How to Eat an Elephant

Author: Jo Parker

Publisher: Ecademy Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 132

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Have you ever wanted to tackle a task but just didn't know where to start? Have you ever wanted to achieve something but felt it was too big a challenge? Have you ever wondered how you would manage to complete everything you need to by the critical date or with the money you have available? This book will tell you the secrets of professional project managers who manage huge projects of amazing complexity, along with tricks of the best managers. Learn how to plan for the worst and achieve the best so that you can build the life you want with greater confidence and success.

How to Eat an Elephant

Simple Solutions for Lifelong Energy and Vitality

Author: Brett Hill

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 214

View: 838

How to Eat an Elephant is a health and wellness book with a difference. Targeted at health conscious baby boomers, this is one book that everyone can benefit from. The secret to this book's success is the unique format which allows people to be in control of their own lifestyle decision and helps them make small steps of never-ending improvement. How to Eat an Elephant covers diet, exercise and positive thinking in short succinct chapters with Dr Brett's unique philosophy prevalent throughout. Dr Brett is able to take the latest research and science combined with old fashioned truisms and put them together in a fun, easy-to-read style. Each chapter is designed as a stand-alone read with a challenge at the end, allowing the reader to absorb one chapter and take on one challenge at a time. This ensures that this will be one of those books the reader can hang onto for a lifetime as a ready reference to the challenges of their modern lifestyle.

How to Eat an Elephant

Achieving Financial Success One Bite at a Time

Author: Frank Wiginton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Take control of your personal finances—one bite at atime Getting your financial house in order is a big job. At first,you might even feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew.But don't give up! In How to Eat an Elephant, you'll gainvital understanding of important personal finance basics in justone day a month. Rather than tackle the beast in one bite, you'llmaster it a little bit at a time. Supported by online resources,tools, and reports, you'll complete fundamental tasks and gainfundamental understanding in an orderly and effective way. With practical, easy-to-understand guidance, this book will showyou how to reduce your debt and save on interest; improve yourunderstanding of personal finance basics and gain new confidence;reduce stress and anxiety about your money; and use powerful onlinetools to organize all your financial information. Offers a structured, non-intimidating approach to personalfinance that can be mastered in four hours a month Covers vital topics like budgeting, life insurance, investmentproducts, retirement planning, wills and powers of attorney, andmuch more Written by Frank Wiginton, one of Canada’s best-knownpersonal finance speakers and gurus If it's time to take charge of your financial life, look nofurther. How to Eat an Elephant offers real solutions thatwill save you time, money, and headaches.

How to Eat an Elephant

A Slice by Slice Guide to Total Quality Management

Author: John Gilbert

Publisher: Liverpool Academic Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 212

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The enormous challenge of implementing Total Quality Management -- the continuous improvement of all aspects of an organisation -- has been likened in scale to the task of eating an elephant. It cannot be done with one bite, but requires the elephant to be divided into digestible slices. So too with Total Quality Management: implementing improvement in any organisation requires a step-by-step (or slice-by-slice) approach. This easy to read, practical and entertaining book details some 96 topics, or 'slices', essential for the successful introduction and maintenance of Total Quality Management and a Total Quality Culture in any organisation. READERSHIP: Students and organisations practising or introducing total quality management.

Contemporary Ergonomics 2005

Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Ergonomics (CE2005), 5-7 April 2005, Hatfield, UK

Author: Philip D. Bust

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 650

View: 960

The broad and developing scope of ergonomics - the application of scientific knowledge to improve peoples' interaction with products, systems and environments - has been illustrated for over twenty years by the books that make up the Contemporary Ergonomics series. Presenting the proceedings of the Ergonomics Society's annual conference, the series embraces the wide range of topics. Individual papers provide insight into current practice, present new research findings and form an invaluable reference source. The volumes provide a fast track for the publication of suitable papers from international contributors. These are chosen on the basis of abstracts submitted to a selection panel in the autumn prior to the Ergonomics Society's annual conference held in the spring. A wide range of topics are covered in these proceedings, including: applications of ergonomics, air traffic control, cognitive ergonomics, defence, design, environmental ergonomics, ergonomics4schools, hospital ergonomics, inclusive design, methods and tools, occupational health and safety, slips, trips & falls and transport. As well as being of interest to mainstream ergonomists and human factors specialists, Contemporary Ergonomics will appeal to all those who are concerned with people's interactions with their working and leisure environment including designers, manufacturing and production engineers, health and safety specialists, occupational, applied and industrial psychologists, and applied physiologists.

Playing Out of Your Mind

Author: Alan Goldberg

Publisher: Reedswain Inc.


Category: Mental discipline

Page: 73

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Dealing with Difficult People

Author: Roy C. Lilley

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 150

View: 823

This manual explores how to deal with difficult people. It examines individual behaviour, what drives it and how to cope with it. Recognising that "nice people aren't always like us", the author takes the reader through dealing with difficult people and managing awkward situations, offering hints, tips and hazard warnings. The volume should be useful to managers who want to improve performance, sales people looking to win more business and anyone who has to deal with difficult colleagues or the public.

Catching the Wind - A Guide for Interpreting Ecclesiastes

Author: Dale McIntire

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 278

View: 104

"Depressing." "Ungodly." "Skippable." Each of these words have been used to describe Ecclesiastes. Catching the Wind: A Guide for Interpreting Ecclesiastes provides an interpretive companion for pastors, Bible study teachers and leaders, and Bible readers who are tired of skipping Ecclesiastes because either it is too hard to understand or its content appears too contrary to fit into preconceived notions of what and how God reveals Himself in His Word. The message of Ecclesiastes, often lost to readers and interpreters in the puzzling, enigmatic details of the book, becomes readily accessible when Ecclesiastes is considered in the whole. Catching the Wind utilizes the structure of a modern social research report to reveal the divine intent of Ecclesiastes, the divine truth that true meaning in human life comes in covenant relationship with the sovereign God and through no other means. The guide provides instruction for developing a biblical hermeneutic, an interpretation of the text of Ecclesiastes, examples of personal application, and abundant study questions for further investigation.

Burn Your Portfolio

Stuff they don't teach you in design school, but should

Author: Michael Janda

Publisher: New Riders


Category: Art

Page: 400

View: 665

It takes more than just a design school education and a killer portfolio to succeed in a creative career. Burn Your Portfolio teaches the real-world practices, professional do's and don'ts, and unwritten rules of business that most designers, photographers, web designers, copy writers, programmers, and architects only learn after putting in years of experience on the job. Michael Janda, owner of the Utah-based design firm Riser, uses humor to dispense nugget after nugget of hard-won advice collected over the last decade from the personal successes and failures he has faced running his own agency. In this surprisingly funny, but incredibly practical advice guide, Janda's advice on teamwork and collaboration, relationship building, managing clients, bidding work, production processes, and more will resonate with creative professionals of all stripes.