How to be a Leader

Author: Martin Bjergegaard

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Self-Help

Page: 160

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No one is born to lead. This is the idea at the heart of this thoughtful book on leadership. Popular culture feeds us images of the square-jawed, strong-armed leader - charismatic, powerful, decisive - but the truth is, with the right amount of self-knowledge and authenticity, anyone can be a good leader, even those who don't fit the stereotype. There are countless courses and books available on leadership technique, decision-making and public speaking, but How to Be a Leader aims to give you the tools to understand and bring out your own leadership style. With an in-depth look at what it really means to lead, and the difference between being a manager and being a leader, How to Be a Leader invites you to explore - and accept - the unique leader in you.

How to Be a Leader

An Ancient Guide to Wise Leadership

Author: Plutarch

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: History

Page: 416

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"The philosopher, statesman, and moralist Plutarch of Chaeronia (first and early second centuries CE) begins his essay Political Advice, wherein he advises a man about how to embark upon a career in government and how to become an effective leader by saying: 'First of all, let the primary motivation for political activity be a conscious choice based on judgment and reason, which serves as a firm and strong foundation, and let the choice not be rashly inspired by the vain pursuit of glory, a sense of rivalry, or a lack of other meaningful activities.' In How to Lead, classicist Jeffrey Beneker translates three of Plutarch's political essays: To an Uneducated Leader, Political Advice, and The Role of the Elder Statesman. In these essays Plutarch seeks not only to advise these budding, practicing, and even aging politicians about the problems of governing their Greek cities under Roman rule, but also to educate them about general principles of leadership. Plutarch thought quite a lot about political leadership. The management of public affairs at all levels is one of the most important of human endeavors. It requires education, character, and commitment. He encourages those who desire to lead, and he gives advice based mainly on the experiences of great leaders of the past. These essays are timeless reflections on the proper way to lead and serve, publicly, at least with respect to the European and American political traditions. The essays emphasize the importance of personal integrity and friendships, how best to persuade one's fellow citizens, the dangers inherent in rivalry, and that the successful management of public affairs demands respect for the state's institutions, cooperation among politicians, and the subordination of one's own glory to the welfare of the state"--

How to Be a Great Christian Leader

A Workbook for New and Aspiring Leaders in Ministry

Author: M. Obaseki

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 58

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Are you a new or aspiring leader? Do you know how to be a great leader? Do you actually know the difference between a leader and a manager? Do you know the top characteristics for great leadership? How to be GREAT Christian Leader was written specifically for you to answer these questions and more in a convenient big workbook format. Its not just another text book. There are answers to work on and even a bonus action plan. By using real circumstances from a the M Obaseki an ordained minister and experienced leader, shares real experiences writing and facilitating courses as well as advising on leadership issues. The book is based on up to date approaches in a realistic no nonsense presentation. Youll feel more confident to take on the task of ministry leadership once youve read, studied and carried out the tasks within this book

How to be a Nurse Or Midwife Leader

Author: David Ashton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Medical

Page: 232

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How to be a Nurse or Midwife Leader is an indispensable guide for all nurses and midwives who wish to develop and improve their practice as leaders. Written in collaboration with the NHS Leadership Academy, this practical book draws on the real experience of over 10,000 nurses and midwives to bring leadership dilemmas to life in specific situations. Key learning features include: How to develop your self-awareness How to develop your personal impact and presence How to survive and thrive How to get your message across How to get the best out of others How to work with and lead other professionals and patients How to have courageous conversations How to balance conflicting demands and needs Containing exercises and reflective questions to help apply theory to leadership practice, How to be a Nurse or Midwife Leader is an ideal companion for all nurses and midwives, whether you are newly qualified, or stepping into a team leader role.

How to: Be a Better Leader

Author: Stefan Stern

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

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We know that businesses and organisations expect people at all levels to show initiative and display good leadership qualities, but to put this into practice is easier said than done. This book will show you how you can become a better leader, whether you're already in charge of a large team, or you're paving the way for your future career. How to Be a Better Leader is designed to help you truly understand what it means to be a leader, as well as what good and bad leadership look like. Stefan Stern investigates the different ways in which men and women lead - and, crucially, how we can get nearer to genuine equality at work. He also highlights the language of leaders, and gives examples from around the world of different prominent leaders from business and politics, including Jeff Bezos, Indra Nooyi, Winston Churchill and Rosa Parks.

How To Be A Boy Scout Leader

Your Step By Step Guide To Becoming a Boy Scout Leader

Author: HowExpert

Publisher: HowExpert


Category: Education

Page: 38

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If you want to become an outstanding boy scout leader, then check out this "How To Be A Boy Scout Leader" guide. In this step-by-step guide you will have the following benefits: - Learn the basic of becoming a good scout. - Learn how to assess weaknesses and strengths. - Be aware of the boy scout law. - Examine self characteristics if it falls on the qualities of being a great scout leader. - Be able to cultivate diversity and maximize opportunities. - Be able to differentiate leadership styles. - Learn the jobs and duties of a scout leader. - Learn tips on how to resolve serious issues and cope up with them. - Be updated to changes in scouting for this new era. - And much more. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

How to Be a Positive Leader

Small Actions, Big Impact

Author: Jane E. Dutton

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Positive leaders are able to dramatically expand their people’s—and their own—capacity for excellence. And they accomplish this without enormous expenditures or huge heroic gestures. Here leading scholars—including Adam Grant, author of the bestselling Give and Take; positive organizational scholarship movement cofounders Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn; and thirteen more—describe how this is being done at companies such as Wells Fargo, Ford, Kelly Services, Burt’s Bees, Connecticut’s Griffin Hospital, the Michigan-based Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, and many others. They show that, like the butterfly in Brazil whose flapping wings create a typhoon in Texas, you can create profound positive change in your organization through simple actions and attitude shifts.

How to be an Outstanding Nursery Leader

Author: Allison Lee

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 144

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Nursery leaders play a crucial role in the overall smooth running of their nursery, as they are ultimately in charge of the recruitment of staff, child protection and development, and health and safety. They are responsible for writing and implementing policies and procedures that require current, up-to-date knowledge and for ensuring that legislation is being followed at all times. Most importantly, nursery leaders are key to achieving an 'outstanding' grade from Ofsted in all areas of nursery life. How to be an Outstanding Nursery Leader covers common everyday situations, such as staffing and potential problems, and is a useful tool for anyone enrolled on the CACHE Level 4 Certificate for the Early Years Advanced Practitioner. Allison Lee uses her wealth of experience to explore important aspects of management, including effective staff meetings, appraisals and supervisions, to help a nursery leader get the best from their team and earn that all-important 'outstanding' grade from Ofsted.

How to Be an Effective Church Leader

Author: Sam E. Stone

Publisher: College Press


Category: Religion

Page: 94

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In this book, Sam Stone lays the foundation for effective leadership by combining principles taken straight from Scripture with practical advice from life experience. He reminds us that churches can only do their best work when excellent leadership is present. If you are considering a church leadership position, or even if you are a veteran leader, Sam Stone's timeless advice will provide you with insight and encouragement. Book jacket.