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Literary Currents and Romantic Forms

Essays in Memory of Bryan Reardon

Author: Stephen M. Trzaskoma

Publisher: Barkhuis


Category: Literary Criticism

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Bryan Reardon (1928-2009) was one of the most important and influential figures in the revival of scholarly interest in the Greek novel and ancient fiction in the last quarter of the twentieth century. His organisation of the first International Conference on the Ancient Novel (ICAN) at Bangor, North Wales, in 1976 was a landmark in the field and an inspiration to the organisers of subsequent ICANs, from which Ancient Narrative itself sprang. As editor of Collected Ancient Greek Novels (University of California Press 1989; second edition 2008), he made the Greek novels accessible to a wider readership and won a place for them in university syllabuses across the English-speaking world. This volume contains twenty essays by leading scholars of ancient fiction, who were all pupils, colleagues or close friends of Bryan Reardon, in memory of his scholarship, energy, guidance and humanity. They cover a range of topics including ancient literary theory and the conceptualisation of fiction, discussion of individual novels (Chariton, Longus, Iamblichus, Achilles Tatius, and Apuleius) and novelistic texts (a papyrus fragment of a lost novel, and Philostratus' Life of Apollonius), the afterlife of the ancient novel (in a Renaissance commentary on Roman law, in a seventeenth-century essay on the origin of the novel, and in a seventeenth-century series of paintings in a French château), and a speculative reconstruction of the morning after the end of Heliodorus' novel. The title of the volume commemorates two of Bryan Reardon's most important books: Courants littéraires grecs des IIe et IIIe siècles après J.-C. (Paris 1971) and The Form of Greek Romance (Princeton 1991); and the photograph of Aphrodisias on the front cover is a tribute to his critical edition of Chariton (2004).


Author: Gilbert Gallo





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La guerra dei teatri

le controversie sul teatro in Europa dal secolo XVI alla fine dell'ancien régime

Author: Donatella Pallotti



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Eranos Yearbook 71: 2012 – Beyond Master, Spaces without Thresholds

Author: Eranos Foundation

Publisher: Daimon


Category: Psychology

Page: 416

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The 71st volume of the Eranos Yearbooks, Beyond Masters – Spaces Without Thresholds, presents the work of the activities at the Eranos Foundation in 2012. The book gathers the lectures organized on the theme of the 2012 Eranos Conference, “On the Threshold – Disorientation and New Forms of Space” together with the talks given on the occasion of the 2012 Eranos-Jung Lectures seminar cycle, on the topic, “The Eclipse of the Masters?” This volume includes essays by Valerio Adami, Stephen Aizenstat, Claudio Bonvecchio, Michael Engelhard, Adriano Fabris, Maurizio Ferraris, Mauro Guindani, Nikolaus Koliusis, Fabio Merlini, Bernardo Nante, Fausto Petrella, Gian Piero Quaglino, Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, Amelia Valtolina, and Marco Vozza. Each lecture is reproduced in the language in which it was presented: 12 essays in Italian, 3 in English, and 2 in German.

Italy as a Regional Power

The African context from national unification to the present day

Author: Gabriele Abbondanza

Publisher: Aracne


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How did Italy’s role of regional power develop? How did it change from national unification to the present day? This book examines the degree of influence exerted by Italy in its own geopolitical context, with special focus on Libya and the Horn of Africa. With the aid of different research methods and thanks to two exclusive interviews (H.E. Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata and Gen. Vincenzo Ruggero Manca), this work traces the many stages that have characterized Italian foreign policy in its sphere of influence, its successes and its failures, from the country’s early colonial policies to the latest events. Images, graphics, maps and confidential documents further enrich the debate on one of the most ancient but controversial regional powers.