Representing Information Using the Web Ontology Language

Author: Lee W. Lacy

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 282

View: 548

Learn how to make your content accessible on the Semantic Web by marking it up using the Web Ontology Language - OWL. OWL is the new way to represent information on the Web. This book provides context about the Semantic Web and describes each of OWL's language constructs.

The Unknown Crystals

Crystal Games Ancient Rules

Author: Adam Monk-Daschke

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 48

View: 123

The Unknown Crystal cards game is a new playing card game based on the legend of the seven crystals. The legend was back when Shadow the Owl and Night the Owl battled for the seven unknown crystals. Now in the present, the Dark Creator designed the cards after finding one of the crystals. The crystal was smashed into pieces. A card was next to a smashed crystal. The card reacted to the crystal, summoning a monster from the card. The Dark Creator designed the card game with the help of the creature that was summoned from the card. The battle once again begins. Are the Dark Creator and the creature more powerful than Shadow and Night? You will have to read all the stories to find out.

Heroes in the Night

Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement

Author: Tea Krulos

Publisher: Chicago Review Press


Category: True Crime

Page: 288

View: 305

The Watchman didn't arrive in a Batmobile but drove a tan, four-door Pontiac. He was in costume, of course—a trench coat, motorcycle gloves, army boots, a domino mask, and a red hooded sweatshirt emblazoned with a W logo. Journalist Tea Krulos had spoken to him over the phone but never face-to-mask. By the end of the interview, he wasn't sure if the Watchman was delightfully eccentric or completely crazy. But he was going to find out. Heroes in the Night traces Krulos's journey into the strange subculture of Real Life Superheroes, random citizens who have adopted comic book&–style personas and hit the streets to fight injustice. Some concentrate on humanitarian or activist missions—helping the homeless, gathering donations for food banks, or delivering toys to children—while others actively patrol their neighborhoods looking for crime to fight. By day, these modern Clark Kents work as dishwashers, pencil pushers, and executives in Fortune 500 companies. But by night, only the Shadow knows. Well, the Shadow and Tea Krulos. Through historical research, extensive interviews, and many long hours walking patrol in Brooklyn, Seattle, San Diego, Minneapolis, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Krulos discovered what being a RLSH is all about. He shares not only their shining, triumphant moments but some of their ill-advised, terrifying disasters as well. It's all part of the life of a superhero. As the Watchman explains, &“If everyone made little changes in what they did, gave a little more to charity, watched out for their neighbors, we wouldn't have the problems that we have.&”

Rosette Resolve

Author: Steeg Taylor

Publisher: Archway Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 953

View: 335

Rosette Resolve is a wild ride through cityscapes with street urchins, spies, and crooked government agents; seascapes with dangerous weapons in enemy hands; jungles scapes with all types of human beings and creatures traipsing through with their different, and sometimes cross-, purposes; and other landscapes playing host to all manner of exciting or devastating action. Dealing thematically with human trafficking and slavery, the spirit world, human-animal relationships, drug trafficking, and international conflict, Rosette Resolve is ambitious in reach and scope, as well as ultimately entertaining, if not often disturbing. With gruesome deaths and tender adoptions; tragic separations and miraculous reunions; intrigue and double-crossing versus great honor and loyalty, the novel both challenges and inspires.

The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones

And the Less Amazing Adventures of Some Other Real-Life Superheroes (An eSpecial from Riverhead Books)

Author: Jon Ronson

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Social Science

Page: 68

View: 868

Bestselling author Jon Ronson walks the mean streets of America where he finds real life, modern day superheroes. Fighting crime, saving old ladies, and chasing away drug dealers – all while wearing a mask and a cape. Phoenix Jones patrols Seattle, masked, muscles rippling, while corner boys scatter and teenage runaways are helped, whether they want it or not. He might still see his pediatrician when superhero-ing gets a little too intense, but he’ll be back out there with his ass-kicking comrades as soon as he’s bandaged up. These do-gooding citizens talk the talk, and walk the walk of mythical superheroes – the only thing they're missing is actual supernatural powers. The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones is an inside, intimate look at the world of amateur superheroes and a front row seat to their adventures.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2012

Author: Dave Eggers

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 412

View: 115

Presents literature from mainstream and alternative American periodicals published in 2011, including fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, television writing, and alternative comics.

