How to Sketch

A Beginner's Guide to Sketching Techniques, Including Step by Step Exercises, Tips and Tricks

Author: Liron Yankonsky




Page: 360

View: 217

HOW TO SKETCH: A Beginner's Guide to Sketching TechniquesDo you want to start sketching, TODAY? Do you always doodle on every available paper on sight? Did you never get the chance to FINALLY commit to sketching and drawing?If you answered yes, then HOW TO SKETCH is a the book you need!Inside this huge (404 pages) book you will find step-by-step guidance from the moment you draw your first line, and until you are able to observe objects and joyfully sketch them. Liron is a great believer in the "anyone can do it" approach, and this belief resides in every chapter and page of this book.Inside HOW TO SKETCH you will find:- The basic mindset for sketching- Sketching techniques (As well as tricks...)- Perspective drawing- Shading and creating depth- Creating beautiful textures- Diverse exercises for you to gain basic experience - the heart of the book- Liron's super personal approach to teaching artAnd so much more...Get your copy TODAY and finally learn how to sketch!

How To Draw

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 96

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Uncover all the fun tips and tricks needed to improve your drawing skills and become an incredible artist, with this How to Draw book. Learn how to draw anything and everything - from funny people and dangerous dinosaurs to blossoming flowers and crazy cartoons - with this fantastic step-by-step drawing book for kids. How To Draw is a fun, interactive activity book for kids that will inspire children to step into the world of art and learn all there is to know about drawing. With simple instructions, and encouraging tips and prompts, drawing has never been so easy and inspiring. How to Draw is packed with practical drawing advice, and with spaces to practise how to sketch and draw throughout the book, children can enjoy experimenting with new artistic ideas. Step-by-step guides show kids how to draw dogs and other animals in easy-to-follow stages. Children can then build on their drawings using shading and colour, and try different approaches, such as illustrating stories and learning how to draw comics. Both fun and educational, How To Draw is the perfect guide for any child who is interested in art and is eager to use their imagination.

How to Draw A Ninja for Kids

Step by Step Guide

Author: Tony R Smith



Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 104

View: 107

How to Draw a Ninja for kids Step by Step Guide is a fun tool that will help kids learn to draw Ninja. This simple guide provides, easy-to-follow example that make it easy for kids to start drawing. This book will help build confidence and encourage creativity with more than 100 pages of examples, directions and sketch paper. How to Draw a Ninja for kids Step by Step Guide will provide hours of fun for your child! This book features: 100 Pages of examples and drawings Sketch Paper for practice And much more

How To Draw With Charcoal

Your Step By Step Guide To Drawing With Charcoal

Author: HowExpert

Publisher: HowExpert


Category: Art

Page: 92

View: 653

If you want to learn how to draw with charcoal, then get "How To Draw With Charcoal" guide. “How to Draw With Charcoal” is a step by step manual on how to use charcoal as an art medium. This book covers several ways to use charcoal in different art genres. It will show you how to produce artwork of different styles, including portrait and illustration, and how to work on a caricature. All of this is shown in a step by step instructional manner so anyone can pick it up. - The book is written in a very understandable and “direct, to the point” approach, so you can easily pick up tips even just by skimming the book, but much better is to read the entire contents and learn to draw in a short period of time. - This informative book is also a brief guide for those artists who wish to explore charcoal drawing, and is even advisable for those who are just starting from scratch. It will teach you the “dos and don’ts” of drawing with charcoal, and what’s best is that this guide fits art styles of many kinds. - In here you will see how a simple framework sketch evolves into a drawing with shading right on up to realistic detailing. It shows you in detail how to apply patterns and what the proper process is to produce the exquisite type of drawing charcoal can achieve. About the Expert Adrian Sanqui is a charcoal artist who uses several themes but mostly avant garde and surreal cartoons. Being active in visual arts from an early age, he started with colored drawings using oil pastels until they failed to make the kind of artwork he wanted. From colors he shifted to black and white drawings. He first attempted to adopt the techniques he managed to learn from his experiences to ink drawing. Ink drawing still failed to meet his expectations. It was not until he tried using charcoals that he was satisfied. From then on he has used charcoal as his primary tool to produce a fine piece of art. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

Landscape Drawing Step by Step

Author: Wendon Blake

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Art

Page: 80

View: 628

Excellent, clearly written how-to guide for training powers of observation, judging proportions, assessing values, plus valuable suggestions for use of drawing media. 180 line illustrations and halftones.

