Knitting Reimagined

An Innovative Approach to Structure and Shape with 25 Breathtaking Projects

Author: Nicky Epstein

Publisher: Potter Craft


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 176

View: 987

Rethink traditional knitting with this groundbreaking collection of 25 sophisticated patterns for beautiful sweaters, jackets, and accessories from one of the most influential voices in knitwear design. Award-winning author Nicky Epstein offers knitters of all skill levels adventurous, wearable projects that showcase innovative and clever construction and garment details. From a tunic created by weaving sections of knitting to a pullover featuring braided sleeve details, these patterns all offer interesting new twists on classic handknit designs. The stitches are easy, but the eye-opening results will challenge the way knitters think about this age-old craft. Each chapter focuses on one type of treatment, including innovative shaping, weaving, and braiding, directional knitting, or cutting-edge ways to use edgings and colorwork. Distilling her more than 30 years of knit design know-how, Nicky shares all the tricks of her trade in this gorgeous volume.

Mercantilism Reimagined

Political Economy in Early Modern Britain and Its Empire

Author: Philip J. Stern

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 404

View: 625

This volume of collected essays takes a new approach to this problematic subject by rethinking its broad foundations. From a variety of perspectives, its authors situate mercantilism against the backdrop of wider transformations in seventeenth-century Britain, Europe, and the Atlantic, from the scientific revolution to the expansion of empire.

Classics Reimagined, The Time Machine

Author: H.G. Wells

Publisher: Rockport Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 530

Retold with stunning modern illustration by the studio team Ale + Ale, The Time Machine is a masterpiece of invention and storytelling from the father of science fiction, H. G. Wells. In this unabridged classic, the time-traveling protagonist is propelled by his machine to the distant year of 802,701 AD. To his horror, he finds only a decaying Earth that is being gradually swallowed by the Sun, and where two strange species—the delicate Eloi and the fierce, subterranean Morlocks—inhabit an eerie dystopia. The Time Machine is a must-read for any science-fiction fan. The Classics Reimagined series is a library of stunning collector's editions of unabridged classic novels illustrated by contemporary artists from around the world. Each artist offers his or her own unique, visual interpretation of the most well-loved, widely read, and avidly collected literature from renowned authors. From Frankenstein to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and from Jane Austen to Edgar Allan Poe, art lovers and book collectors alike will not be able to resist owning the whole collection.

The Knitting Book: Over 250 Step-By-Step Techniques





Page: 364

View: 825

A new edition of DK's ultimate knitting bible, with hundreds of step-by-step techniques, more than 120 patterns for a variety of knitting stitches, and 20 knitting projects suitable for all abilities. Each step-by-step technique is shown with clear, easy-to-follow photography and explained with helpful annotations and arrows, so you can progress from basic casting on to confidently tackling intricate Fair Isle and cable patterns. The Knitting Bookwalks you through all the tools, equipment, and techniques you'll need, from yarns and needles to how to follow or alter a knitting pattern. A photographic stitch gallery showcases more than 120 different stitches so you can practise your techniques, trying your hand at everything from garter stitch to intarsia, or customize projects with your own stitch choices. This updated edition features 10 brand-new specially commissioned project patterns, including an arm knitting pattern, as well as 10 projects from the original edition that have been reimagined with new yarns and fresh colours. The Knitting Bookis a one-stop resource for every knitter.

The Knitting Book

Over 250 Step-by-Step Techniques

Author: Vikki Haffenden

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 364

View: 466

Lace Reimagined

30 Inspiring Projects for Making and Using Lace Creatively

Author: Elizabeth Healey

Publisher: Search Press(UK)


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 333

This original and exciting guide to lace is a visual feast of inspiring step-by-step projects and galleries; it includes in-depth features relating to the history of lace; it will encourage you to experiment, inspire you with handy tips, and provide sources for further inspiration. Typically associated with frilly hankies and flouncy collars that are time-consuming to make and invariably white, the 30 projects in this book span the colour spectrum and range from those that can be made in an afternoon to those that are more involved. This original and exciting guide to lace is a visual feast of inspiring step-by-step projects and galleries; it includes in-depth features and fascinating asides relating to the history of lace; it will encourage you to experiment, inspire you with handy tips, and provide sources for further inspiration. Projects include using needle lace, needle weaving and drawn-thread work on fabric, paper, and in conjunction with found items. Some projects feature techniques such as using self-hardening clay and papier mache; some feature ready-made lace, either entirely, or as something that can be added to.

Contemporary Cables

Classic Aran Reimagined in Current Styles

Author: Jody Long

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

View: 582

Suitable for intermediate to advanced knitters, these 21 patterns include pullover, cardigan, and cowl sweaters as well as a scarf, hat, mittens, vest, shrug, more. Charts and schematics provide ample illustrations.

Your Life Calling

Reimagining the Rest of Your Life

Author: Jane Pauley

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 210

"In this inspirational book, beloved broadcast journalist Jane Pauley helps people over fifty successfully navigate the "reinvention" phase of their lives and build a positive, powerful future"--

Twist and Loop

Dozens of Jewelry Designs to Knit and Crochet with Wire

Author: Annie Modesitt

Publisher: Clarkson Potter


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 125

View: 298

More than 25 wire knitting and crochet jewelry designs offer jewelry lovers the opportunity to create original handmade projects. The designs featured include a sterling silver bracelet, a blue velvet choker, festive wreath earrings, and more--each of which employ knitting or crocheting techniques. 50 color photos. 30 line drawings.

Tudor Roses

Author: Alice Starmore

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 176

View: 115

This volume of Tudor Roses presents new and reimagined garments based on the original Tudor Roses published in 1998. Alice Starmore looks to historical female figures of the Tudor Dynasty as inspiration for her stunning knitwear, and her modernization of traditional Fair Isle and Aran patterns has created a sensation in the knitting world. Through garment design, Starmore and her daughter Jade tell the stories of fourteen women connected with the Tudor dynasty. They weave a narrative around the known facts of their subjects' lives using photography, art, and the only medium through which the Tudor women could leave a lasting physical record in their world — needlework. Tudor Roses includes fourteen patterns for sweaters and other wearables that follow the chronological order of the Tudor dynasty. A different model portrays each of the Tudor women, from Elizabeth Woodville, grandmother of Henry VIII, through Mary, Queen of Scots. The stunning design and photography appeals to knitters seeking designs that offer an attractive balance of historic and modern elements.