Laamistad Cookbook


Publisher: 3g Publishing, Incorporated


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In 2001, LaAmistad started as a small ministry of Peachtree Presbyterian Church. Today, LaAmistad is an award-winning non-profit in Atlanta that supports Latino students and their families by providing a comprehensive support system through tutoring, mentoring, and resources that promotes academic, physical, and personal growth. Our students and families have been sharing their favorite recipes with us for years, and now we will share them all with you! We hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as our families enjoy them. Buen Provecho!"

Let's Cook Spanish, A Family Cookbook

Vamos a Cocinar Espanol, Recetas Para Toda la Familia

Author: Gabriela Llamas



Category: Cooking

Page: 96

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Introduce your family to the art of Spanish cuisine with this highly engaging cookbook. Not only will it bring you closer together as a family, but it will teach your child a valuable hobby and get them interested in Spanish culture. "A tavola non si invecchia." Or, "At the table with good friends and family you do not become old." Let's Cook Spanish, by notable Spanish chef Gabriela Llamas, is a fun, interactive, bilingual cookbook for families that introduces the art and joy of Spanish cooking. It teaches better eating habits and the importance of culture, while providing quality family bonding time. Featuring classic, simple dishes inspired by Spanish cuisine, each recipe is shown in both Spanish and English and accompanied by charming illustrations. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and hands-on preparation with family activities, dishes include traditional starters, main courses, and desserts. Your child's creativity will be sparked, as will your deeper connection with them. Da a conocer a tu familia el arte culinario espanol con este atrayente libro de cocina. Os unira como familia y ademas os ensenara un valioso hobby que aumentara vuestro interes por la cultura espanola. Vamos a cocinar espanol, de la profesora de cocina con base en Madrid Gabriela Llamas, es un divertido libro de cocina interactivo para toda la familia que introduce el arte y la alegria de cocinar, con platos clasicos y sencillos inspirados en la cocina espanola. Cada receta aparece en espanol e ingles y esta acompanada de ilustraciones encantadoras. El recetario apuesta por ingredientes frescos y su preparacion artesanal e incluye las tradicionales tapas, platos principales y postres. La creatividad de vuestros hijos despertara y se crearan conexiones mas profundas con ellos asi que todos a la cocina y a jugar a ser chefs.

Food Cultures of Mexico: Recipes, Customs, and Issues

Author: R. Hernandez-Rodriguez

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Cooking

Page: 228

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Mexican food has become one of the most popular cuisines in the United States, with noted dishes ranging from tacos and enchiladas to tamales and guacamole. What are the origins of Mexican food culture as we know it today? Written with an educated—not specialized—audience in mind, the book includes descriptions of traditional and high cuisine, regional and national foods, everyday dishes and those prepared and served on holidays and special occasions. It also discusses ancestral eating habits and the way the food has been transformed under the pressures of globalization. Specific chapters examine food history, important ingredients, typical appetizers, main meals, desserts, street foods and snacks, dining out, and food issues and dietary concerns. Recipes accompany every chapter. Rounding out the work are a chronology of food history, a glossary, sidebars, and a bibliography. This volume is ideal for any students learning about Mexican food and culture, as well as general readers who would like to learn more about international cuisines.

Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder *recipes for Disaster *

Author: John Quinn Olson

Publisher: Dust Devil Press


Category: Ultralight aircraft

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Welcome to the adventures and misadventures from a quarter century of hang gliding and travel. Huck yourself off cliffs, soar into the Wild Blue, and land where no human has landed before, all from the comfort and safety of your easy chair. Visit exotic lands and foreign skies, experience the thrill of foot-launched human flight and never even risk your neck. Come along with a wild cast of characters, who fly like their lives depend upon it. Realize mankind's most ancient dream, FLY WITH THE BIRDS!

Saberes con sabor

Culturas hispánicas a través de la cocina

Author: Conxita Domènech

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 284

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Saberes con sabor: Culturas hispánicas a través de la cocina es un manual avanzado que responde al creciente interés por el estudio de las prácticas culinarias y alimenticias de Ibero-América, sin desatender ni la lengua ni la cultura de esas regiones del mundo. Cada capítulo comprende aspectos vinculados con recetas, lengua, arte y teoría. Los estudiantes son expuestos a temas de geografía, historia, literatura, política, economía, religión, música e, incluso, cuestiones de género que estarían implicadas en la elaboración y en el consumo de ciertas comidas. Y, esto, mientras mejoran sus habilidades en temas esenciales y específicos del español. A lo largo del libro, están incorporados materiales de internet —como vínculos para videos, registros sonoros, referencias históricas, sitios web de cocina y contenidos suplementarios para la investigación. Muy útil en cursos universitarios, Saberes con sabor es un recurso original y único de aprendizaje para estudiantes fascinados por los placeres del paladar y, de igual manera, con una genuina pasión por las culturas hispánicas.

The Edible South

The Power of Food and the Making of an American Region

Author: Marcie Cohen Ferris

Publisher: UNC Press Books


Category: Cooking

Page: 496

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Discusses how food has shaped Southern identity, including the food slaves served in the Plantation South, how home economics and domestic science became part of the school curriculum in the South, and Southern-style food counterculture.