The Artful Sketch

Learn How to Create Step-by-Step Artistic Drawings

Author: Mary Phan

Publisher: Page Street Publishing


Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 967

Handmade Artwork to Inspire Your Creative Life Take your love for hand lettering, coloring, and doodling to the next level with this easy guide to creating gorgeous sketches by hand. Artist Mary Phan has toured North America teaching luxury sketching workshops, and she now reveals her simple yet big-impact techniques for everyone— from beginners to experienced designers. You’ll learn to draw 14 exquisite sketches, featuring fully illustrated, detailed step-by-step instructions to ensure a frame-worthy result from your very first sketch! Follow along with Mary’s simple, foolproof sketching process: drawing in basic shapes with a pencil and ruler, bringing the scene to life with brightly colored art markers, and outlining with black ink for the final details. From each tutorial, you’ll have your own impressive work of art to share as a gift, send as a card, share on social media, use in your business, or display in your home. No matter how you use it, this book will give you the tools and inspiration to fill your life with more color, beauty, and creativity.

How To Draw Pokemon

Learn How To Draw Your Favourite Pokemon Go Characters, A Step By Step Drawing, Activity and Coloring Book For Kids

Author: Steve Pencil

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 63

View: 183

How to draw Pokemon Introduction: How to draw Pokemon is a paperback created with the purpose of enhancing drawing and sketching skills amongst kids. Steve Pencil has created this piece for beginners who are keen learners. Their learning capacity is at maximum which pushes them up to learn as many skills as they can. This book will help them out with their artistic skills which will help them whenever th0ey will pick up their pencils and sketching boards. With a variety of drawing options and patterns, a child will learn about the basics of drawing and sketching clearly and easily. Description: Created with the theme Pokemon 20 different ways of drawing a single character Perfect for beginners who are learning to draw. All ways are explained step wise. All steps are described in detail Practice pages are included Final sketches are available for colouring How to draw Pokemon has got a step by step learning approach with the theme Pokemon that shows the children how a single character can be drawn in 20 different ways. It is an essential addition in the children's activity place to enhance the artistic skills and creativity among them. Same character but different ways: This book will enable a child to learn how to draw, sketch and play with the art of pencil. Single character with different styles will allow a child to think about every part of the character that can be drawn differently from different angles. Step-wise explanation: With that, step-wise approach is the easiest way for a beginner to learn. Kids will see their progress at every step and will find it clearly that what is trickiest step and where they need improvement. Coloring fun: When the sketching is finished, they are available to color and kids always find coloring interesting. Practice material: Practice pages provided in the paperback does not require any additional pages and practice books. All the learning can be practiced in the same paperback

Figure Drawing Step by Step

Author: Wendon Blake

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Art

Page: 80

View: 672

Profusely illustrated volume provides thorough exposition of fundamental stages in executing a figure drawing-from simple standing and seated figures to more complex ones (bending, kneeling, twisting and crouching figures). Over 175 illustrations accompany demonstrations, showing how to establish major forms, refine lines for increased accuracy, block in broad shadow areas and finish the work by polishing contours, strengthening shadows, and adding details. Clear practical advice for beginners; an excellent sourcebook of valuable insights for experienced artists.

Urban Sketching Step by Step

Techniques for Creating Quick & Lively Urban Scenes

Author: Klaus Meier-pauken




Page: 96

View: 795

The next inspiring instalment by artist and architect Klau Meir-Pauken, showing you how to sketch our industrial, hustling, urban world - and discover your inner artist. Reawaken the art of our ancestors and join the growing movement of reactionary artists, and learn how to capture our fast-paced world in this inspiring book by popular artist and author, Klaus Meier-Pauken. Beginning with useful advice on basic materials as well as priceless information on essential drawing techniques - from essential shapes, tone, colour and perspective to capturing moving subjects, composition and more - jump straight into a huge collection of creative exercises to help you build your skills, see your surroundings in a new artistic eye and draw faithful, raw sketches that breathe the life and flow of your city. Whether you are looking to discover your own sketching style, or to build on your existing knowledge, this book is packed with quick exercises to get you thinking, theory to build up your knowledge base, and dynamic artworks to inspire you. Make drawing a part of your consciousness now, and with it discover your home in a new light and your own creative potential.

