Inside Lives

Psychoanalysis and the Growth of the Personality

Author: Margot Waddell

Publisher: Karnac Books


Category: Psychology

Page: 268

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Inside Livesbelongs to the heart of the thinking and working of the Tavistock Clinic. Its aim is to bring psychoanalytic theory to life, to make it accessible to a much wider range of readers, both lay and professional, than would normally be familiar with this kind of approach. In the simplest of terms it tells the most complex of stories: the story of the internal development of a person from infancy to old age. In so doing, it reflects and encompasses the generational structure of the clinic as a whole, tracing the interacting influences - between infant, child, adolescent and adult - on the nature and quality of emotional growth and development.This book provides a perspective on the relationship between psychoanalytic theory and the nature of human development, which is not currently available in written form. Following the major developmental phases from infancy to old age, the author lucidly explores those vital aspects of experience, which promote mental and emotional growth and those which impede it.

Studying Teachers' Lives

Author: I Goodison

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 272

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To develop a mode of educational research which speaks both of and to the teacher we require more study of the lives of teachers. This book provides a vital insight into the ways in which teachers' bakgrounds and career histories affect their teaching methods and approaches. Many issues are covered ranging from the question of teacher drop-out to the importance of teacher socialisation. The studies employ a range of different methodologies allowing the reader to assess their varying strengths and weaknesses, but throughout they reaffirm the centrality of the teacher in educational research.

Qualitative Research in Education

Focus and Methods

Author: Robert Ed D. Sherman

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Education

Page: 217

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Published in the year 1988, Qualitative Research In Education is a valuable contribution to the field of Education.

The Sisterhood: Inside the Lives of Mormon Women

Author: Dorothy Allred Solomon

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Many hold a deep fascination with Mormonism but erroneously think of it as a secret religion that celebrates polygamy and confinement. Most outsiders regard Latter-day Saint women as submissive and pitiable. In The Sisterhood, award-winning author Dorothy Allred Solomon takes us inside the lives of women of the faith. She focuses on the roles of Mormon women in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries, including fascinating personal stories about family, children, and husbands. She takes us into the lives of the High Priestesses of the Church, draws on histories sustained by the most thorough genealogical records in the world, and addresses the wives of polygamists. The Sisterhood sheds light on an expanding and complex religion and offers a long overdue portrait of Mormonism and women.

Take a Peep Inside Our Lives

Poetry from the Heart

Author: Roberta R. Blango

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Poetry

Page: 316

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"Take a Peep Inside Our Lives" is a collection of innovative, mind-blowing, and adventurous poetry from the heart that deals with numerous aspects of today's real life situations. They are guaranteed to grasp your undivided attention from beginning to end, and will entice your curiosity wanting more. You or someone you know will be able to relate to these whirlwind poems such as: BROKEN HEARTS.............................. ENCOURAGEMENT.......................... THE LONELY.................... SPIRITUALS............................................ FRIENDSHIPS............................................................................... THE SEXY.................................................................................................................. RELATIONSHIPS....................................................................................................................................... AND OTHER EXCITING CHAPTERS OF OUR LIVES. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TAKE A PEEP, COME ON INSIDE AND ENJOY THE READ.

Legends Lives and Loves Along the Inside Passage

Author: Dudley (Chris) Christian





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HARDCOVER So have a care, or petition an inquiry. Remember how certain individuals were discriminated against by upper ship officers, who let this continue for years, without understanding. Feel the disgust as the injustice exacerbated as the number of personnel increased. Probe the incompetent union reps who pretended indifference and compounded the problems. Who am I? The first Black employee to be Chief Engineer, who was assaulted by a pro boxer, who the company never charged. The Racial Discrimination are documented inside the pages of this book. The details of abuse, oppression, and distress endured while working the ships as they sailed thru the waters of BC. As Bligh made Christian forever relevant with the Bounty and Bligh's mistreatment of his crew, so too has this company made my name relevant with the Ferries, where I continued to suffer without an advocate to my claims for retribution... and thereby I became, from January 1969 until June 2004, the "BLACK mark on their Lily White Sides"

