring what it means to be human. Written with piercing intimacy and self-effacing humor, Ballantine’stories provide entertainment, social commentary, and completely compelling slices of life.

The Reach of a Chef

Professional Cooks in the Age of Celebrity

Author: Michael Ruhlman

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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The author of The Soul of a Chef looks at the new role of the chef in contemporary culture For his previous explorations into the restaurant kitchen and the men and women who call it home, Michael Ruhlman has been described by Anthony Bourdain as "the greatest living writer on the subject of chefs, and on the business of preparing food." In The Reach of a Chef, Ruhlman examines the profound shift in American culture that has raised restaurant cooking to the level of performance art and the status of the chef to celebrity CEO. Bibliophiles and foodies alike will savor this intimate meeting with some of the most famous chefs in the kitchens of the hottest restaurants in the world.

Marilyn Monroe Day by Day

A Timeline of People, Places, and Events

Author: Carl Rollyson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 362

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From hefty biographies and fact-based novels to photograph collections and memoirs, more books have been written about Marilyn Monroe than any other female over the past century. However, no biography—regardless how authoritative—can contain all of the facts and events of an individual’s life, and Marilyn’s is no exception. In Marilyn Monroe Day by Day: A Timeline of People, Places, and Events, Carl Rollyson provides a documentary approach to the life and legend of this singular personality. With details of her childhood, her young adult years, her ascent to superstardom, and the hour by hour moments leading to her tragic early death, this volume supplements—and, in some cases, corrects—the accounts of previous biographies. In addition to restoring what is left out in other narratives about Marilyn’s life, this book also illuminates the gaps and discrepancies that still exist in our knowledge of her. Drawing on excerpts from her diaries, journals, letters, and even checks and receipts—as well as reports of others—Rollyson recreates the day-to-day world of a woman who still fascinates us more than fifty years after her death. In addition to the calendar, Rollyson also profiles important figures in Marilyn’s life and includes a brief biography of the actress, providing a context for the timeline. An annotated bibliography of books and websites highlights the most reliable sources about Marilyn. With its vivid recreation of the key events in her life, Marilyn Monroe Day by Day is the perfect book for fans who can’t get enough of this cultural icon.

12/31 Las Vegas

Author: Maelyn Bjork

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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Dexter MacCandlass, and a team of FBI agents from the Southern California office investigate a suspected terrorist safe house. Mac's specialty: computer technology, Though the hostiles escape, Mac goes in to gather as much information from their computer as possible. The hostiles are then traced to Las Vegas. In that city another raid on their hideout is a disaster. Mac is kidnapped and taken to their safe house, and tortured for information he knows about the terrorists. He is dumped in St. George, Utah, (two hours from Las Vegas) left for dead. Claire Talbot owns a veterinary clinic in St. George. She and a friend Suzanne Freeman, an ME. (She is married to a cop in Las Vegas) rescue Mac and help him to recover. The terrorists plan on mass destruction in Las Vegas. Sometime during the last week in December. It's up to these four plus other law enforcement, to find the terrorists, their targets and stop them.