How to Draw Vampires

Discover the Secrets to Drawing, Painting, and Illustrating Immortals of the Night

Author: Michael Butkus

Publisher: Walter Foster


Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 716

Describes how to draw vampires detailing the different types of vampires, gothic lairs, and the forbidden love between human and vampire.

Sketch Like an Architect: Step-by-Step From Lines to Perspective

Author: David Drazil



Category: Architecture

Page: 82

View: 533

Master the basics of architectural sketching with this proven 6-step framework: 01/Lines & 2D Objects 02/Basic Perspective Rules 03/Shadows, Textures & Materiality 04/Populating Your Sketch 05/Adding Vegetation 06/Awesome Perspective Sketch This book also includes 40+ specific tips & tricks, 15 worksheets, and countless finished sketches.

Drawing: Faces

Learn to draw step by step

Author: Walter Foster

Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing


Category: Art

Page: 40

View: 927

With Drawing: Faces, learn to draw detailed, realistic human faces in graphite pencil from basic shapes. Successfully drawing the human face is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, artistic experiences. With a wealth of detailed step-by-step projects to both re-create and admire, Faces teaches the basics of drawing human facial features with graphite pencil. In addition to the step-by-step drawing projects, Faces includes information on choosing art materials, building with basic shapes, placing proportionate features, defining facial expression, and shading to develop form and realism. Discover how to render a variety of faces with simple instructions and tips on how to adapt your drawings for varied angles and emotions. Acclaimed artist Walter T. Foster shares his personal methods for rendering the human face in all its expressiveness as he introduces tips and techniques for approaching babies, children, teenagers, and adults of all ages. Easy-to-follow demonstrations and helpful techniques for drawing correct head and facial proportions, eyes, noses, lips, and ears make this book a necessary addition to every artist’s library of drawing references. Designed for beginners, the How to Draw & Paint series offers easy-to-follow guides that introduce artists to basic tools and materials and include simple step-by-step lessons for a variety of projects suitable for the aspiring artist. Drawing: Faces allows artists to develop drawing skills by demonstrating how to start with basic shapes and use pencil and shading techniques to create varied textures, values, and details for a realistic, completed portrait drawing. Drawing faces can be a challenge, but with this step-by-step guide, you’ll be rendering realistic portraits in no time.

Drawing and Designing with Confidence

A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Mike W. Lin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Architecture

Page: 208

View: 646

Readers of this book learn graphic rendering skills quickly with the proven how-to approach that has made Lin the most successful teacher in the field. His method emphasizes speed, confidence, and relaxation, while incorporating many time-saving tricks of the trade.

You Can Sketch

A Step-by-step Guide for Absolute Beginners

Author: Jackie Simmonds



Category: Art

Page: 96

View: 139

Absolute Beginners Guides represent a series of drawing and painting books for budding artists written by professional artist/teachers. In 'You can sketch', master artist Jackie Simmonds leads the novice by the hand, demonstrating dozens of step-by-step t

Anime Drawing

Step by Step Guide How to Draw Anime Faces

Author: Jane Mackle

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 70

View: 419

Anime drawing Step by Step Guide How to Draw Anime Faces"Anime Drawing - Step by Step Guide How to Draw Anime Faces" has been written keeping in mind the beginners of anime character drawings. This book basically focuses on the drawing of the faces of different female anime characters of different age groups. Step by step detailed description has been given with the amazing drawings. Even if this is your first attempt at sketching, you will not face any difficultly in drawing and shading of the illustrations mentioned in this book. In the first few chapters, a brief discussion is given about the origin, attributes and history of anime. This is necessary from the point of view of drawing because when you read about something, you can adapt the rest of the attributes more easily. Go ahead, and you will not be disappointed. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: What is Anime? Attributes of Anime Characters How to Draw a Little Girl? How to Draw a Maiden? How to Draw a Cheerful Girl? How to Draw a Teenage Girl? How to Draw a Winking Girl? Download your copy of "Anime drawing" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

