In Our Prime: How Older Women Are Reinventing the Road Ahead

Author: Susan J. Douglas

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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Do you see women your age portrayed as puttering gardeners and docile grannies? Do you feel bombarded by anti-aging products that insist you must “defy” getting older? Do you feel invisible in professional and social situations? And have you had enough and are you ready to challenge the intertwining of sexism and ageism in our culture? Susan Douglas knows that you are not alone. She declares it is time now for the largest female generation over fifty to reinvent what it means to be an older woman and to challenge the outdated stereotypes—think doddering or shrewish—that Hollywood and TV have assigned them. She zones in on how the anti-aging cosmetics industry targets older and younger women alike with their products, and how Big Pharma ads equate getting older with disease and decline. Douglas exposes the ageism that mature women face at work and why conservatives’ decades-long attacks on Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare disproportionately affect women. With a sharp sense of justice and fresh wit, In Our Prime sees a social movement emerging that may help to create a different view of and life for older women. It celebrates Gray Panther Maggie Kuhn, who broke down legal barriers in the past, as well as today’s activists, career women, actors, and others who defy stereotypical images by embracing their age and remaining strong and socially involved. Ultimately, Douglas calls on women of all ages to join together now to fight against gendered ageism, to secure our country’s financial safety net, and to make a brighter, more welcome future for older women.

In Our Prime

The Invention of Middle Age

Author: Patricia Cohen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Now in paperback from New York Times reporter Patricia Cohen, a “lively, well-researched chronicle” (The New York Times Book Review) of the concept of middle age, from the nineteenth century to the present. The director behind the Hollywood close-up and the inventor of the “midlife crisis,” the doctors who promised to restore men’s sexual vigor with monkey gland transplants and the neuroscientists mapping the middle-aged brain, the fashion designers and the feminists: They are all part of the fascinating parade of businessmen, entertainers, scientists, and hucksters who have shaped our understanding and experience of middle age. Midlife has swung between serving as a symbol of power and influence and a metaphor for decline, yet the invention and history of this vital period of life have never before been fully told. Acclaimed New York Times reporter Patricia Cohen finally fills the gap with a book that provokes surprise, outrage, and delight. In Our Prime takes readers from turn-of-the-century factories that refused to hire middle-aged men to high-tech laboratories where researchers are unraveling the secrets of the middle-aged mind and body. She traces how midlife has been depicted in film, television, advertisements, and literature. Cohen exposes the myths of the midlife crisis and empty-nest syndrome and investigates antiaging treatments such as human growth hormones, estrogen, Viagra, Botox, and plastic surgery. Exhilarating and empowering, In Our Prime will compel readers to reexamine a topic they think they already know.

Unsolvable Problems

1990 Lecture Notes

Author: Robert Geroch

Publisher: Minkowski Institute Press


Category: Game theory

Page: 104

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Could the day ever come when mathematics proceeds in a purely mechanistic fashion - that it requires no genuinely new insights? This sounds like a good question for an afternoon's debate. But, strange as it may seem, there is actually a theorem in mathematics to the effect that this subject can never become routine! This result, called Godel's theorem, is one of the greatest discoveries in mathematics of the twentieth century. And - perhaps even more remarkable - the proof of this theorem can be understood by anyone, without any knowledge at all of mathematics. The statement and proof of Godel's theorem is the subject of this book. The idea is quite simple, but it requires thinking about things in a new way. The book includes homework problems and exams with solutions and comments.

Tantric Wisdom for Today's World - The New Yoga of Awareness

Author: Peter Wilberg

Publisher: Exposure Publishing


Category: Mind and body

Page: 268

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The Tantric Tradition known as 'Kashmir Shaivism' bore within it the understanding that God is not a being 'with' awareness. Instead God is awareness, pure and unbounded. This pure awareness is like a stainless mirror - invisible in itself - in which all experienced realities are not only reflected but actively and continuously manifested. The New Yoga of Awareness is not merely a commentary on or an explanation of this tradition, but the most comprehensive and original contribution to it since its synthesis by the great 10th century teacher and tantric adept Abhinavagupta. It unites religion, science, philosophy and theology, psychology and metaphysics in a way that truly makes it not just 'a' new yoga but THE New Yoga - an entirely new school of 'tantra' evolved from and for today's world. Tantra does not separate religion and science. It is yogic religious science. The aim of The New Yoga is to make this new and highly practical religious science known to the world in order that it can begin to work for it. It does so by challenging the foundations of both Western science and the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), along with the "monotheism of money" (Marx) and the godless 'science' that is its religion. Peter Wilberg's wide-ranging writings on tantra, introduced in this book, constitute a new and highly practical body of theosophical and religious scientific knowledge of the sort that alone can help bring an end to today's rising ocean of religious and scientific ignorance - and to the ecological devastation, economic inequalities and global mayhem that go with it. Above all, they offer a way of accomplishing this world-transforming aim - not through jihad, violence or war but through learning to experience that pure and Divine Awareness ('Shiva') which pervades all things, and the Divine Power ('Shakti') of Awareness that manifests them all.

