It’s a Long Journey

A Book of Memories

Author: Mary Frances Berkihiser

Publisher: Inspiring Voices


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 54

View: 322

It’s a Long Journey presents the intimate memoir of Mary Frances Berkihiser. From her memories of her father going off to World War I to her struggles as a young mother to a memorable trip to the Middle East, Berkihiser shares her memories of her life. She recalls the details of a life lived in the service of God, from an Indian Reservation to Enid, Oklahoma, to an exciting visit to the Holy Land. She remembers the bad days along with the good days, because even a life well lived has many ups and downs. She was a runaway who was married at sixteen and became a mother to two daughters within two years. When a major obstacle arose in the marriage, back to her mother’s ranch she went, where she was given the opportunity to go to school to build a future for her family. Ultimately, she became a minister, serving many different people in many different places. Along the way she was able to travel to many faraway places like the Holy Land, a trip to the River Jordan, Hong Kong, and China among other places. It’s a Long Journey is an uplifting tale of sheer will, determination, and God’s loving support, all of which enabled Berkihiser to live a spiritual life to the fullest.


The Book that Thinks Its a Pack of Cheese Slices

Author: Murdoch Books Pty Limited

Publisher: Allen & Unwin


Category: Cheese

Page: 63

View: 282

A book that looks and feels like a cheese slice! Packed in a transparent sleeve, you won't believe that this isn't a slice of cheese! Sliced is jammed full of cheese facts, history, trivia, recipes and mouth-watering photographs. Where was cheese invented'? Which country eats the most cheese? Which famous politician said How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?' This is an ideal, inexpensive Christmas present for any lover of cheese or food trivia buff, certain to entertain, amuse and inform.

Can't Judge a Book By Its Murder

Author: Amy Lillard

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 210

Not every murder is by the book... As Sugar Springs gears up for its all-class high school reunion, Mississippi bookstore owner Arlo Stanley prepares to launch her largest event: a book-signing with the town's legendary alum and bestselling author, Wally Harrison. That's when Wally is discovered dead outside of Arlo's front door and her best friend is questioned for the crime. When the elderly ladies of Arlo's Friday Night Book Club start to investigate, Arlo has no choice but to follow behind to keep them out of trouble. Yet with Wally's reputation, the suspect list only grows longer—his betrayed wife, his disgruntled assistant, even the local man who holds a grudge from a long-ago accident. Between running interference with the book club and otherwise keeping it all together, Arlo anxiously works to get Chloe out of jail. And amidst it all, her one-time boyfriend-turned-private-eye returns to town, just another distraction while she digs to uncover the truth around Wally's death and just what Sugar Springs secret could have led to his murder.

Judging a Book by Its Cover

Fans, Publishers, Designers, and the Marketing of Fiction

Author: Nickianne Moody

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

View: 965

How do books attract their readers? This collection takes a closer look at book covers and their role in promoting sales and shaping readers' responses. Judging a Book by Its Cover brings together leading scholars, many with experience in the publishing industry, who examine the marketing of popular fiction across the twentieth century and beyond. Using case studies, and grounding their discussions historically and methodologically, the contributors address key themes in contemporary media, literary, publishing, and business studies related to globalisation, the correlation between text and image, identity politics, and reader reception. Topics include book covers and the internet bookstore; the links between books, the music industry, and film; literary prizes and the selling of books; subcultures and sales of young adult fiction; the cover as a signifier of literary value; and the marketing of ethnicity and lesbian pulp fiction. This exciting collection opens a new field of enquiry for scholars of book history, literature, media and communication studies, marketing, and cultural studies.


