Journey from the Land of No

Author: Roya Hakakian



Category: Iran

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From a charmed childhood in pre-revolutionary Iran - a time when veils for women were banned and miniskirts were all the rage - to awakening to the dawning of the Islamic Fundamentalist revolution, JOURNEY FROM THE LAND OF NO charts a brilliant young girl's coming of age as the world she knows and loves falls apart. Young Roya dreams of becoming an famous writer but the country beats her to growing up when Ayatollah Khomeyni returns after a 15-year exile and life in Iran is changed forever, from veils for women becoming mandatory to school friends accused of reading blasphemous books being escorted from class by guards, never to be seen again. Roya escaped only because her teacher risked her life to save such a talented writer. Roya and her friends become victims of an insidious war declared on Iran's female citizens: 'Between 1982 and 1990 an unknown number of Iranian women were raped on the eve of their executions by guards who alleged that killing a virgin was a sin in Islam.' At her loneliest, watching the world change below from her rooftop at night, Roya discovers the consolations of writing, a gift that will ultimately enable her to find her own voice and become her own person. But it was not to be for long in Iran. Forced to flee at 18, Hakakian reflects that 'When you have been a refugee, abandoned all your loves and your belongings, your memories become your belongings'. She has woven these memories into a powerfully evocative portrait of a turning point in history - and a timely reminder of the power of the human spirit.

A Diplomat’s Journey from the Middle East to Cuba to Africa: Ambassador Joseph Sullivan

Author: Joseph Sullivan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Growing up on the far side of Boston in Dorchester, Joseph Sullivan could never have imagined the career he eventually had. But with his parents’ encouragement he studied at Boston Latin School and Tufts and Georgetown Universities and entered an increasingly diverse Foreign Service. His thirty-eight-year career included assignments in Mexico, post-revolution Portugal, Israel, Cuba, South Lebanon, Angola, and Zimbabwe. These countries shared common features of excitement, uncertainty, fascinating cultures, and people. In Washington, Ambassador Sullivan worked on controversial policy issues in Central America and Haiti. This book recounts Joe Sullivan’s story in interview form. As a senior diplomat, Joseph Sullivan rose to the positions of ambassador to Zimbabwe and to Angola, chief of the U.S. mission in Havana, Cuba, and deputy assistant secretary for Latin America. He chaired the Israel-Lebanon Monitoring Group and was Special Haiti Coordinator. Ambassador Sullivan is a Career Minister and won two Presidential Distinguished Service Awards. He assembled and edited the book, Embassies Under Siege and published articles in “Orbis” and “The Diplomatic Record.” Joseph Sullivan also served at Georgetown and Tulane Universities. While at Tulane, he coordinated international aspects of the U.S. response to Hurricane Katrina. He has two sons, Patrick and Sean.

My Journey From the Pyrenees to California

Author: Jean Louis Matocq

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Jean Matocq left his home in the Pyrenees for Paris at age sixteen. While studying the hotel business at the Paris hotel School, he worked as a busboy, assistant waiter, chef de rang, and sommelier. Jean came to the United States and made his way to San Francisco in 1958. He joined the staff at the legendary San Francisco restaurant Trader Vic’s, where for twelve years he worked as a captain and maître d’. Striking out on his own, Jean Matocq owned restaurants and motels in Washington State, at Lake Tahoe and at Clearlake. Along the way he earned an AA degree, worked as a real estate broker, a notary, and a business broker. “We opened the Bon Vivant restaurant in Lake Tahoe and did well, but my thirst for world exploration and a decent offer for the business were compelling factors leading me to resume my many voyages.” Those voyages have taken Jean and his wife Jeannine around the world, including stops in Europe , South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand. His experiences as a restaurateur, a hotelier, and a global traveler have given Jean Matocq a unique perspective on his adopted country, its ideals and its history.

A Journey from Madras Through the Countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar

Performed Under the Orders of the Most Noble the Marquis Wellesley, Governor General of India, for the Express Purpose of Investigating the State of Agriculture, Arts, and Commerce; the Religion, Manners, and Customs; the History Natural and Civil, and Antiquities, in the Dominions of the Rajah of Mysore, and the Countries Acquired by the Honourable East India Company

Author: Francis Hamilton



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The Journey from Tollgate to Parkway

African Canadians in Hamilton

Author: Adrienne Shadd

Publisher: Dundurn


Category: Social Science

Page: 374

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When the Lincoln Alexander Parkway was named, it was a triumph not only for this distinguished Canadian, but for all African Canadians, It had indeed been a long journey from the days in the 1880s when a Blacks woman named Julia Berry operated one of the tollgates leading up to Hamilton Mountain. The Journey from Tollgate to Parkway examines the history of Blacks in the Hamilton-Wentworth area, from their status as slaves in Upper Canada to their settlement and development of community, their struggle for justice and equality, and their achievements, presented in a fascinating and meticulously researched historical narrative. Adrienne Shadd's original research offers new insights into urban Black history, filling in gaps on the background of families and individuals, while also exploding stereotypes of poverty and underachievement of early Black Hamiltonians. For the very first time, their contributions to the building and development of the city are heralded and take centre stage.

Personal Narrative of a Journey Over-land from the Bank to Barnes

By Way of Piccadilly, Knightsbridge, Brentford, Tossbury, Putney Bridge, and the Countried West of London; as You Approach Mortlake, Kew, Richmond, and Other Royalties, on the Banks of the Thames; with Some Account of the Inhabitants and Customs of the Regions East of Kensington

Author: William Jerdan



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