How to Be a Successful Student

20 Study Habits Based on the Science of Learning

Author: Richard E. Mayer

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 186

View: 776

How to Be a Successful Student is a clear, concise, evidence-based guide to the habits that are scientifically proven to help people learn. Acclaimed educational psychologist Richard Mayer distils cutting edge research to focus on the 20 best study habits for college students, including habits for motivating yourself to learn, managing your learning environment, and effectively applying learning strategies. This accessible, practical book covers all three areas with evidence-based, approachable suggestions to help you become a successful student by developing effective study habits and rejecting ineffective ones.

The C Student's Guide to Success

How to Become a High Achiever Without the Best Grades, Connections, or Pedigree

Author: Ron Bliwas

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 220

A very practical, step-by-step guide to career success for those who lack top grades or family connections. Some people graduate from college, and employers covet them: They are the best and the brightest, with stellar grades and great connections, able to land their dream jobs with major corporations right after school. This book is not for those people. In The C Student's Guide to Success, leading advertising executive-and former C student-Ron Bliwas presents a program of ten can't-fail principles for climbing to the top using your brains and talents-rather than family connections or fancy degrees. Bliwas uses real-world stories of business leaders, revealing how they identified and overcame their own weaknesses, and vaulted ahead of peers who had money and family connections. In surveying the come-from-behind success stories of his subjects, Bliwas provides creative, insightful, down-to-earth advice for new graduates, the recently employed, and those with a few false starts under their belt. In ten simple chapters, Bliwas teaches you how to: _ Make the most of many mentors _ Trust your instinct _ Strive to be a better person than employee _ Take responsibility seriously _ Master the art of purposeful learning _ Take advantage of unexpected opportunities _ Sell what you believe _ Go where the stars aren't _ Be a smart risk-taker _ Overcome straight-line thinking Bliwas encourages readers to embrace unconventional strategies, unexpected opportunities, and their own instincts, and to realize that opportunities for career growth exist everywhere-not just on the traditional path to job advancement.

How to Become a Successful Young Man - Instructors Curriculum

-Taking Over the World-

Author: Diamond McNulty

Publisher: Taking Over the World- Diamond McNulty



Page: 72

View: 457

This curriculum is dedicated to all of the Instructors/Coaches around the world who strive to make a difference every day. This book was requested from Parents, Teachers, Principles, and Organizational Leaders from all over. It has also been demanded by Directors of Educational Institutions who believe that the "How To Become A Successful Young Man" book and workbook is a much needed tool in our school systems today. This curriculum will allow Instructors/Coaches to teach the "How To Become A Successful Young Man" system from beginning to end combining a structural format that is fun yet educational. Message to the Instructor: As the Instructor of this course, I want to thank you for taking on the responsibility to guide our students on a positive path in life. We as leaders must not only teach but we must also care about each student on a personal level. Every student is different so we must have the ability to adapt to the different ways students learn. Be open to adapting your teaching style to a style that you as a teacher may not be familiar with. As the world changes there are so many talented kids with abilities that we have never seen before! With that said, let's have fun and learn from them just as much as they learn from us.

How to Become a Straight-A Student

The Unconventional Strategies Real College Students Use to Score High While Studying Less

Author: Cal Newport

Publisher: Three Rivers Press


Category: Study Aids

Page: 224

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Looking to jumpstart your GPA? Most college students believe that straight A’s can be achieved only through cramming and painful all-nighters at the library. But Cal Newport knows that real straight-A students don’t study harder—they study smarter. A breakthrough approach to acing academic assignments, from quizzes and exams to essays and papers, How to Become a Straight-A Student reveals for the first time the proven study secrets of real straight-A students across the country and weaves them into a simple, practical system that anyone can master. You will learn how to: • Streamline and maximize your study time • Conquer procrastination • Absorb the material quickly and effectively • Know which reading assignments are critical—and which are not • Target the paper topics that wow professors • Provide A+ answers on exams • Write stellar prose without the agony A strategic blueprint for success that promises more free time, more fun, and top-tier results, How to Become a Straight-A Student is the only study guide written by students for students—with the insider knowledge and real-world methods to help you master the college system and rise to the top of the class.

