All Power to the Lamb

Author: James R. Johnson

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 580

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If you were God, writing a book you wanted men to understand, would you write it in such a way that men would have to make up meaning in order to understand it, or would you write it in such a way that those that seek to understand could actually come to a knowledge of its truth (Mt 7:7)? The present commentary takes the position that God wrote Revelation such that with sufficient effort and intellectual honesty, readers can understand it. Certainly God uses symbols in Revelation, but when He does, He provides inspired interpretations of the symbols. This commentary seeks to avoid the mistakes of the views that use the symbolical approach to Revelation (preterist, continuous historical, spiritualist, and idealist). These approaches suffer from two basic flaws: assuming the text is symbolical when it is not and making up meaning regarding the text based on stream of consciousness word association, much as one would do looking at Rorschach inkblots. This commentary seeks to avoid telling God what He should have said and strives to understand what God actually meant.Of all the existing approaches to understanding Revelation, this commentary is most closely aligned with the dispensationalist (premillennialist/Left Behind) view in that it views Revelation from a literalist perspective. It is different from the typical dispensationalist schema in that it views the seven seals as the powers of the Lamb, understands the exercise of the powers of the seven seals to be simultaneous processes, and casts chapters 8-22 as three parallel prophecies of the Lamb's power over the course of the histories of Israel, the nations, and the saints. This commentary also makes use of many of the non-canonical works that provide insight into the spirit world and detail regarding the end of the present age.

Identification of Damage Using Lamb Waves

From Fundamentals to Applications

Author: Zhongqing Su

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 346

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Lamb waves are guided waves that propagate in thin plate or shell structures. There has been a clear increase of interest in using Lamb waves for identifying structural damage, entailing intensive research and development in this field over the past two decades. Now on the verge of maturity for diverse engineering applications, this emerging technique serves as an encouraging candidate for facilitating continuous and automated surveillance of the integrity of engineering structures in a cost-effective manner. In comparison with conventional nondestructive evaluation techniques such as ultrasonic scanning and radiography which have been well developed over half a century, damage identification using Lamb waves is in a stage of burgeoning development, presenting a number of technical challenges in application that need to be addressed and circumvented. It is these two aspects that have encouraged us to write this book, with the intention of consolidating the knowledge and know-how in the field of Lamb-wave-based damage identification, and of promoting widespread attention to mature application of this technique in the practical engineering sphere. This book provides a comprehensive description of key facets of damage identification technique using Lamb waves, based on the authors’ knowledge, comprehension and experience, ranging from fundamental theory through case studies to engineering applications.

The Lamb Christology of the Apocalypse of John

An Investigation Into Its Origins and Rhetorical Force

Author: Loren L. Johns

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck


Category: Religion

Page: 276

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"What did ""Lamb"" symbolize in the ancient near Eastern world? What did it convey to the first-century audience of the Revelation? And why did the author use this symbol? Loren J. Johns analyzes the symbolic meaning of apviov in the Apocalypse of John as the Central feature of the Christology of Revelation."

Beka Lamb

Author: Zee Edgell

Publisher: Heinemann


Category: Fiction

Page: 171

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Set in Belize, Beka Lamb is the record of a few months in the life of Beka and her family.

The Lamb

A Passover Strory

Author: Michael J. Kurland

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 24

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THE LAMB tells the personal story of the honor of being chosen to be the Passover Lamb. Only one of his kind, the Lamb realizes that he was hand-picked by his Creator for this special event. We've all been chosen for something great in our lives. This is one special Lamb's story...

Genesis and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Author: Kevin Holm-Hudson

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Music

Page: 172

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In 1974 the British progressive rock group Genesis released their double concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, now widely regarded as a classic album of 1970s progressive rock. This album has inspired nearly fanatical devotion among progressive rock fans, some of whom have constructed elaborate web sites purporting to 'explain' The Lamb. The album is a surreal allegory drawing its material from religious, literary and psychological themes. More than thirty years after its release, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway still enthralls listeners, earning the distinction of being Genesis's most consistently selling back-catalogue release.

Marriage of the Lamb

Author: Gordon Powell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion


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Worthy is the Lamb

The Biblical Story of the Mass

Author: Thomas Nash

Publisher: Ignatius Press


Category: Religion

Page: 248

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