it's not a plane, it's not a girl's name, it's a book about art

Author: Faye Holdert

Publisher: Witte De With


Category: Art

Page: 159

View: 844

JET is a publication on contemporary art by and for young people, aged 14 to 18.The publication has the form of an eclectic, colourful, inspiring scrapbook, which arouses curiosity and challenges readers to investigate further. Themes, artists, disciplines, philosophies, principles, continents and cultures intersect, revealing the diversity of contemporary art and society. Readers can leaf through the book casually, but they can just as easily lose themselves in a probing story, in-depth interview or evocative illustration. Artists and topics are drawn from Witte de With's extensive network and program. JET is produced in collaboration with an editorial staff of five young people, so that it will tie into the intellectual contexts and lived experience of young people. This staff is called the Junior Editorial Team (JET); their ages and educational levels vary. Through this initiative, Witte de With is using its expertise to encourage young people to experience contemporary visual art and learn more about it. It is intended to set a national and international standard for art books for young people.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

The Autobiography

Author: Lisa Riley

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

View: 111

The story behind the nation's new darling - the former EMMERDALE and STRICTLY COME DANCING star, Lisa Riley. Lisa Riley won the hearts of the nation as she danced for her life, now it's time to read her life... NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER is the inspirational and moving story of how a fairytale came true. From her beginnings in Bury, Lisa went on to become the darling of television and stage. But it was on STRICTLY COME DANCING that she wowed the nation with her energy, sparkle and never-ending enthusiasm. This talented lass from Bury has, at last, brought a real woman's figure to our screens and allowed women to say, 'this is me: take it or leave it'. Lisa's message is clear: whatever size you are, and whatever life throws at you, be who you want to be and stay true to yourself!

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

And Other Advice on Finding the Right Mate

Author: Mordechai Dolinsky

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers


Category: Courtship

Page: 141

View: 554

Formerly 'Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover', this book is a genuine must-have for anyone looking to start dating. Straightforward, and to-the-point, the author, the renowned mashgiach of Yeshivas Torah Ore in Jerusalem, guides young men and women through the process of conceptualizing and choosing a marriage partner. If you're looking for solid advice from an experienced, wise source, look no further than this valuable book. Topics discussed include: when to start dating, the importance of 'looks', preparing for marriage, and desirable character traits to look for. A favorite is Rabbi Dolinsky's 'Red Light System' which helps resolve the complex problem of continuing to date if and when. The practical examples in this book abound and the advice is sure to inspire all who read it.

The Book Store on Lexington Avenue

Author: Calvin E. Tyrrell

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 716

View: 963

The Book Store on Lexington Avenue By: Calvin E. Tyrrell The Book Store on Lexington Avenue is a mystery crime novel about two older men who have been lifelong friends. They own a huge book store. The mastermind of the store ventures out to murder other book store owners and book collectors to steal their stock and collections. The other gentleman is a master forger and can copy rare books to be sold in the U.S. and overseas that his partner brings in by the truckload. Only the FBI can bring them to justice.

It's a Magical World

Author: Bill Watterson

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing


Category: Humor

Page: 165

View: 665

The final collection of comic strips from the popular syndicated series follows the adventures of Calvin and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes

Developing Children’s Critical Thinking through Picturebooks

A guide for primary and early years students and teachers

Author: Mary Roche

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 196

View: 801

This accessible text will show students and class teachers how they can enable their pupils to become critical thinkers through the medium of picturebooks. By introducing children to the notion of making-meaning together through thinking and discussion, Roche focuses on carefully chosen picturebooks as a stimulus for discussion, and shows how they can constitute an accessible, multimodal resource for adding to literacy skills, while at the same time developing in pupils a far wider range of literary understanding. By allowing time for thinking about and digesting the pictures as well as the text, and then engaging pupils in classroom discussion, this book highlights a powerful means of developing children’s oral language ability, critical thinking, and visual literacy, while also acting as a rich resource for developing children’s literary understanding. Throughout, Roche provides rich data and examples from real classroom practice. This book also provides an overview of recent international research on doing ‘interactive read alouds’, on what critical literacy means, on what critical thinking means and on picturebooks themselves. Lecturers on teacher education courses for early years or primary levels, classroom teachers, pre-service education students, and all those interested in promoting critical engagement and dialogue about literature will find this an engaging and very insightful text.