Krotona, Theosophy and Krishnamurti: Archival Documents of the Theosophical Society's Esoteric Center, Krotona, in Ojai, California.

Author: Joseph E. Ross

Publisher: Krotona Archives


Category: Religion

Page: 382

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From the author's archive of rare archival Theosophical documents, he has produced several books on the early history of Theosophy. This is Volume 5 in the Krotona Series. It will be of particular interest to some because its archival documents reveal Theosophical conversations from the period when Krishnamurti broke away from the organization of Theosophy. We also witness first-hand the ongoing founding and building of Krotona and the first Star Camp. We become privy to the internal conversation of the Esoteric School and communications between Annie Besant, Leadbeater, Jinarajadasa, Arundale, Warrington and others as their world is drastically changing with Krishnamurti's dissolving of the Order of the Star and his venture on a pathless truth.

Taormina's Historic Past And Continuing Story

A Unique Spiritual Community in Ojai

Author: Helene Vachet, MA

Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group


Category: History

Page: 170

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Enter the matrix of the Taormina community, and meet the exceptional individuals who have been responsible for Taormina's evolution and continuation.Find out about the extraordinary artists, scientists, musicians, writers, poets, environmentalists, and spiritual leaders who have lived there.You will discover how the community was formed and why. From the specially chosen architectural style to the legal proceedings that changed the course of its destiny, nothing is left unexamined and unconnected.-----"Helene Vachet presents an intriguing story of a small section of the Ojai Valley. While most writers concentrate on the charm and beauty of our valley, few think to preserve the historical aspects. In this book you will learn about the fascinating history of Ojai's Taormina Community and its connections to Ojai and the world beyond." --David Mason, past chairman of the County of Ventura Cultural Heritage Board, the City of Ojai's Historic Preservation Commission.

Anne Brigman

The Photographer of Enchantment

Author: Kathleen Pyne

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Photography

Page: 244

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The life and work of an essential photographer whose feminism and pictorialist images distanced her from the mainstream In the first book devoted to Anne Brigman (1869–1950), Kathleen Pyne traces the groundbreaking photographer’s life from Hawai‘i to the Sierra and elsewhere in California, revealing how her photographs emerged from her experience of local place and cultural politics. Brigman’s work caught the eye of the well-known photographer Alfred Stieglitz, who welcomed her as one of the original members of his Photo-Secession group. He promoted her work as exemplary of his modernism and praised her Sierra landscapes with female nudes—work that at the time separated Brigman from the spiritualized upper-class femininity of other women photographers. Stieglitz later drew on Brigman’s images of the expressive female body in shaping the public persona of Georgia O’Keeffe into his ideal woman artist. This nuanced account reasserts Brigman’s place among photography’s most important early advocates and provides new insight into the gender and racialist dynamics of the early twentieth-century art world, especially on the West Coast of the United States.