How to find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar

Author: Joe Buchdahl

Publisher: Oldcastle Books


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 432

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How do we know if we can beat the bookmaker? That's easy: just look at our bank balance. But how do we know if we've not just been lucky? More specifically, how do we know that someone who says he can do it, and who is selling his 'expertise', can keep doing it again and again, through talent, skill and hard work? This book examines the techniques available to answer that question, to identify those qualities and to help the punter find value for money in an industry that appears to be largely built on trust and the influence of chance; to uncover the truth about sports tipsters and ultimately how to find the best tipsters - the 'Black Cats'.

Philip's Month-By-Month Stargazing 2017

The guide to the northern night sky

Author: Heather Couper

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Nature

Page: 64

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Philip's Month-by-Month Stargazing 2017 is a concise guide to the northern-hemisphere night sky, helping starwatchers to see the year's most fascinating events, whether observing with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. The authors have also included ideas for joining Citizen Science projects at the cutting edge of astronomical research. The guide is suitable for use between latitudes 40°N and 60°N, including Britain and Ireland, Europe as far south as Rome, and Canada and the northern USA as far south as Philadelphia. Each chapter (one for each month of the year) has a colour star map, created by Wil Tirion, showing the positions and phases of the Moon, the positions of the planets, and other useful information. Each month also includes a constellation described in detail; special events during the month, such as eclipses; a featured astronomical object, usually a deep-sky target; plus an astrophotograph, with details of how it was taken. The Solar System Almanac explains the movement of the planets, with particular attention paid to their positions in 2017. Solar and lunar eclipses, meteor showers and comets are also described. Exploring the Deep Sky provides a list of recommended deep-sky objects. The observer can use the monthly charts to discover which constellations are on view, and then use this information to plan deep-sky observing. The book concludes with an Equipment Review. Here Robin Scagell, author of Philip's Stargazing with a Telescope, provides a round-up of what's new in observing technology.

The Restless Universe

Author: Max Born (Physicist, Germany, Great Britain)




Page: 278

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The Corpse in the Cellar

Author: Kel Richards

Publisher: SPCK


Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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It’s the summer of 1933, and Oxford don Clive Staples Lewis, better known to his friends as Jack, is on a walking holiday with his brother Warnie and young friend Tom Morris. When Jack’s wallet is accidentally destroyed, they visit a bank to replenish their funds – and walk straight into the scene of an impossible murder. The victim is in the vault of the bank alone, cut off by brick and steel from the rest of the world. Yet he has been stabbed from behind and the murder weapon has vanished. A ‘locked room’ mystery – which would have baffled the cleverest sleuths of the Golden Age of detective stories – is tackled by the brilliant mind and larger-than-life personality of ‘Jack’ Lewis, beloved creator of Narnia and formidable defender of the Christian faith.

The Adventures of Parsley the Lion

Author: Michael Bond

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

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A brand new glorious gift book of a much-loved classic. A celebration of words and pictures from the creator of Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, and contemporary genius Rob Biddulph!





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Wild Cats of the World

Author: Barbara Sleeper

Publisher: Crown


Category: Science

Page: 216

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Portrait of the world's 37 species of wild cats.

Professional Photoshop?

The Classic Guide to Color Correction

Author: Dan Margulis

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Computers

Page: 416

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Professional Photoshop 7 not only covers color correcting for press, but also reflects the changing needs of readers by addressing issues such as outputting to color printers and high-volume copiers. The author teaches color correction with Photoshop by demystifying classic skills-analyzing images, understanding colorspaces, working with numerical color curves, using the Unsharp Mask filter. Covers new Photoshop 7. This edition includes three completely new chapters on previously unpublished techniques for correcting color. ABOUT THE CD-ROM Includes original images from the book, bonus instructional materials, Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows and Macintosh. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.





Category: English wit and humor


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A Practical Magazine for Photographers




Category: Photography


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The Hibbert Journal




Category: Philosophy


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A quarterly review of religion, theology, and philosophy.