How to Talk About Places You've Never Been

On the Importance of Armchair Travel

Author: Pierre Bayard

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Travel

Page: 208

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Written in the irreverent style that made How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read a critical and commercial success, Pierre Bayard takes readers on a trip around the world, giving us essential guidance on how to talk about all those fantastic places we've never been. Practical, funny, and thought-provoking, How to Talk About Places You've Never Been will delight and inform armchair globetrotters and jet-setters, all while never having to leave the comfort of the living room. Bayard examines the art of the “non-journey,” a tradition that a succession of writers and thinkers, unconcerned with moving away from their home turf, have employed in order to encounter the foreign cultures they wish to know and talk about. He describes concrete situations in which the reader might find himself having to speak about places he's never been, and he chronicles some of his own experiences and offers practical advice. How to Talk About Places You Haven't Been is a compelling and delightful book that will expand any travel enthusiast's horizon well beyond the places it's even possible to visit in a single lifetime.


Author: Nicole Renee Murdie

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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CHAPTER TWO 9:05 P.M. Josey lifted her blue eyes from the stopwatch she held.Looking toward her best friend Dean ,who was sitting in the driver's seat,she gave him a smile and a nod."Are you ready?" A mischievous grin spread across his face.He turned to stare down the road,hands rubbing the steering wheel restlessly.The car trembled underneath and all around them.He revved the engine with a tap to the gas pedal."Ready." Her gaze refocused on the road and her thumb clicked the switch."Go!" Dean jammed the gear into drive and slammed his foot on the gas pedal.Both of them were lurched back against their seats the same time the car leaped onto the road.Dirt and pebbles flew over the windshield.The tires marked the pavement in solid black trails,squealing as the car turned sharply out of the driveway. Josey gripped the safety handle on her door,fully aware her seatbelt wouldn't be able to control the wild jostles of the ride.She glanced briefly at the stopwatch and then returned her gaze to the windshield. Dean steered the black camaro onto the public road.Dirt flew from the tires when it skidded onto the fresh pavement.The city wasn't much farther now,and then the real fun would begin. "Two minutes,fifty seconds," Josey announced over the roar of the engine. "Let's see if we can make it across the tracks in ten." He grinned at her."Ready for that?" She gave him a stare."Are you?" Buildings rose up on either side of them.Lights danced crazily from the various offices and cars.The engine rumbled louder when Dean sped up ,weaving in and out of the traffic. He let out a holler of thrill and darted around a halting sedan.It beeped angrily behind them.Josey turned around in her seat,looking out the rear window in time to see the driver raise his hand in an angry gesture. "Whoa." She blinked at Dean."You're really ticking off the other drivers." "Don't pester me while I'm driving." His eyes were glued to the road.A light ahead turned red.He jumped into the right lane and turned the same time the other cars passed.A large semi carrying liquid nitrogen was honking at them from behind.It was starting to pull alongside,its right blinker going off. Josey winced when Dean slammed the brakes to avoid the truck as it slid in front of them.The sharp steel rippled their reflections back to them like a woman's vanity mirror. Dean let his foot off the gas for a second,turning the wheel so they got onto the freeway.Other cars were doing 50-60 mph.Dean was cranking his up to 100,laughing at the honks and beep-beeps of the angry drivers left behind. Sirens shrieked behind them.Josey looked over at her mirror.Her heart suddenly sank."Um,Dean...we have a problem." But he didn't have to ask what she meant.Red and blue lights bounced off of his sideview mirrors,and the shrill sound of the sirens was getting closer.He lowered his eyes,mouth turning somber."I see him." "Well,pull over.We can re-time this thing later." He gave her a look of confoundment,his eyes slanted as if to say,"Are you kidding me?" Josey ran a hand over her face and let out a moan."Oh,brother." Dean pushed harder on the gas pedal and the camaro sped faster along the freeway.One look at the speedometer told him it was handling beautifully.The engine spoke volumes underneath the hood,purring like a wildcat down the pavement. The cop car behind was struggling to keep up,dodging cars back and forth in attempt to keep them within sight."Pull over immediately," came a grouchy voice on the bullhorn."Do not make us resort to the full measure of the law." Dean laughed at Josey."Full measures,huh?" He turned over to the far right lane,keeping a watchful eye on the exit signs overhead. Josey glanced at the stopwatch."Five minutes forty-five seconds." She looked back up as he steered onto the exit ramp."Adjust the speed,Dean.We don't want to go barreling off this thing." He shifted in his seat and slowed down.One look in his sideview mirror let him k

Productive Reading Strategies

Organizing and Tackling Your Reading Pile

Author: Laura Stack

Publisher: AudioInk


Category: Self-Help


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Do you have too much to read and too little time? You'll benefit from these reading techniques designed to boost your reading productivity! Getting through your reading tasks more quickly will free up time for other priorities. You'll learn from Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro(r), best-selling author of four books, how to:1. Apply a five-step process to help you become a more efficient reader2. Recognize signs of brain overload and get your mind focused again3. Get absorbed in your reading and achieve a state of "flow"4. Find some alternatives to reading5. Organize your reading and tackle the pileIf you apply these five simple reading techniques, you will greatly improve your concentration, speed, and retention. You will also have the upper hand by staying on top of important information in today's highly competitive work environment.

