I'll Catch You

Author: Jesse Kellerman

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 966

When the world's bestselling thriller writer, William de Vallée, disappears from his luxury yacht while sailing off the LA coast, his best friend and fellow writer Arthur Pfefferkorn decides to pick up where he left off. But little does Arthur know that this impulsive decision is about to change his life for ever... We want to tell you more about this novel. We wish we could explain how spectacular and absolutely unexpected it is; how it will burn itself onto your brain for ever. But the truth is we could never do it justice... The only way you'll understand it is to read it.

I'll Catch You If You Fall

Author: Mark Sperring

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 187

In the spirit of Someday and Guess How Much I Love You comes a lyrical and endearing picture book about the people in our lives who are always there to look out for us. Who will keep the boy safe? “I will,” said his mother. “I will hold him close... and never let him lean too far.” Big or small, near or far, we all need someone to watch over us. This touching picture book is a reassuring tale about a journey and the people who are with us as we travel through life. It is for anyone who has wondered, Who will keep me safe? and for anyone who has answered, I will.

I'll Catch You

Author: Farrah Rochon

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Cedric Reeves has just been sidelined, and the bad-boy pro footballer suddenly finds himself without an agent or a prayer of getting back in the game. What he needs is someone pulling for him…someone like gorgeous go-getter Payton Mosely. A media-hounded celebrity like Cedric is just what the ambitious up-and-comer Payton needs to jump-start her career. That's why she's waging a no-holds-barred campaign to land the Saber running back as her first client. But how's the NFL sports agent supposed to keep things strictly professional when Cedric pursues her with a passion no sane woman can resist? Could this sexy bad boy be good for her after all?


Author: Cynthia Barnett

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Poetry

Page: 188

View: 329

I wrote this book to inspire others like myself. I have been appointed to deliver such a book by doing the works of the master, telling everything of himself, I haven't written a book or novel nor children books. From the Psalm (poems) I wrote novel of poetry of everyday life. The poems are telling a story within itself. Some people don't recognize a God given talent until a wakeup call comes. I was one of those people, I wrote many poems as a youngster and in my teens. I cast them away in my closet shelf or trash them. My baby sister Alisa always told me I had a God given gift, my baby sister Alisa reminded me of a little bitty person with a old soul young but had insight like she been here before. She had been getting my poems off the shelves and making her boyfriend cards with them. He was thinking she was writing them, she told me again, you got to keep writing them because he liked them. I was shocked, but nevertheless I said ok to my baby sister, calling herself in love. And my milestone started that day. Who would want to listen to what I had to say. The answer came later on, who would listen other than my baby sister. The same people that went down the same path and has experienced spiritual struggles, racism and was a victim of rape, gang bangers, prisoners, addicts, childhood dreama of becoming or a sense of want to belong. This book is inspired for all generations as well as the young, past, present and future. A reflection of fathers leaving homes leaving mothers taking care of homes as single parents, not to mention separated, that lead to divorce. In each of our lives we all are searching for our own path. Through our experience we live and learn, either we make mistakes ourselves or wise up or simply learn from the mistakes and trials of others as well as self. Ive always felt that in the company of others, I find my heart to be captivated through anothers experience. Be it joy, pain, Hope or hardship. In my travels near or far in my hope of Mississippi or eve strange lands this defined me through and through. This when the journey began. We are one people, one love, one people with rainbow color of God. The color purple couldnt have said it any better coming from Whoppi Goldberg. She said I might be ugly, I might even be black, I might even been misunderstood, but thank God am STILL HERE Were just ordinary people, why one kill because of the color of our skin. I never understand that. There is a time and purpose of our being. Know that there is a GOD who hears and sees all GOD bless hope you enjoy.

A Perfect Catch

Author: Anna Sugden

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 709

He's the perfect catch…for now! When it comes to romance, Tracy Hayden is not looking for a rematch. She's had epic passion—and problems!—with professional hockey player Ike Jelinek. Brilliant on skates and magic in bed, his too-traditional-for-her views were like a bucket of ice water on their affair. Then an injury takes Ike out of the game, and everything changes. Suddenly he needs her services-providing business—even though he once claimed it was their biggest problem. Tracy's determined to be professional, despite the sizzling attraction between them that won't go away. Maybe they need a second fling to fix that!

Phantom Waltz

Author: Catherine Anderson

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 967

New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson presents the beloved Coulter family in a novel that’s “romantic through and through” (Publishers Weekly). One glance. That’s all it takes. Wealthy rancher Ryan Kendrick falls hard and fast for lovely Bethany Coulter. A beguiling mix of sass and shyness, naiveté and maturity, she shares his passion for horses, has a great sense of humor, and can light up a room with her beautiful smile. She’s absolutely perfect—in every way but one… A long-ago barrel-racing accident has left Bethany confined to a wheelchair. In the years since, she has known both betrayal and heartbreak—and vowed never to open her heart to a man again. She has even accepted the possibility that she’ll never be able to enjoy a healthy intimate relationship—or have children of her own. But there’s something about handsome Ryan Kendrick. Something that makes her believe she can overcome every obstacle. Something that makes her believe in lifelong, lasting love… From the Paperback edition.

A Life in Each Decade of the 20Th Century

Autobiography of Charles George Theleman

Author: Joan Theleman Sisson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 312

View: 406

As the 20th century approached the 1990s, Dad mentioned that if he could live that long he would have lived in each decade of the century. He often commented on the vast changes hed seen as they developed. He marveled at the first cars he saw about 1913. He experienced the progress of plowing, from teams to steam engine to tractors. He lived thru the Great Depression and two World Wars. He reveled in the development of power tools, from hand saw to chain saws, electric drills and such. He watched the advancement of airplanes, and witnessed the beginning of the space age and computers. This is his story, recorded on audio tapes as family history. It is told in his sometimes-blunt language (R-rated), including difficulties, mistakes, joys and accomplishments.

It Had To Be You

Author: Kathryn Shay

Publisher: Ocean View Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 110

Kathryn Shay spent five years riding fire trucks with a large city fire department, eating in their firehouses and interviewing hundreds of America’s Bravest. Read one of the novels that resulted from her intense relationship with firefighters! “Kathryn Shay loves firefighters, and if you didn't love them before, you'll love them after reading some of her books featuring firefighting heroes and heroines.” Judith Arnold, Romance Writer Army veteran Beckett Sloan is just trying to make it through the day. After having spent twenty years in the service, he was given an opportunity to join the fire department in Hidden Cove, NY, on an elite crew called the Rescue Squad. There’s one catch. He has to attend a support group for firefighters, police officers and veterans with PTSD, a malady which caused the breakup of his marriage and the estrangement of his son. At the first session, he meets Lela Allen, a former army medic, who’s divorcing her army husband because of his inability to manage his own post traumatic syndrome. Though Lela and Beck are attracted to each other, they resist it. When both their children show symptoms of PTSD, common in kids of sufferers, a lasting relationship between Lela and Beck seems doomed. But fate has other things in mind for them, for their children and for two veterans of war whose experiences are also featured in the book. With the backdrop of a modern fire department and exciting fire scenes, this highly charged emotional drama will bring tears to the readers’ eyes as everybody struggles through this untenable situation. Praise for Kathryn Shay’s Firefighter books “Shay’s powerful characters and emotional topics strike a chord with her readers and have earned her a well-deserved place among the top romance authors.” Waldenbooks Romantic Reader “Powerful and compelling, this novel reinforces Shay’s well-earned reputation as a first rate storyteller.” Booklist