Becoming One

The Journey Toward God

Author: Janae Thorne-Bird

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 220

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Becoming One is an overview of many religious persuasions which teach about the concept of Oneness. It is also a step-by-step guide to Becoming One in body, mind and spirit which ultimately is our journey toward God. Becoming One includes scriptural references from many familiar religions including Gnostic and Modern Christianity, Mormonism, Toaism, Hinduism, Judaism, Kabbalism, etc. which help to define the intellectual word part of a 3-part formula for Celestial Integrity. Becoming One also includes appropriate symbols and therapies which access the spritual and physical elements of this 3-part formula for Celestial Integrity. You will not only read about oneness from multiple viewpoints, but you will be taken on a journey toward God and experience Becoming One.

The Complete Bible Answer Book

Collector's Edition

Author: Hank Hanegraaff

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Religion

Page: 560

View: 249

This beautiful leather-bound Collector's Edition will allow you to dig deeper and the find the answers you've been looking for! Hank Hanegraaff has heard it all. He knows what questions plague believers and nonbelievers. And he's done something about it—he's spelled out the answers. The Complete Bible Answer Book is a simple guide covering over 170 of the top questions that the Bible Answer Man has dealt with in his ministry. Topics include parents and kids, religions, difficulty, faith, fear, sin, salvation, and many more issues vital to understanding the path to better understanding God. Each question is approached in Hanegraaff's scholarly, easy-to-understand style, and he even suggests additional sources for readers who want to explore the topics further.

Occultism Simplified

The Mystic Thesaurus

Author: Willis F. Whitehead

Publisher: Health Research Books



Page: 96

View: 193

1921 Agrippa's Natural Magic. Henry Cornelius Agrippa was one of the greatest occult teachers of all time and this book is condensed from the works of this Master of the Occult. Unusual designs & many secrets not given in other occult books. Hidden me.

The Venus Code

Re-Defining Sex, Love and Wellness in Our Prime Season!

Author: Lyndada Harding




Page: 182

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LOVE. The most powerful, sought-after emotion and unquenchable desire coveted by millions of romantic story lines harnessed from their youthful passions. "Adam & Eve, Romeo & Juliet, Cleopatra & Mark Antony, Lancelot and Guinevere . . . iconic romances championing the amorous images of "love at first sight," "true love" & "knight in shining armor." HOLD UP! It's 2015, and today's "Women In Their Prime" (mature women pursuing love in their peak sexual and emotional state) no longer cherish the story lines of yesteryear. These are women who have pursued their first love with blinding ideals only to be sidelined by life, hurt and inevitable loneliness. Let's not forget that they are also knee-deep in juggling their motherly responsibilities and financial obligations to provide for their household sans-spouse. To top it off, today's mature woman now has to manage/balance the delicate physiological changes affecting one's lifestyle and love pursuits. The medical community calls it "Peri/Menopause." It can also be called a major piece to decoding THE VENUS CODE - Your unique domain for harnessing and receiving mature love. "The Venus Code - Re-Defining Sex, Love & Wellness In Your Prime Season," reveals the author's deep desire to love and be loved in today's cyber-dating madness by sharing profound experiential insights, and in the process help women "In Their Prime Season" understand and master emotional fundamentals such as: Sex . . . is just business. Love . . . is a legacy empire! The author's aspiration for this book is to nurture a passion-driven conversation about love, sex and wellness for today's mature woman, and in the process help them discover and champion their own VENUS CODE! BONUS! Multiple Original Literary Works by Author Lyndada Harding of "Lyndada Wellness."

The Shaping of Indian Science: 1948-1981


Publisher: Universities Press


Category: Indian Science Congress

Page: 704

View: 784

This is a compendium of the speeches of the Presidents of the Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) from 1914-2003. Through the years, these Presidents have inspired the Congress by their speeches-some of them visionary, some impassioned in their plea for Science, but all of them with a message that Science must be used for the good of the human race.

The Kingdom of Iffial

Author: George Jachimowicz

Publisher: Author House


Category: Fiction

Page: 284

View: 251

Into the regions and the stars, for those who seek?as another time ends?imagination, contemplation, individualization with visions?this is the story of the guest where the eternal future, past, and present meet beyond the galaxy, with Tana, Jams, and Jon in the lands of great mysteries, myths, and contemplations. The violent shock waves of yesterdays past?one instant in space, another in the threshold of our minds! A young magician destined to become a king finds magical gifts from a genuine wizard. Shortly afterward, he finds a new world and thrives in a quest, the reality of magic, discovering many more destinations, sometimes in conflict or peace, to dwell on matters of crystal balls and mystical apertures of magic, into the distant future.