Hidden Talents

Author: David Lubar

Publisher: Macmillan


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 224

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American Library Association "Best Books for Young Adults" American Library Association "Quick Picks for Young Adults" Martin Anderson and his friends don't like being called losers. But they've been called that for so long even they start to believe it. Until Martin makes an incredible discovery: each of his friends has a special hidden talent. Edgeview Alternative School was supposed to be end of the road. But for Martin and his friends, it just might be a new beginning. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

In Bristol Fashion

Author: Lillian M. Henry

Publisher: Author House


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 628

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In Bristol Fashion is the first of a two-volume fictionalized biography of the Lewis, the Hoopers and their extended families. Set in Glamorgan,Wales and Bristol, England, the sharp scent of the Celtic Sea seeps into the saga of smugglers, sailors and high sea adventures during the tumultuous years of Victorias reign. Faced with situations very similar to those of our current times: ill-conceived foreign wars, economic depressions, radical changes in life styles, the man in the street and how he copes, is a theme that runs throughout the book.

Challenging Casanova

Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male

Author: Andrew P. Smiler, PhD

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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Changing perceptions about male sexuality In his groundbreaking new book, noted expert on teenage and adult masculine behavior Andrew Smiler debunks the myth that teenage boys and young men are barely able to control their sex drives, which may lead to destructive hyper-sexuality, unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Smiler helps us recognize that the majority of boys and men do not fit this stereotype and that boys’ sexual development is multi-faceted. He also shows how this shift in attitude could help create young men who are more mature, and have better relationships with partners and friends. Explains how the Casanova Complex has developed over time and how it can hurt young males Provides the latest research on male sexuality, including information from the author’s own studies. Offers guidance for parents and counselors of boys who want to help them develop lasting and meaningful relationships, as well as for the parents of girls who are dating. This book dismantles the stereotype of boys as driven only by an obsession with having intercourse with multiple partners, and calls for deeper growth and understanding of modern masculinity.

How to Mingle, Network, and Remember Names

Author: Jacqueline Whitmore

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Reference

Page: 32

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Previously published as part of Business Class. Effective networking and business etiquette require study and practice before they becomes second nature but both are powerful, practical, and profitable skills you can use when it most counts to get a job, keep a job, or succeed on the job. It is a set of rules and guidelines that makes your professional relationships more harmonious, productive, manageable, and meaningful. International etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore provides solid tips and tactics you can implement immediately for making good business connections—and keeping them—gleaned from the experience of a multitude of successful CEOs and top managers including.

Looking Through Glass

Author: Mukul Kesavan

Publisher: Penguin Books India


Category: India

Page: 378

View: 841

At The Close Of The Twentieth Century, A Young Photographer On A Train To Lucknow Suddenly Finds Himself In The Deep End Of 1942. Adrift In The Final Years Of The Raj, He Improvises A Life, And Is Caught Up In The Fates Of Ammi, Forever Waiting For A Vanished Husband; Masroor, Desperate To Stall A Hindu Vs Muslim Cricket Match; Chaubey, A Rebel Turned Repertory Star; Parwana, Who Starts Life As An Orphan And Nearly Ends It As An Ersatz Widow On A Make-Believe Pyre; Gyanendra, A Pioneering Pornographer; Carrick, A Parson Worried About The Millions Starving In Bengal; And The Narrator S Own Grandmother, Whom He Personally Cremated Not So Long Ago. But Hindsight Tells Him That Partition Will Destroy This World. And In His Desperate Struggles To Avert The Inevitable, We Discover, Often With An Almost Unbearable Poignance, How The Possibilities In India S Past Were Squandered, Some Wantonly, Others Accidentally.

Cognitive Architecture

From Bio-politics to Noo-politics ; Architecture & Mind in the Age of Communication and Information

Author: Deborah Hauptmann

Publisher: 010 Publishers


Category: Architecture

Page: 588

View: 981

"Cognitive Architecture" asks how evolving modalities--from bio-politics to "noo-politics"--can be mapped upon the city under contemporary conditions of urbanization and globalization. Noo-politics, most broadly understood as the power exerted over the life of the mind, reconfigures perception, memory and attention, and also implicates potential ways and means by which neurobiological architecture is undergoing reconfiguration. This volume, motivated by theories such as 'cognitive capitalism' and concepts such as 'neural plasticity, ' shows how architecture and urban processes and products commingle to form complex systems that produce novel forms of networks that empower the imagination and constitute the cultural landscape. This volume rethinks the relations between form and forms of communication, calling for a new logic of representation; it examines the manner in which information, with its non-hierarchical and distributed format is contributing both to the sculpting of brain and production of mind. "Cognitive Architecture" brings together renowned specialists in the areas of political and aesthetic philosophy, neuroscience, socio-cultural and architecture theory, visual and spatial theorists and practitioners.

The Way You Love Me

Author: Donna Hill

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 775

Making a case for love… Struggling law student Bailey Sinclair is working two jobs to make ends meet on the night a charismatic stranger walks into her bar. The attraction between them is instantaneous—and explosive. Until Bailey discovers that her anonymous hunk is none other than Justin Lawson, one of the richest, most hotly pursued bachelors in all of Baton Rouge. Justin is thrilled to discover that the woman managing the bar at his family's celebration at the Lawson mansion is the intriguing beauty he hasn't been able to forget. Now all he wants is to lavish Bailey with gifts and his passionate attention. But she's too proud and independent to accept his help—and determined to make it on her own. They may come from different worlds, but doesn't Bailey realize there are no obstacles to love…if she's willing to trust him with her heart?