Lost at Sea

The Jon Ronson Mysteries

Author: Jon Ronson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 496

View: 254

Frequently hilarious, sometimes disturbing, always entertaining, these fascinating stories of the chaos that lies on the fringe of our daily lives will have you wondering just what we're capable of. This updated edition of Lost at Sea includes the complete text of Frank: The True Story that Inspired the Movie. Jon Ronson has been on patrol with America's real-life superheroes and to a UFO convention in the Nevada desert with Robbie Williams. He's met a man who tried to split the atom in his kitchen and asked a conscious robot if she's got a soul. Fascinated by madness, strange behaviour and the human mind, Jon has spent his life exploring mysterious events and meeting extraordinary people. Collected from various sources (including the Guardian and GQ) Lost at Sea features the very best of his adventures. Portions of this book have appeared previously, in slightly different form, in Out of the Ordinary, What I Do, the Guardian and GQ.

The SAGE Sourcebook of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Author: Omobolade Delano-Oriaran

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Education

Page: 520

View: 193

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: A Sourcebook focuses on historical, philosophical, social foundations, practices and models of service-learning and civic engagement. The title offers practical, jargon-free chapters applicable to any educational institution as well as community organizations that might consult the work. Key Features Practical, jargon-free chapters applicable to any educational institution as well as community organizations that might consult the work 58 signed chapters are organized into thematic parts, such as Concepts & Theoretical Approaches, Historical & Social Foundations, The Role of Service-Learning in Higher Education, The Role of the Community, Lessons Learned & Future Directions, etc. Thematic parts provide a practical sampling of syllabi, lesson plans, activities and resources, and online websites and databases supporting service-learning. Glossary (key terms commonly used in discussions and research on service-learning and civic engagement) Bibliography of sources consulted in production of the volume This Sourcebook is a scholarly source ideal for any educational institution and academic library as well as public libraries and community organizations that might consult the work on historical, philosophical social foundations, practices and models of service-learning and civic engagement.

Gone with the Wolf

Author: Kristin Miller

Publisher: Entangled: Covet


Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 194

CEO and alpha werewolf Drake Wilder has given up the search for his one true love. When he discovers that she’s a secretary in his company, Drake’s primal instincts kick into overdrive. What he wouldn’t give to have her fingers rake over his body instead of the keyboard... Free-spirited bartender Emelia Hudson wants nothing more than to make her Seattle-based bar succeed. But when profits decline, she slips into a dress suit and secures a nine-to-five. After learning that her bar has become property of Wilder Financial, Emelia is determined to get some answers. Two can play the ruthless business game. If only her attraction to the boss wasn’t so intense... When Drake’s twin brother senses that Drake has found his match—and now inherits their father’s billion dollar estate—he hatches a plan to take Emelia out. Drake vows to protect her at all costs, but he might have to pay with his own life. Each book in the Seattle Wolf Pack series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Gone With The Wolf Book #2 Four Weddings and a Werewolf Book #3 So I Married a Werewolf

The First Wandmaker

Elfdreams of Parallan II

Author: Benjamin Towe

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 356

View: 653

The First Wandmaker continues the Elfdreams series. Buoyed by Magick, Drelves prevail against the forces of Aulgmoor and their embittered leader Saligia. War costs the Drelves dearly. Leadership of the forest people falls on the shoulders of the beautiful young Teacher and even younger Spellweaver. Conflicts embroil all peoples of Parallan, including Drelves, Drolls, Kiennites, dryads, water sprites, tree sprites, tree harders, and rare healers called Menders. Threads of Magick connect other peoples, places, and times to Parallan. Dreamraiders use the power of Translocation, meddle in the affairs of the World of the Three Suns, and pit Drelve against Drelve, brother against brother, and Spellweaver against Spellweaver. What motivates the powerfulDream Master? What secrets do mysterious gray stones hold? What roles have the mysterious Thirttene Friends and a greenish Drelvish Menderish, Spellweaverish fellow? Escape to an elfdream! Deathquest to Parallan, the Orb of Chalar, the Death of Magick, the Chalice of Mystery, the Dawn of Magick, and The Lost Spellweaver... The Donothor and Elfdreams of Parallan series...different Sci-Fi/ Fantasy.