Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-2008

Author: Stephen Saunders

Publisher: Janes Information Group


Category: History

Page: 992

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Your essential reference to the changing capabilities of modern navies and coast guards, their ships, aircraft and weapons systems in service and under construction.

Asian Maritime Power in the 21st Century

Strategic Transactions : China, India and Southeast Asia

Author: Vijay Sakhuja

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 363

View: 541

Maritime power has been a key defining parameter of economic vitality and geostrategic power of nations. This book explores how the first decade of the 21st century has witnessed the rise of China and India as confident economic powers pivoting on high growth rates, exponential expansion of science, technology and industrial growth.

Thirty Years of China-U.S. Relations

Analytical Approaches and Contemporary Issues

Author: Sujian Guo

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Political Science

Page: 347

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uncertainties. For many Americans, China's increasing global reach and growing political and economic influence constitute the greatest challenge to U.S. world dominance. As a result, some perceive China's rise as a threat to Americans' core national interests. --

The Defence Capabilities of Small States

Singapore and Taiwan’s Responses to Strategic Desperation

Author: Shang-su Wu

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 289

View: 258

A comparison of Singapore and Taiwan presents an interesting case study for those wishing to understand how small states struggle to overcome their strategic disadvantage. Since their independence, Singapore and Taiwan have faced numerous challenges resulting from their relative strategic disadvantage. They have struggled to overcome vulnerable bases, an unformed conception of state, and weak governmental institutes for defence. While territorial borders are difficult to change, both states have focused on nation building, economic growth, and military build-up in order to overcome their predicaments. During the Cold War, both states employed similarly authoritarian policies to preserve their survival. However, in the post-Cold War era, Taiwan has experienced political and economic weakness in the face of the rising China, while Singapore, with its polity of one-party domination, has continued to strengthen its hard and soft power. This book examines the unique context for each case, drawing comparisons and offering analysis of their distinct approaches.

Black Salt

Seafarers of African Descent on British Ships

Author: Ray Costello

Publisher: Liverpool University Press


Category: History

Page: 246

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During the Age of Sail, black seamen could be found in many shipboard roles in the Royal Navy, such as gunners, deck-hands and 'top men', working at heights in the rigging. In the later Age of Steam, black seamen were more likely to be found on merchantmen below deck; as cooks, stewards and stokers. Nevertheless, the navy was possibly a unique institution in that black and white could work alongside each other more than in any other occupation. In this fascinating work, Dr. Ray Costello examines the work and experience of seamen of African descent in Britain's navy, from impressed slaves to free Africans, British West Indians, and British-born Black sailors. Seamen from the Caribbean and directly from Africa have contributed to both the British Royal Navy and Merchant Marine from at least the Tudor period and by the end of the period of the British Slave Trade at least three percent of all crewmen were black mariners. Black sailors signed off in British ports helped the steady growth of a black population. In spite of racial prejudice in port, relationships were forged between sailors of different races which frequently ignored expected norms when working and living together in the isolated world of the ship. Black seamen on British ships have served as by no means a peripheral force within the British Royal and Mercantile navies and were not only to be found working in both the foreground and background of naval engagements throughout their long history, but helping to ensure the supply of foodstuffs and the necessities of life to Britain. Their experiences span the gamut of sorrow and tragedy, heroism, victory and triumph.

Serbien und Montenegro

Raum und Bevölkerung, Geschichte, Sprache und Literatur, Kultur, Politik, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Recht

Author: Walter Lukan

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster


Category: Montenegro

Page: 868

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Navy Role in Irregular Warfare and Counter-Terrorism

Background and Issues for Congress

Author: Ronald O'Rourke

Publisher: DIANE Publishing



Page: 10

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The Quadrennial Defense Review may lead to an increased emphasis in future U.S. defense budgets on conducting irregular warfare (IW) operations, such as counterinsurgency operations. In addition, counter-terrorism (CT) operations have received an increased emphasis since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The Navy for several years has carried out a variety of IW and CT activities, and has taken steps in recent years to strengthen its ability to conduct such activities. Contents of this report: (1) Intro.; (2) Background: Long-standing Navy Activities; Initiatives Since 2005; Current Operations; FY 2010 Funding Request; Navy Irregular Warfare Office; Navy Expeditionary Combat Command; Riverine Force; Global Fleet Stations; (3) Oversight Issues for Congress.