The Secrets of Successful Students

How to Be Your Best in School

Author: Daniel G. Amen



Category: Study skills

Page: 145

View: 382

Secrets of Successful Students is geared towards how to be the best in school whether you're an excellent student or someone who is struggling and wants to become more effective. This book teaches you how to recognize and change bad study habits, prepare for classes, decrease overall study time, organize your class work, your time and yourself. It shows you how to choose the BEST study methods suited to YOUR personality and needs, get the most from lectures and your notes, memorize faster with longer retention, use a study partner to maximize your study efforts and to also use teachers as your most valuable resource. With the help of this book you can skillfully prepare for and take exams, improve writing, and speaking skills!

The Black Student's Guide to Graduate and Professional School Success

Author: Vernon L. Farmer

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Education

Page: 424

View: 662

Essays offer guidance for African American students pursuing advanced academic degrees, discussing such topics as choosing as advisor and interacting with students from other ethnic backgrounds.

How to Become a More Effective Teacher of Minority Students

Author: Dr. Azel C. Colston Jr.

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 56

View: 499

A dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education, How to Become a More Effective Teacher of Minority Students draws on the extensive research and twenty-three years of experience of Dr. Azel C. Colston Jr. He postulates that, with the correct strategies and emotional investment by the teacher, children can “actualize and maximize their potential.” Teachers should facilitate their students’ achievement by becoming interested in the community around the school, encouraging parents to become engaged in their child’s success, and by offering a diverse and hands-on classroom experience that encourages creativity and learning.

Successful Student Writing through Formative Assessment

Author: Harry Grover Tuttle

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 144

View: 502

Use formative assessment to dramatically improve your students’ writing. In Successful Student Writing Through Formative Assessment, educator and international speaker Harry G. Tuttle shows you how to guide middle and high school students through the prewriting, writing, and revision processes using formative assessment techniques that work. This brand new set of strategies includes real writing samples plus easy-to-use applications that will allow you to monitor, diagnose, and provide continual feedback to your students. You'll help them perfect their written communication skills and ready them for further growth. Tuttle offers tips on breaking large writing assignments into several smaller tasks, identifying red flags, varying your feedback methods, and more. Enhance your instruction by assessing students at specific points throughout the writing process, and help them to become better writers as a result!

Kinn's The Medical Assistant - E-Book

An Applied Learning Approach

Author: Deborah B. Proctor

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 1376

View: 103

The most comprehensive medical assisting resource available, Kinn's The Medical Assistant, 11th Edition provides unparalleled coverage of the practical, real-world administrative and clinical skills essential to your success in health care. Kinn's 11th Edition combines current, reliable content with innovative support tools to deliver an engaging learning experience and help you confidently prepare for today's competitive job market. Study more effectively with detailed Learning Objectives, Vocabulary terms and definitions, and Connections icons that link important concepts in the text to corresponding exercises and activities throughout the companion Evolve Resources website and Study Guide & Procedure Checklist Manual. Apply what you learn to realistic administrative and clinical situations through an Applied Learning Approach that integrates case studies at the beginning and end of each chapter. Master key skills and clinical procedures through step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrations that clarify techniques. Confidently meet national medical assisting standards with clearly identified objectives and competencies incorporated throughout the text. Sharpen your analytical skills and test your understanding of key concepts with critical thinking exercises. Understand the importance of patient privacy with the information highlighted in helpful HIPAA boxes. Demonstrate your proficiency to potential employers with an interactive portfolio builder on the companion Evolve Resources website. Familiarize yourself with the latest administrative office trends and issues including the Electronic Health Record. Confidently prepare for certification exams with online practice exams and an online appendix that mirrors the exam outlines and provides fast, efficient access to related content. Enhance your value to employers with an essential understanding of emerging disciplines and growing specialty areas. Find information quickly and easily with newly reorganized chapter content and charting examples. Reinforce your understanding through medical terminology audio pronunciations, Archie animations, Medisoft practice management software exercises, chapter quizzes, review activities, and more on a completely revised companion Evolve Resources website.



