Instant Pot Cookbook For Beginners

600 Easy and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes For Fast and Healthy Meals

Author: Emilia Mitchell



Category: COOKING

Page: 258

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"This book will teach you how to create a variety of healthy, easy-to-make, delicious recipes in the easiest way possible."

The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook

Author: Coco Morante

Publisher: Hachette UK


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The Instant Pot was first created in 2010 as seven cooking gadgets in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, fryer, yoghurt maker and warmer. It has fourteen built-in smart programs: Soup, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chilli, Poultry, Sauté, Steam, Rice, Porridge, Multigrain, Slow Cook, Keep-Warm, Yoghurt, Pasteurise and Fermenting. Over the last six months Instant Pots have become a viral sensation in the UK, achieving what the Daily Mail has called 'cult-like' status. Despite already selling many thousands in the USA (one machine has 24,000 reviews on, (with 1,500 reviews for the same machine) quickly ran out of stock of the device, which sells for under £100. Pinterest is flooded with the various recipes you can make in the device, from stews to cheesecake. The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook provides plenty of failsafe recipes such as a whole roasted chicken with mushroom gravy and decadent New York cheesecake, also a hearty array of contemporary meals, such as Greek-style Gigantes beans with fresh feta, braised pork loin with balsamic vinegar and caramelized onions, and much, much more!

Instant Pot Cookbook

550 Easy and Delicious Mouthwatering Instant Pot Recipes for Fast and Healthy Meals

Author: Amanda Robbins

Publisher: Independently Published


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Enjoy 550 Easy and Most Delicious, Foolproof, Hand-Picked Instant Pot Recipes. Anyone Can Cook. ★★BONUS★★ (click Buy a paperback copy of this book NOW and you will receive the Kindle version Absolutely FREE... Learn how to become a great chef in the kitchen and impress your guests, friends, and family with your newly acquired Instant Pot Cooking Skills! This ultimate cookbook is here to give you useful information about the Instant Pot pressure cooker as well as the step-by-step easy and quick way to cook perfect delicious recipes. Throughout the pages of this book, you will discover а variety of sweet, savory, salty, and other delicious recipes. These flavorful dishes are hand-picked to ensure you have а hearty collection of the best recipes on hand at all times. As а result, this cookbook is the ultimate companion to your Instant pot. You are guaranteed to find а wonderful selection of traditional, modern and alternative recipes inside to suit any palette. Pick the best recipes you like and start cooking with Instant pot now. You will be amazed at how simple it is to use. You'll discover the 550 Easy & Delicious Instant Pot Recipes under various categories such as: Breakfasts Poultry Recipes Meat Recipes Fish and Seafood Soups and Stews Side Dishes Vegetable Recipes Snacks and Appetizers Beans and Grains Rice Recipes Egg Recipes Yogurt Recipes Sauce Recipes Desserts Check out some of the recipes you are about to discover: Carrot Oatmeal Breakfast Easy Egg Muffins Cheering Chicken Wings Vanilla Steel Cut Oats. Barbeque Honey Chicken Sesame Chicken Recipe Creamy Pork Chops Stuffed Chicken Breast Pulled Pork Recipe Pork Chops & Brown Rice Tuna & Pasta Casserole Chicken Meatball Soup Sweet Potato and Turkey Soup Brussels Sprouts & Potatoes Dish Black Beans and Chorizo Chocolate Lava Cake Pumpkin Chocolate Cake Delicious Apple Cake Ginger and Pineapple Risotto The recipes are easy to follow and can be used by anyone regardless of their background. Go ahead and explore an incredible variety of nutritious and delicious recipes that you make with the magical Instant Pot. Don't wait for another second to get this life-changing book. Get fit, happy, and stress-free life by ordering your copy right away! instant pot cookbook, instant pot recipes, instant pot cookbook 2019, instant pot accessories, instant pot bible cookbook, instant pot cookbook for beginners , instant pot beginners, instant pot baking, instant pot books, instant pot diabetic recipes, instant pot diabetic cookbook, instant pot desserts, instant pot diet, instant pot duo cookbook, instant pot cookbook for two by jessy jones, instant pot electric pressure cooker cookbook, instant pot soups, instant pot seafood, instant pot ultra cookbook, instant pot vegetarian cookbook, instant pot zimmerman, instant pot 1000, instant pot recipes for beginners.

Best Instant Pot Cookbook

Author: Gooseberry Patch

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Cooking

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Short on time? With an Instant Pot(R), you can cook up all your family's favorite meals in a fraction of the time. Pressure-Cooker Country Chicken Soup, BBQ Spareribs even down-home Bacon-Braised Mixed Greens taste like they cooked all day. And, how about Lemon Bread Pudding for dessert? Got more time? Go low & slow with a slow cooker. Treat your family to slow-simmered dishes like fork-tender Italian Pot Roast, tummy-warming Grandma's Famous Chili and Hot Fudge Spoon Cake. Includes instructions and recipes to scale for cooking for 1 or 2 and for converting slow-cooker recipes to the pressure cooker. Also will include Salads & Desserts to go-with meals entrees prepared in the Instant Pot. Additional recipes for salads and even more desserts to go with what you prepare in your Instant Pot (R)! We're sharing lots of useful tips for making the most of these handy kitchen appliances. So put 'em to work, cooking up wonderful meals for your family. 175 Recipes.

Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners

Easy, Healthy and Fast Instant Pot Recipes Anyone Can Cook

Author: Alice Newman

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



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Do you want to make great recipes for yourself and family using the Instant Pot? Did you get an Instant Pot as a present? Or do you already have one in the kitchen, but have no idea what to cook? Perfect Cookbook for Beginners with Instant Pot Recipes to start your amazing cooking journey with your Electric Pressure Cooker. ***Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats- Black and White and Full color. Choose the best for you*** This Instant Pot cookbook will show you how to make the most of your perfect pot. With these easy and healthy recipes, you can surprise your family, friends and your loved one. So, now you have your kitchen bible with 101 recipes that would help to cook your favorite meals. Use this Instant Pot cookbook to make EVERY meal, ANY day of the week, with: 101 creative recipes like Italian shredded chicken and orange chicken, red wine beef stew, mango mashed potatoes, yummy banana bread Delicious options for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and desserts - many of which take 30 minutes or less Healthy dinner recipes, which you can use after busy working days and your family would enjoy it. Instant Pot recipes are so easy, the kids can do it!

Instant Pot Cookbook

Easy-To-Remember Quick-To-Make 550 Recipes

Author: Bev Jenkins

Publisher: Independently Published


Category: Electric cooking

Page: 209

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This Complete 550 Instant Pot Recipe Cookbook includes effortless and delicious to make recipes, for unforgettable experience and yummy meals! Nutritional Facts on all recipes which makes it easier to follow your macros.

Indian Instant Pot Cookbook

500 Modern and Traditional Recipes. Ultimate Pressure Cooker Indian Cookbook for Beginners and Pros

Author: Mary Goodrich




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Discover Instant Pot cookbook filled with 500 best Indian Instant Pot recipes Cooking in an Instant Pot is such a fun activity. You can cook all your favorite meals with minimum effort and time consumption. The meals you make using the Instant Pot taste so delicious and they are all so rich and flavored. In this Indian Instant Pot cookbook you'll discover classic and modern Indian recipes India is all about cultures, occupations, soils, religions, flavors and textures. Indian cuisine is a diverse and such an exotic one. It's a cuisine, full of intense tastes and colors. The ingredients you get to use in Indian cuisine combine perfectly, and the dishes are all spiced and flavored. The recipes in this Instant Pot cookbook are simple to prepare and average about 30 minutes prep time. Who doesn't love saving time in the kitchen If you choose to cook Indian meals, you'll need this Indian Instant Pot cookbook! The Instant Pot is a game-changer for Indian cooking - it replaces a slow cooker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, bread proofer and steamer. With this Instant Pot cookbook preparing Indian food is easier and healthier. These Indian Instant Pot recipes will help you expand your love of Indian cooking! Inside this Instant Pot cookbook, you'll find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Check out some of the recipes: Carrot Rasam and Moong Dal Turmeric Salmon and Lime Sauce Cucumber and Mango Salad Chicken, Zucchini and Mushrooms Curry Cranberries with Pistachios Cream Get your copy of Indian Instant Pot cookbook right now and start cooking!

Instant Pot Cookbook for Vegetarian Legends

Electric Pressure Cooker Guide Through the Best Vegetarian Recipes Ever

Author: Amy Wilson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



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Hey, you are about to discover another great world of great vegetarian recipes, check out what you find there ! Eating vegetarian food is really great and healthy, most of people heard of enormous benefits it can bring, grab the book for your self and find out the benefits in the form of great taste, staying fit and feeling healthy! eat just great food by simply using the recipes from the book. Chapter 1: The Vegetarian Plan Chapter 2: Vegetarian Breakfasts Chapter 3: Vegetarian Lunches Chapter 4: Vegetarian Dinners Chapter 5: Sauces, Salsa, & More Chapter 6: Snacks and Desserts Take the action and get one for your self!

The Essential Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook

Authentic Flavors and Modern Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker

Author: Deborah Schneider

Publisher: Ten Speed Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 192

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The vibrant flavors of Mexican food are celebrated in this enticing collection of 75 fresh and authentic recipes for soups, tacos, burritos, tamales, beans, salsas, desserts, all ready in minutes, thanks to the Instant Pot's revolutionary cooking power. The best-selling Instant Pot—an electric, programmable pressure cooker—has quickly become one of the most popular kitchen appliances on the market for its hands-off and speedy-fast cooking abilities. The Essential Mexican Instant Pot Cookbook harnesses this revolutionary techonology to create straightforward, streamlined, and delicious recipes for Mexican favorites such as hearty posole soup, sizzling steak fajitas, tender carnitas tacos, cheesy enchiladas, stuffed tamales, classic refried beans, salsas galore, flan, churro bread pudding, and much more. This complete guide to Mexican cooking with your Instant Pot is authored by Chef Deborah Schneider, a James Beard Award-nominated author and chef/owner of six Mexican restaurants, and includes all of her best tips and tricks, as well as the authentic dishes you'll want to make over and over again.

The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

Wholesome, Indulgent Plant-Based Recipes

Author: Nisha Vora

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Cooking

Page: 320

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A new and vibrant vegan cookbook authorized by Instant Pot, from the creator of the Rainbow Plant Life blog. With food and photos as vivid, joyous, and wholesome as the title of her popular cooking blog--Rainbow Plant Life--suggests, Nisha Vora shares nourishing recipes with her loyal followers daily. Now, in her debut cookbook, she makes healthy, delicious everyday cooking a snap with more than 90 nutritious (and colorful!) recipes you can make easily with the magic of an Instant Pot pressure cooker. With a comprehensive primer to the machine and all its functions, you, too, can taste the rainbow with a full repertoire of vegan dishes. Start the day with Nisha's Homemade Coconut Yogurt or Breakfast Enchilada Casserole, then move on to hearty mains like Miso Mushroom Risotto, and even decadent desserts including Double Fudge Chocolate Cake and Red Wine-Poached Pears. The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook will quickly become a go-to source of inspiration in your kitchen.