Index to Reviews, Symposia Volumes and Monographs in Organic Chemistry

For the Period 1963-1964

Author: Norman Kharasch

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Science

Page: 336

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Index to Reviews, Symposia Volumes and Monographs in Organic Chemistry presents the development in organic chemistry for the period 1963—1964. This book covers works in English, German, and French languages, including also English translations of Russian studies. Organized into three parts encompassing 136 chapters, this book starts with a collection of review articles concerning the advances in analytical chemistry and instrumentation. This text then presents the annual collection of review articles on advances in chemical physics, chemotherapy, clinical chemistry, drug research, and fluorine chemistry. Other chapters deal with advances in food research, heterocyclic chemistry, spectroscopy, organic reactions, and tracer methodology. This book presents as well a collection of review articles on pharmaceutical sciences, polymer science, medicinal chemistry, pharmacy, and pharmacology. The final chapter presents a list of monographs concerning chemical engineering, applications of neutron diffraction in chemistry, and mechanochemistry of polymers. This book is a valuable resource for organic chemists, students, and scientists.

Index to Reviews, Symposia Volumes, and Monographs in Organic Chemistry for the Period 1940-1960

Author: Norman Kharasch



Category: Chemistry, Organic

Page: 345

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Each volume in three divisions: (1) Reviews in journals and periodic publications; (2) Reviews in symposia, collective volumes and non-periodical publications; (3) Monographs on organic chemistry. In the first two divisions the arrangement is by periodical or monograph, giving complete contents for each volume. The third section omits contents but includes full bibliographic information. Entries limited to French, German, English, and Russian (if an English translation is readily available). Author and subject indexes.