Mammoth Books presents Aliens and Extra-Terrestrials

Author: Jon E. Lewis

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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Alien Abduction Some 2,740 US citizens claim to have been abducted by aliens each day. That's an incredible 2% of a population of 300 million. Surely statistically some of these cases must bear truths? Area 51 It is rumoured that Area 51 houses the UFO disc found at Roswell, as well as other crashed alien spaceships. What is the truth? The Babylonian Brotherhood Twelve-foot lizards from the planet Draco have colonized Earth and seek world domination. Crop Circles Made by intelligent beings from elsewhere, or earth-bound pranksters? Face on Mars Was the image of a humanoid face 1.5 miles long by 1 mile wide purposefully constructed or is it simply an accidental resemblance? Hollow Earth The Earth is hollow and houses a surreptitious advanced civilisation. Majestic 12 Evidence found about a group of military officials, scientists and intelligence officials set up in 1962 to study alien technology. Legitimate or bogus? Men in Black Mysterious figures who seek to conceal UFO identity. They appear at a witness's house after a sighting and remove all physical evidence before threatening the witness to remain silent. Are they really government agents? Nazi Moon Base During the Second World War the Germans sent a successful mission to the moon, made a lunar station and built an underground base in Antarctica for space exploration research. Project Bluebook Since December 1969 there has been no official US government body actively investigating UFO sightings. But what about unofficially? Rendlesham Forest Did an alien spacecraft land at Rendlesham Forest in 1980? Roswell In 1947 an extra-terrestrial spacecraft with alien occupants landed in New Mexico. Allegedly, this event was covered up by the US military, but why? Shag Harbour In October 1967 an unidentified flying object was seen floating on the waters of Shag Harbour. Even following thorough investigation, no explanation has ever been given for this.


More Stories from Exotic Dancers, Completely Revised and Updated Edition

Author: Bernadette Barton

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

View: 925

What kind of woman dances naked for money? Bernadette Barton takes us inside countless strip bars and clubs, from upscale to back road as well as those that specialize in lap dancing, table dancing, topless only, and peep shows, to reveal the startling lives of exotic dancers. Originally published in 2006, the product of years of first-hand research in strip clubs around the country, Stripped is a classic portrait of what it’s like for those who choose to strip as a profession. Barton explores why women begin stripping, the initial excitement and financial rewards of the work, the dangers of the life—namely, drugs and prostitution—and, inevitably, the difficulties in staying in the business over time, especially for their relationships, sexuality and self-esteem. In this completely revised and updated edition, Barton returns to the strip clubs she originally studied to observe the major changes in the industry that have occurred over the last decade. She examines how “raunch culture” affects exotic dancers’ treatment by their clientele, who are now accustomed to seeing nudity and sexualized performance in accessible, R and X -rated media from a variety of outlets, particularly the Internet. Barton explores how new media has transformed exotic dancing, allowing dancers to build an online brand, but also introducing possibilities for customers to take unauthorized nude photos and videos of the entertainers.. And finally, Barton speaks to new dancers as well as dancers she interviewed in the previous edition, examining how the toll of stripping still impacts the lives of exotic dancers in a changing industry. Incorporating new scholarship, new observations, and increased awareness of emerging media technology, Barton brings a fresh and important perspective on the challenges that women face working in the still-thriving world of exotic dancing.

Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret

Author: Janis Mackay

Publisher: Floris Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 208

View: 392

On his eleventh birthday, schoolboy Magnus Fin found out that he is half selkie – part human, part seal. Although he looks like a boy and lives on land, he can breathe underwater. When a rusty metal chest is flung ashore in a storm, Magnus Fin decides to investigate. But he injures his hand on the strange box, and his sealskin starts to show through. His teacher realises that there's something very unusual about Magnus Fin -- and rumours start to spread. Deep in the ocean, the great sea god Neptune has problems of his own. The treasures of wisdom have been stolen, and his memory and powers are fading fast. Could his missing treasure be inside the chest that's been washed ashore? Magnus Fin is the only one who can find out and restore order under the sea. But a young journalist is investigating the rumours about 'fish people'. Can Magnus Fin complete his mission before the selkie secret is revealed and his selkie family are forced to leave the bay forever? Janis Mackay also wrote the Kelpies Prize-winning Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest, and Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission. This is the third book in the series.

Justice Between the Young and the Old

Author: Dennis McKerlie

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 223

View: 117

Dennis McKerlie's monograph examines justice between age-groups with the ultimate goal of a new theory of justice that effectively grapples with questions concerning justice between the young and old.