Imagining Heather

Author: Michael J. Leonard



Category: Fiction

Page: 268

View: 686

A computer engineer daydreams about an imaginary woman to help him transcend his difficult personal and professional life.

Imagining Queer Methods

Author: Amin Ghaziani

Publisher: NYU Press


Category: Social Science


View: 829

Reimagines the field of queer studies by asking “How do we do queer theory?” Imagining Queer Methods showcases the methodological renaissance unfolding in queer scholarship. This volume brings together emerging and esteemed researchers from all corners of the academy who are defining new directions for the field. From critical race studies, history, journalism, lesbian feminist studies, literature, media studies, and performance studies to anthropology, education, psychology, sociology, and urban planning, this impressive interdisciplinary collection covers topics such as humanistic approaches to reading, theorizing, and interpreting, as well as scientific appeals to measurement, modeling, sampling, and statistics. By bringing together these diverse voices into an unprecedented single volume, Amin Ghaziani and Matt Brim inspire us with innovative ways of thinking about methods and methodologies in queer studies.


Author: Heather Nichole Rice

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 101

View: 186

Joann Penki questions love what it is, how it makes a person, and what its worth; she finds out. Joann comes across confusion and acts on feelings and uncovers her lust for women. feelings also surface for someone while shes with someone else. there is a greater good who tries to come in between the love that she has discovered lets just say there is balance in her relationship that creates an epic love story and original masterpiece. This book Is full of drama, lust & supernatural romance.

Seasons of Change

Author: Cheryl Okimoto



Category: Hawaii

Page: 300

View: 919

Pro football player Steve Jeremiah has everything he needs, except a family. The Shepherds offer a remedy for his loneliness, but his growing attraction for Heather means they will both have to make changes that they may not be ready for.

Reinventing Your Life

The Breakthough Program to End Negative Behavior...and Feel Great Again

Author: Jeffrey E. Young

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Self-Help

Page: 384

View: 994

Learn how to end the self-destructive behaviors that stop you from living your best life with this breakthrough program. Do you... • Put the needs of others above your own? • Start to panic when someone you love leaves—or threatens to? • Often feel anxious about natural disasters, losing all your money, or getting seriously ill? • Find that no matter how successful you are, you still feel unhappy, unfulfilled, or undeserving? Unsatisfactory relationships, irrational lack of self-esteem, feelings of being unfulfilled—these are all problems that can be solved by changing the types of messages that people internalize. These self-defeating behavior patterns are called “lifetraps,” and Reinventing Your Life shows you how to stop the cycle that keeps you from attaining happiness. Two of America's leading psychologists, Jeffrey E. Young, Ph.D., and Janet S. Klosko, Ph.D., draw on the breakthrough principles of cognitive therapy to help you recognize and change negative thought patterns, without the aid of drugs or long-term traditional therapy. They describe eleven of the most common lifetraps, provide a diagnostic test for each, and offer step-by-step suggestions to help you break free of the traps. Thousands of men and women have seen the immediate and long-term results of the extraordinary program outlines in this clear, compassionate, liberating book. Its innovative approach to solving ongoing emotional problems will help you create a more fulfilling, productive life.

Healing Heather

Author: Tinsley Sellers

Publisher: Tinsley Sellers


Category: Fiction

Page: 285

View: 987

She's going 120mph in a 65 zone—and if driving even faster could change history, Professor Heather Harris would floor it. She's on a collision course with Sergeant Brian Daniels, a state trooper determined to slam the brakes on his own heartache. In one short year, Heather Harris has lost it all: her family, her fiancé, her home, her job. Everything but her pride—and her unmistakable purple muscle car. Summer break at the lake cottage she inherited from her grandparents should provide the solitude and reflection she craves, but she soon finds that no matter where she goes, there he is—the state trooper whose passion for fast cars won't stop him from enforcing the speed limit. Brian Daniels embraces his small-town, slow-paced, lakeside life. After years of heartbreak at the hands of his first love, he’s finally free. A gorgeous brunette—fast-driving and karaoke-singing—physics professor offers an exciting diversion. Opposites attract, but the sudden appearance of a blonde on a Harley threatens to throw a monkey wrench in the works. Will the promise of the future be stronger than the pull of the ghosts from his past?

A Mystical Philosophy

Transcendence and Immanence in the Works of Virginia Woolf and Iris Murdoch

Author: Donna J. Lazenby

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Philosophy

Page: 344

View: 665

Revealing, in an original and provocative study, the mystical contents of the works of famous atheists Virginia Woolf and Iris Murdoch, Donna Lazenby shows how these thinkers' refusal to construe worldviews on available reductive models brought them to offer radically alternative pictures of life which maintain its mysteriousness, and promote a mystical way of knowing. A Mystical Philosophy contributes to the contemporary resurgence of interest in Spirituality, but from an entirely new direction. This book provides a warning against reductive scientific and philosophical models that impoverish our understanding of ourselves and the world, and a powerful endorsement of ways of knowing that give art, and a restored concept of contemplation, their consummative place.


Author: Debra White Smith

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 291

View: 896

When Houston's mayor is shot, Heather's determined to identify the killer. She leaves anonymous perfume-laden evidence at the local newspaper--and soon editor Tyler falls head-over-heels for the mysterious tipster. The catch? Heather's dating Tyler already! Can she keep her identity hidden?

Heather's Highlander

Book Club: Heartsgate (Heartsgate Highlanders)

Author: Kirsten Osbourne

Publisher: Unlimited Dreams Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 88

View: 899

Heather has a busy career as a massage therapist and two roommates she adores. The only thing missing? Love. She longs to have a love like the ones she reads about in her books, but with little time and no prospects, it’s doubtful she’ll find the right man. When a stranger attends her book club, Heather is intrigued by the woman’s claim of matching soulmates through time. Was her happily-ever-after only a wish away in medieval Scotland? Derek McClain needs a bride to take his rightful place as laird over his clan, but with his empathic abilities, being alone with any woman long enough to court them is torturous. When he stumbles upon a woman in the woods, he finds the answer to his dilemma. She needs a protector, and he needs a bride to fulfill his destiny. But will feeling her emotions make it impossible to forge a real bond between them? And can a woman from the twenty-first century truly be happy in medieval Scotland? Dr. Lachele is at it again, meddling in the lives of the members of another book club. Follow along and see how she changes the lives of the single people of Heartsgate.