A Dictionary of the English Language

In which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals, and Illustrated in Their Different Significations, by Examples from the Best Writers, to which are Prefixed a History of the Language, and an English Grammar

Author: Samuel Johnson



Category: English language


View: 219

An Hour on Sunday

Creating Moments of Transformation and Wonder

Author: Nancy Beach

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 340

This book provides pastors, worship leaders, programming directors, and arts ministry leaders with the vision and core values necessary for building arts teams that can create the potential for transformational moments in church.


His Life and Ideas

Author: K. Satchidananda Murty

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 239

View: 187

This book presents a critical and comprehensive biography of Radhakrishnan. The authors explain how Radhakrishnan, who had a British knighthood and an Oxford Professorship, and who did not participate in India's struggle for freedom, became important in the political life of Independent India. They show how this philosophy professor and vice chancellor often expressed radical views, developed rapport with national leaders, and became President of Indian under Nehru without losing the goodwill and regard of either the British intellectuals or the colonial government of India. It is the thought of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan that is most often presented in the West as "Hinduism." Through an analysis of his autobiographical sketches, writings of those who knew him and worked with him, and documents, the authors come to grips with Radhakrishnan's complex personality which, in spite of his greatness and varied achievements, is all too human.

Prairie Fire

Author: E.K. Johnston

Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab ª


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 304

View: 805

Listen! For the song of Owen Thorskard has a second verse. Every dragon slayer owes the Oil Watch a period of service, and young Owen was no exception. What made him different was that he did not enlist alone. His two closest friends stood with him shoulder to shoulder. Steeled by success and hope, the three were confident in their plan. And though Siobhan McQuaid was the first bard in a generation, she managed to forge a role for herself and herald Owen as a new kind of dragon slayer for a new kind of future. But the arc of history is long and hardened by dragon fire. Try as they might, Owen and his friends could not twist it to their will. Not all the way. Not all together. Listen! I am Siobhan McQuaid. I know the cost of even a small bend in the course of history. Listen!

Prime Suspect 2: A Face in the Crowd

Author: Lynda La Plante

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 491

The coroner's report identifies the body as young, black, female, and impossibly anonymous. Yet one thing is clear to Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison about the latest victim discovered in one of London's poorest districts - that news of her murder will tear apart a city already cracking with racial tensions, hurling Scotland Yard and Tennison herself into a maelstrom of shocking accusations and sudden, wrenching violence. Even as London's brutal killer remains at large, Tennison remains locked in a struggle to overcome her station house's brutal chauvinism and insidious politicking. And as the department's deeply rooted racism rears its head to overshadow every facet of her new investigation, the trail of her prime suspect is growing colder. Worse, when the details of the beleaguered detective's stormy personal life explode across the headlines of London's sleasiest tabloids, Tennison's already frenzied determination to bring the killer to justice will be catapulted into obsession - one that could send her spiralling over the edge. **Lynda La Plante's Widows is now a major motion picture**

Minds of Our Own

Inventing Feminist Scholarship and Women’s Studies in Canada and Québec, 1966–76

Author: Wendy Robbins

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 414

View: 230

This book of personal essays by over forty women and men who founded women’s studies in Canada and Québec explores feminist activism on campus in the pivotal decade of 1966-76. The essays document the emergence of women’s studies as a new way of understanding women, men, and society, and they challenge some current preconceptions about “second wave” feminist academics. The contributors explain how the intellectual and political revolution begun by small groups of academics—often young, untenured women—at universities across Canada contributed to social progress and profoundly affected the way we think, speak, behave, understand equality, and conceptualize the academy and an academic career. A contextualizing essay documents the social, economic, political, and educational climate of the time, and a concluding chapter highlights the essays’ recurring themes and assesses the intellectual and social transformation that their authors helped set in motion. The essays document the appalling sexism and racism some women encounter in seeking admission to doctoral studies, in hiring, in pay, and in establishing the legitimacy of feminist perspectives in the academy. They reveal sources of resistance, too, not only from colleagues and administrators but from family members and from within the self. In so doing they provide inspiring examples of sisterly support and lifelong friendship.

Way of the Modern Warrior

Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century

Author: Stephen F. Kaufman

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 128

View: 834

Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century. The Way of the Modern Warrior is an explanation of the samurai philosophy of Japan's fiercest warriors, practiced for over 1000 years. The author, Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, has been a warrior for 50 years, first as a member of the military, then as an advisor to the military, and finally as one of the world's most distinguished martial artists. In his years of experience he has collected the wisdom that comes from practicing martial arts through countless lessons learned and lessons taught. The 55 precepts in his new book are result of those years of experience and they will guide the modern day warrior as they devote energy and creativity to their lives. These principles and philosophies include Kaufman's insights about: "Arrogance" "Ease and Grace" "Wise Men and Evil" "Being Genuine" "Shame and the Glory" The Way of the Modern Warrior is an essential handbook for the modern-day samurai warrior who lives by honor, duty and service.