I’ve Got My Big Girl Panties On

One Foot At A Time

Author: Darla Marx

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 204

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She was born in a foothill, along the banks of the Long Toe River, just ten miles south of the Hand-High Basin. At the tender age of sixteen she was sent to the deep piny woods of East Texas, to live among the natives. With humor, and southern jargon, Darla gives the accounts of her life events from infancy in Austin, Texas, to the maturity of adulthood in Panola County. Writing a book on the power of positive thinking, and believing in something bigger then your self, Darla answers the question that haunts millions of women in America, Is this as good as it’s ever going to get? Through her experiences in child rearing, divorce, obesity, addiction, death and the affairs of the heart, she empowers all women to sing, dance, and wear red lipstick. Her journey relates to real life and how it can make or break an intelligent woman. Her views on how to wear your big girl panties, will prove, “If you can’t lose it, you can’t hide it, then dammit; decorate it.”

Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal with It

Author: Roz Van Meter

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.


Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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With this insightful, touching, and often hilarious guide, Roz takes you from Training Pants straight through to Big Girl Panties, with plenty of laughs and lots of valuable advice along the way. Rife with deeply personal, perhaps slightly embarrassing and often hysterical personal stories from the author herself, Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It is the guidebook for real women ready to take charge of their own lives. Inside, discover: --How to shuck those procrastination panties: Action Antidotes to the Top 10 Procrastination Perpetuator --How to untwist your knickers: Stressbusting for the rest of us --Aunties in your panties: What we can learn from the Big Girl Panty-Wearers who have gone before us --Big girl Valentine panties: Plenty of romance revivers and passion primers --Bodacious Beauty Britches: How to celebrate your unique gorgeousness

Mobster's Angel

Mobster's Series Book 4

Author: Amy Rachiele

Publisher: Amy Rachiele


Category: Fiction

Page: 226

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Being smart doesn’t save you from terror and doesn't teach you how to live with it. You can’t escape the mob. It’s part of your existence! Vito has grown up in the underworld of the mob. He has recently reached age eighteen. His family has been involved since the thirties. In 2014, the rules haven’t changed much. What worked then, works now; power, violence, and loyalty. Love isn’t something you can control. As much as Vito, mobster enforcer, wish he could, he can’t. And falling in love with someone who is close to jail-bait age is even tougher. Vito bides his time and waits. For a hasty guy with limited self-control, it’s difficult to curb his impulses. At age fifteen, Erin just wants to forget. Erin’s world came crashing down when she learned her family was not what they seemed. She’s been living in a lie. No one told her her family was mob. The cliché ignorance is bliss becomes a sharp stabbing realization when she has to learn to cope with the aftermath. “Sometimes I hear him whispering in my ear as if my conscience has grown and matured into a six foot three dark haired male. The studying, reading, and listening I did to impress adults are nothing compared to what I learned from Vito.” ~ Erin New Adult Contemporary Mafia Romance Novel mobster romance books, organized crime romance, mafia romance novels, free ebooks store, new adult contemporary romance novel, free mobster book, mobsters and gangsters

Puttin' on My Big Girl Panties

Author: Michelle Kindle-Clyburn

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 356

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Meet Renee, an up and coming professional in the world of loans and financing. She didnt come to this path easily, surviving a childhood in East Los Angeles in a single parent home with plenty of siblings to forge a less than successful path for her. But Renee saw something different out there for herself, a world full of opportunity and promise. The fact that she was a big girl never stopped her from pursuing a career, until the 10-year friendship with Robert bloomed into romance. Tall and rather lean, Robert was not at all what you would call a leading man but Renee fell in love with Robert and he fell hard for her. Things looked promising until the Colonel, Roberts father, met Renee. All bets were off. Suddenly Renees weight became the deal breaker. You will laugh, you will cry, but ultimately you will be fighting this battle right along with Renee, cheering her on, while shes putting on her big girl panties.

From Single Mom to Secret Heiress

Author: Kristi Gold

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 185

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Where there's a will, there's a secret... When Hannah Armstrong opens the door to find a cowboy on her porch, her jaw drops--and not just because he's beyond handsome. Apparently she's heir to the Lassiter fortune. If Logan Whittaker, cowboy-turned-attorney, can help her uncover the truth about her biological father, why say no--at least for her daughter Cassie's sake? With Hannah tucked away at his ranch house, Logan longs to turn their business affairs into something more personal. Except Hannah has enough dark family secrets to cope with--and Logan's own past could spell trouble just as things are really heating up....

Big Girl Panties

Like A Lady: Part One

Author: S.J. Sawyer

Publisher: S.J. Sawyer


Category: Fiction


View: 409

Big Girl Panties is a Southern, romantic comedy that will leave you laughing and swooning in equal measure. It is the first novella in the Like A Lady serial and cannot be read as a standalone. Mom always tells me that when life gives you lemons you squeeze the heck out of them and hope for some lemonade, but after catching that no-good lying, jerk of a bastard cheating on me seconds before we were supposed to be married, I do what any self-respecting Southern girl would do: throw a punch and hide under my blankie. Now, Mary Lou thinks I need a night of fun and adventure. I agree to go out, planning to get her off my back, but when I find myself in Mason Pierce’s arms, I’m thanking my lucky stars, and my best friend. ~Red Freemont, Oklahoma, is the last place on the whole damned planet that I want to spend my summer and working on my parents’ ranch is the last thing I want to do, but damned if that’s not what I’m doing. Monroe and I need a night away from this place, a night to blow off steam. A party at the lake sounds like a mighty fine idea, and after catching a glimpse of Red Summers in the firelight, I’m quickly changing my tune. ~Mason

I've Got Your Back

When you're stumbling in the dark like a blind person

Author: Gabrielle Zander

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

View: 350

Gabrielle’s desire to be loved and accepted brought her down many dark roads and into the hands of those who abused and led her into prostitution. She had to overcome eating disorders and learn to live with an illness she tried to hide. Gabrielle was overwhelmed by the day-to-day struggles she had to face just to stay alive. Understanding and insight into herself is what she needed, which is the heart of this important Book.

For Duty's Sake

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Carina Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 680

Angele has longed for her betrothal to Crown Prince Zahir to be consummated within wedlock. She naively hoped her promised husband would wait for her, as she would him—but compromising paparazzi photos have dashed those youthful dreams…. She cannot become Zahir's wife out of duty and endure a loveless union; she must let him go free…but on one condition. Without taking Angele's hand in marriage, will the proud sheikh agree to give her the wedding night she has long dreamed of?

My Big Girl Undies

Author: Karen Katz

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 12

View: 280

A young girl notes the advantages of wearing underpants rather than diapers. On board pages.

Love and Drugs and Such

Author: J. C. Godin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 158

View: 625

Jamie, an innocent 20 something old, has decided to live a little her first weekend off in months. A simple birthday party throws her into a world of chaos where she finds that there is a whole different world out there than what she has been living. In a blink of an eye, her world changes by one decision. Is she ready for what happens after saying Okay? Read her adventure as she finds out what love and loss both truly feel like and she overcame the chaos from her made choices.