Author: Nicholas Aggor

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Education

Page: 538

View: 507

I wrote the book, "How To Make Successful Students In One Year - A Model For The World," as a true testament of real world academic success for parents, teachers, students, school districts and governments of the world. I used my skills as a very successful senior engineer (with critical engineering quality controls) and a very successful parent to design many practical innovations to help parents, teachers, students, school districts and governments to make successful students starting from today. The results from using this book are immediate, effective, significant and they work for all determined students of the world. I recommend this book for all parents, teachers, students, school districts and governments of the world.

Shortcuts to Student Success

How to Become a BLACK BELT in Your Studies

Author: Simon Hu




Page: 170

View: 363

Do you want to have more time, more fun and less stress? Better career option$$? Then you need to know how your mind works so you can use it better in your studies. Throughout his student life, Dr Simon Hu had to overcome many challenges associated with several aspects of being a student. He noticed his struggles are quite common both in high schools and universities. Simon realizes how important it is for a young person to have confidence and get a taste of success early, which he himself achieved through martial arts. Now as a teacher, he sees his younger self in many students who want to do well but don't know how to go about achieving success. Simon shares his secrets in this book.-Learn about how your brain stores memories, so you can memorize and revise with minimal effort, and without forgetting what you have learnt. Discover how famous successful people and top athletes tap into their motivation to beat procrastination. Use studying techniques that many schools don't teach, so you canachieve higher goals faster. Become the student everyone wants to be; determined and, above all, confident, like you have a black belt around your waist.

20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro

Author: Rick Burton

Publisher: Ohio University Press


Category: Education

Page: 226

View: 646

The vast majority of student-athletes dreaming of athletic stardom won’t make it to the pros. Yet, the discipline and skills they’ve developed while balancing a sport and academics make them ideally suited for satisfying careers elsewhere. In 20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro, the authors draw on personal experience, interviews, expert opinion, and industry data to provide a game plan for student-athletes through key transitions at each stage of their careers, from high school through college and beyond. Modeled on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this book provides a much-needed strategy for achieving career success. Readable and concise, it will be a valuable tool for students, parents, and sports administrators.

Teaching How to Learn

The Teacher's Guide to Student Success

Author: Kenneth A. Kiewra

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 184

View: 668

Help students acquire successful learning strategies using the SOAR approach: Select key ideas, Organize information, Associate ideas to create meaningful connections, and Regulate learning through practice.

Becoming a Successful Student

Author: William Baker

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company


Category: College student orientation

Page: 224

View: 794

110 Strategies for Success in College and Life

Author: Joan H. Rollins & Mary Zahm

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Education

Page: 260

View: 532

110 Strategies for Success in College and Life offers students clear presentations of 110 strategies to guide them through to college graduation and beyond. These principles are derived from numerous research studies from a wide range of areas within psychology, as well as from the authors’ many years of experience as college professors, researchers, and student advisors. This book closes the gap between scientific knowledge and its application to college success. Topics include information processing and learning; critical thinking and decision making; identifying and achieving goals; managing time, money and energy; reading and writing effectively; reducing test anxiety; knowing thyself; and preparing for a career. The latest research findings are presented. It is a valuable guide for freshman, whether coming right out of high school or after a hiatus of years working and/or taking care of a family. This book is particularly appropriate for minority and first generation college students who may have fewer mentors to help them along the college path. Each chapter offers case studies of successful students to serve as role models. The focus of the book is on the practical application of the strategies in the student’s daily life within a framework of flexibility, integrity, and balance.