How to Draw Cool Cars

Start Drawing in Seconds

Author: Steve Capsey

Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 748

HOW TO DRAW COOL CARS helps kids aged 7+ discover how to draw a Mini, a Jeep and even an F1 racing car with step-by-step drawing instructions and illustrations by artist Steve Capsey. 'How to Draw Cool Cars' is full of fantastic guidance on different drawing techniques, such as drawing a car in motion, for kids to learn how to draw a car like an expert! From professional techniques such as texture and colour, to photos that display cars at different angles and on different terrains, How to Draw Cool Cars is the perfect children's drawing book for inspiring natural creativity. Inside 'How to Draw Cool Cars': # 15 cars for kids to learn how to draw # Clear, easy step-by-step drawing instructions for kids to follow # Important drawing techniques covered such as basic shapes, car parts, shading and other expert tips on how to sketch # Car photo gallery for extra inspiration and advice Cars included are Mini, dragster, 4x4, custom car, saloon, Porsche, Smart car, Lamborghini, stock car, Aston Martin, Jeep, Ferrari, Mercedes, rally car and F1 racing car.

Pen and Pencil Drawing Techniques

Author: Harry Borgman

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Art

Page: 256

View: 566

Manual by acclaimed artist contains the best information available on pencil and ink techniques, including 28 step-by-step demonstrations — many of them in full color.

How to Draw for the Beginners

Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorials, Techniques, Sketching, Shading, Learn to Draw Animals, People, Realistic Drawings with Graphite Pencils, Pencil Sketch Guide, Draw Faces, Portraits, Horses, Cats, Wolf, Everyday Objects

Author: Jasmina Susak

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 58

View: 235

Eight step-by-step drawing tutorials. Learn to draw lifelike animals, people, faces, everyday objects, horses, cats, wolf, portraits with graphite pencils. The book is written and illustrated by the recognized fine artist Jasmina Susak, whose unique drawings are popular around the world. Since the author is a self-taught artist, the reader can read about personal experience, clear and friendly instructions that everyone can follow. This book - featuring more than 70 illustrations - is recommended for the beginners and intermediate artists.

How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond

Author: Manga University

Publisher: Manga University


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 189

View: 401

You want to draw manga, and Manga University will show you how. You'll get VERY good at this. After all, we've been teaching people just like you for more than 20 years. "How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond!" is the latest in Manga University's lineup of best-selling instructional books. The book features more than 1,000 illustrations drawn by Japanese manga artists whose work has appeared in leading publications, including Shonen Sunday and Young Jump. You will learn how to draw like a professional because your teachers are professionals. We've divided the book into four easy-to-follow chapters that will have you drawing original characters from head to toe in no time at all: Heads First! We begin at the top, with a chapter on how to draw heads. After all, heads are the first thing most people notice, in both art and out in the real world. And in art, just like in the real world, you want to make sure your characters make a vivid first impression ... whether they're completely human, or totally out-of-this-world. Let's Make Faces! The expression the eyes are the window to the soul is particularly true when it comes to manga. You can tell a lot about a character's personality by peering into their eyes. In this chapter, we explain the basics of drawing eyes. But we don't stop there. We also cover noses, mouths, ears, and hair. All About Bodies! Once we've covered faces, we move on to teaching you all all about drawing bodies. We go over the differences between male and female body proportions, count heads to determine the heights of our characters, and learn how to draw hands, arms, feet, and legs. Strike a Pose! Our book's final chapter is all about making a physical statement. We show characters standing tall, sitting down, throwing punches, giving hugs, and more. Because even beautifully drawn characters look boring if they're frozen stiff. The book also includes a section on manga tools. Plus, you'll get to know the artists who contributed to the book through exclusive interviews in which they talk about their favorite manga and anime series, hobbies, how they work, and more!

Character Costume Figure Drawing

Step-by-step Drawing Methods for Theatre Costume Designers

Author: Huaixiang Tan

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 294

View: 641

Comprehensive visual images carefully illustrate how to render dynamic characters with personality, covering clothes, hats, props, fabrics and choice of medium for those who want to draw characters in preparing for costume design, in a new edition that covers historical periods and children and music/dance characters. Original.