All We Want is Make Us Free

La Amistad and the Reform Abolitionists

Author: B. Edmon Martin



Category: Abolitionists

Page: 131

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I Ask the Impossible


Author: Ana Castillo

Publisher: Anchor


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

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An Anchor Books Original Cherished for her passionate fiction and exuberant essays, the author hailed by Julia Alvarez as "una storyteller de primera," and by Barbara Kingsolver in The Los Angeles Times as "impossible to resist," returns to her first love—poetry—to reveal an unwavering commitment to social justice, and a fervent embrace of the sensual world. With the poems in I Ask the Impossible, Castillo celebrates the strength that "is a woman?buried deep in [her] heart." Whether memorializing real-life heroines who have risked their lives for humanity, spinning a lighthearted tale for her young son, or penning odes to mortals, gods, goddesses, Castillo's poems are eloquent and rich with insight. She shares over twelve years of poetic inspiration, from her days as a writer who "once wrote poems in a basement with no heat," through the tenderness of motherhood and bitterness of loss, to the strength of love itself, which can "make the impossible a simple act." Radiant with keen perception, wit, and urgency, sometimes erotic, often funny, this inspiring collection sounds the unmistakable voice of a "woman on fire" and "more worthy than stone."

Ecology, Uncertainty and Policy

Managing Ecosystems for Sustainability

Author: John Handmer

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Science

Page: 336

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A broad and comprehensive exploration of the role of the ecological sciences in sustainability for undergraduates.The urgent quest for more sustainable patterns of development has placed new and difficult demands on both scientists and policy makers as they seek to establish more informed and effective policy processes and management regimes in the the face of pervasive uncertainty. Written by an international group of authors from a range of disciplines - ecology, geography, law, policy analysis and others - the chapters explore issues of scientific legitimacy, public participation, non-governmental organisations, inter-sectoral communication and pragmatic public policy across a wide range of ecosystem management contexts.

Celebrating Latino Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Cultural Traditions [3 volumes]

An Encyclopedia of Cultural Traditions

Author: Maria Herrera-Sobek

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Social Science

Page: 1329

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Latino folklore comprises a kaleidoscope of cultural traditions. This compelling three-volume work showcases its richness, complexity, and beauty. • 300 A–Z entries that describe the myriad topics of Latino folklore • Contributions from distinguished scholars from across the United States • Photographs, paintings, and documents that supplement and enhance the essays • A short bibliography of suggested readings accompanies each essay

Voice of the Leopard

African Secret Societies and Cuba

Author: Ivor L. Miller

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi


Category: History

Page: 432

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In Voice of the Leopard: African Secret Societies and Cuba, Ivor L. Miller shows how African migrants and their political fraternities played a formative role in the history of Cuba. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, no large kingdoms controlled Nigeria and Cameroon's multilingual Cross River basin. Instead, each settlement had its own lodge of the initiation society called Ékpè, or “leopard,” which was the highest indigenous authority. Ékpè lodges ruled local communities while also managing regional and long-distance trade. Cross River Africans, enslaved and forcibly brought to colonial Cuba, reorganized their Ékpè clubs covertly in Havana and Matanzas into a mutual-aid society called Abakuá, which became foundational to Cuba's urban life and music. Miller's extensive fieldwork in Cuba and West Africa documents ritual languages and practices that survived the Middle Passage and evolved into a unifying charter for transplanted slaves and their successors. To gain deeper understanding of the material, Miller underwent Ékpè initiation rites in Nigeria after ten years' collaboration with Abakuá initiates in Cuba and the United States. He argues that Cuban music, art, and even politics rely on complexities of these African-inspired codes of conduct and leadership. Voice of the Leopard is an unprecedented tracing of an African title-society to its Caribbean incarnation, which has deeply influenced Cuba's creative energy and popular consciousness.

Adventure Guide Costa Rica

Author: Bruce Conord

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc


Category: Travel

Page: 399

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...comprehensive...a must-read. Written by the authors of award-winning Yucatan Adventure Guide, this book has full coverage of the country and its people. Visit national parks and preserves; hike in rainforests; explore vibrant history, culture and wildlife. Tips for travel in mountains, jungles, beach and city environments. Plant and animal life, archaeology, history, attractions. Over 40 maps.

Adventure Guide to Costa Rica

Author: Bruce Conord

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc


Category: Travel

Page: 400

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Annotation Adventure Guides are the perfect travel companion for the modern explorer. Whether you're looking to backpack around your home state or boost the number of stamps in your passport by traveling overseas, these books will heighten your travel experience. Our team of knowledgeable authors offers comprehensive introductions that cover history, geography, climate, when to go, transportation, planning and culture. Region-by-region, the books then delve into the heart of the area, with driving tours and side trips to the best museums, historic sites and shops. But the focus is on activities, and you'll learn about the best spots for diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, biking, rock climbing and more. Extensive listings of recommended tour operators, too. Select places to stay and eat, as well as regional festivals and celebrations. The definitive handbook. Looks at everything, from the various cuisines and unusual history to the enduring culture and superb beaches. Dance in the Fiesta de los Negritos, sample tapa dulce, stay in a rain forest lodge. Incredible detail on plant and animal life.

AB Bookman's Weekly

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The Sex of Citizenship

Modernizing Spain on the Margins of Europe, 1890-1931

Author: Elizabeth Anne Munson



Category: Feminism

Page: 546

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Cuban Studies

Author: Louis A. Pérez

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre


Category: History

Page: 300

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Cuban Studies XXV has a historical focus, emphasizing labor history, race relations, and the role of women. Of special interest is an overview by Jorge I. Dominguez, one of the journal’s four rotating editors, of the contents and evolving mission of Cuban Studies.

The Governor-general's Kitchen

Philippine Culinary Vignettes and Period Recipes, 1521-1935

Author: Santa María Sta. María



Category: Cookery, Philippine

Page: 318

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