Secret of a Successful College & University Student

How to Become the Best in Your Career

Author: Bernard R. Branson

Publisher: BookCountry


Category: Education

Page: 1

View: 853

Whether you are at high school, college and university, this book is just for you. Bernard R. Branson shares life changing principles that will help you distinguished or stand out in your future career – Dr. Pegram Harrison, London Business School. This is the most important book you can have for your success now and in your future – Vanessa Welsch, London School of Economics. Since I have read this book, my life has not been the same. My academics, relationships, and confidence have improved significantly. You cannot afford to miss this copy – Michael L. Boyer, USA.

Teaching Early Writing and Reading Together

Mini-lessons that Link K-2 Literacy Instruction

Author: Connie Campbell Dierking

Publisher: Maupin House Publishing, Inc.


Category: English language

Page: 150

View: 218

Author/educator Connie Campbell Dierking shows you how to develop a literacy-connected classroom, including using oral storytelling to scaffold primary reading and writing. More than 50 mini-lessons--organized by their classroom function--????help you explicitly teach foundational literacy skills during writer's workshop or whole-class and small-group reading instruction.

How To Learn and Study In College Like a Pro?

(A Step-By-Step Guide To Your College Success)

Author: Katherine McLaren

Publisher: Katherine McLaren


Category: Study Aids


View: 624

This book contains various tips and information to help you get through college. College could become another big challenge faced by graduating high school students, yet with the help of this book, it can help you prepare and get on the right track when in college. Entering college life is not an easy process. It takes a lot of determination, efforts, and decision-making. Choosing the right course for you is never easy. Nevertheless, it is only the beginning and as they have always said, the beginning is always the hardest. Getting ready and prepared to face another chapter of your life will be truly exciting, especially if allow me to guide you through the process. The topics covered in this book are as follows: ENTERING COLLEGE ZONE. This serves as introduction on how to get into college. It give a point of view of how college might be and what are the expected sacrifices a student can possibly do. MEET THE PROFESSORS. This part covers the types of professors that freshman college students can meet. There are also some tips given on how to handle tough professors. MEET THE CLASSMATES. This part discusses the types of classmates that you can encounter. It also gives tips on how to choose friends wisely. THE DEADLINES. This section clearly instils in the mind of the readers how important deadlines are to the life of every students. THE GRADES TO MEET. This part talks about the grades that a college student must meet. This also serves as an introduction in the proceeding section. STUDY TIPS ROUGH GUIDE. This section gives various tips in studying. Some tips about reviewing, memorizing, dealing with peer-pressure, and fixing your schedule are covered in this chapter. PREPARATION BEFORE EXAMINATION. This part gives pieces of advice before taking an examination. It is advisable to read this and apply the tips given to give a fruitful outcome. WHAT TO DO DURING EXAMINATION. This talks about the thing to avoid during an examination. It also gives some pointers on how to be relaxed during an examination. AFTER EXAMINATION. This section gives felicitations for those who finish an examination. It also gives advice to the ones who feels like they did not ace in the examination. REPORTING IN CLASS. This part gives various guidelines on how to present a report very well in front of the class and how to make an attachment to you audience. HOW TO JOIN A STUDY GROUP. This section elaborates what factors shall be considered in choosing a study group. It also discusses what a study group is and the functions of each members as well as the function of the leader. WHY CHEAT? This part discusses the reasons why students cheat. This part does not take the side of the cheaters it only presents some reasons why students cheat. PRACTICES OF CHEATING. This section gives the traditional practices of cheating. It also includes what type of school works students use them. IS IT BETTER TO CHEAT THAN TO REPEAT? This is a short discussion of why failing is better than repeating. THIS WAY TO SUCCESS. This part gives encouragement to students who feel like giving up. LEARNING FROM YOUR FAILURES. The final section discusses how to rise above from failure and getting strength from family members and friends. This report aims to help students who are facing difficulty in adapting to the college life. This report may not only be for Freshman College students but also for all the other students who want to be inspired in studying and get right on track. Grab your copy now!