How Lives Change

Palanpur, India, and Development Economics

Author: Himanshu

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 600

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Development economics is about understanding how and why lives change. How Lives Change: Palanpur, India, and Development Economics studies a single village in a crucially important country to illuminate the drivers of these changes, why some people do better or worse than others, and what influences mobility and inequality. How Lives Change draws on seven decades of detailed data collection by a team of dedicated development economists to describe the evolution of Palanpur's economy, its society, and its politics. The emerging story of integration of the village economy with the outside world is placed against the backdrop of a rapidly transforming India and, in turn, helps to understand the transformation. It puts development economics into practice to assess its performance and potential in a unique and powerful way to show how the development of one village since India's independence can be set in the context of the entire country's story. How Lives Change sets out the role of, and scope for, public policy in shaping the lives of individuals. It describes how changes in Palanpur's economy since the late 1950s were initially driven by the advance of agriculture through land reforms, the expansion of irrigation and the introduction of "green revolution" technologies. Since the mid-1980s, newly emerging off-farm opportunities in nearby towns and outside agriculture became the key driver of growth and change, profoundly influencing poverty, income mobility, and inequality in Palanpur. Village institutions are shown to have evolved in subtle but clear ways over time, both shaping and being shaped by economic change. Individual entrepreneurship and initiative is found to play a critical role in driving and responding to the forces of change; and yet, against a backdrop of real economic growth and structural transformation, this book shows that human development outcomes have shown only weak progress and remain stubbornly resistant to change.

The Arc of Love

How Our Romantic Lives Change over Time

Author: Aaron Ben-Ze'ev

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 278

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Is love best when it is fresh? For many, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The intense experiences that characterize new love are impossible to replicate, leading to wistful reflection and even a repeated pursuit of such ecstatic beginnings. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev takes these experiences seriously, but he’s also here to remind us of the benefits of profound love—an emotion that can only develop with time. In The Arc of Love, he provides an in-depth, philosophical account of the experiences that arise in early, intense love—sexual passion, novelty, change—as well as the benefits of cultivating long-term, profound love—stability, development, calmness. Ben-Ze’ev analyzes the core of emotions many experience in early love and the challenges they encounter, and he offers pointers for weathering these challenges. Deploying the rigorous analysis of a philosopher, but writing clearly and in an often humorous style with an eye to lived experience, he takes on topics like compromise, commitment, polyamory, choosing a partner, online dating, and when to say “I love you.” Ultimately, Ben-Ze’ev assures us, while love is indeed best when fresh, if we tend to it carefully, it can become more delicious and nourishing even as time marches on.

Books Change Lives

1993-1994 Reading Promotion Campaign

Author: Michael Thompson

Publisher: DIANE Publishing


Category: Reading promotion

Page: 75

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"Books Change Lives" was the Library of Congress's national reading promotion theme for 1993-1994. This report provides details about how this reading promotion campaign developed and what happened around the country that made this campaign so popular; it also makes available the ideas that have proven so effective in the promotion of reading; it shares some of the best and most inspirational statements, ideas, and graphics generated by the campaign; and stimulates thinking on how to make future campaigns even more effective. Includes contributions from students who participated in the essay contests. Illustrated.

You Can Change Your Life

Easy steps to getting what you want

Author: Rob Yeung

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

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Looking to make a positive change in your life? Maybe you’ve read a few self-help books and think you know what you need to do – maybe some positive thinking, making a resolution or simply wishing for happiness? Well, here’s some news: none of this is going to help; you simply don’t get things in life just by wishing for them. In You Can Change Your Life top psychologist Rob Yeung investigates ways of making change stick. He offers the most up-to-date thinking on the skills, beliefs and methods that will help you to change your life. Rooted in evidence-based research and based on proven strategies and treatments, Rob offers a new perspective and new techniques to enable you to transform your life, or simply work out what’s stopping you from achieving your goals. You can lose weight, feel more positive, give up a bad habit, get ahead at work or improve anything about yourself. Whatever you want to achieve, you will feel inspired by the practical advice in this fascination book and be able to tackle change with confidence.

Changing Lives, Changing Rites

Ritual and Social Dynamics in Philippine and Indonesian Uplands

Author: Susan Diana Russell

Publisher: University of Michigan Center for


Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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Books Change Lives

1993-1994 Reading Promotion Campaign

Author: John Young Cole



Category: Reading promotion

Page: 75

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The Thought That Changed My Life Forever

How One Inspiration Can Unleash Your True Potential and Transform the World

Author: Christian Guenette

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 300

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Have you ever had a thought so monumental, it literally changed your life? We know 52 people who have. In the pages of 'The Thought That Changed My Life Forever ', get ready to meet these ordinary people whose lives became extraordinary when they jumped the tracks and took a powerful new direction because of one incredible thought. Where did it come from, what did they do? As you savor every page, you will discover these moments of inspiration, revelation and action so powerful that the “road less-travelled” magically revealed itself where it otherwise might have remained invisible. We invite you into the illuminating lives of these gifted helpers and healers from all over the world who work in many different traditions and modalities for serving the well-being of others. They all courageously and beautifully share a moment where a thought shone so brightly on a future possibility that it not only changed their minds, but served as the key to changing their lives and the lives of the people they serve. If we each have 60,000 thoughts a day, which one will change your life today—perhaps even forever? Where will the Thought Movement take you?

Choices That Change Lives

15 Ways to Find More Purpose, Meaning, and Joy

Author: Hal Urban

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 639

Hal Urban, author of the much-loved bestsellers Life's Greatest Lessons and Positive Words, Powerful Results, gives us his third book of inspirational and practical wisdom on leading a more meaningful and more joyful life. With Choices That Change Lives, Hal reminds us that our lives are the result of our choices and the most important choices we make become our character traits, the ones that lead to fulfillment and peace of mind. He illuminates fifteen character traits that help us more fully develop our capacity to live rich and rewarding lives. He assures us that it's never too late to change, to break the chains of self-defeating attitudes and habits, and challenges us to dig a little deeper -- to grow in such qualities as humility, patience, empathy, and courage -- and to renew ourselves daily.

Colleges that Change Lives

40 Schools You Should Know about Even If You're Not a Straight-A Student

Author: Loren Pope

Publisher: Penguin Group


Category: Education

Page: 304

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Now revised, this new edition of Pope's indispensable guide profiles 41 colleges and addresses such issues as homeschooling, learning disabilities, and single-sex education.

Dreams that Change Our Lives

Author: Robert J. Hoss

Publisher: Chiron Publications


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 362

View: 740

Have you ever awakened from a dream that left you feeling stunned—a dream so vivid or impactful—so unexpected—that it changes your life from that point forward? Imagine you could ask a question of a dream character, or the dream itself, and watch as a profoundly surprising response appears. Suppose you could take action in your dream to eliminate a recurring nightmare, heal a relationship, or even a physical ailment. The 100 dreamers in this book have! These are what might be called big dreams, stories of life changing guidance, insight and healing; some that reach beyond the senses and even beyond death. They are presented as guideposts along our life's journey, and introduced by 22 internationally acclaimed experts, psychologists, researchers, and best-selling authors from the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD): Deirdre Barrett, Susannah Benson, Kelly Bulkeley, Laurel Clark, Gayle Delaney, Marcia Emery, Patricia Garfield, Robert Gongloff, Bob Haden, Robert Hoss, Ed Kellogg, Stanley Krippner, Justina Lasley, Jacquie E. Lewis, Tallulah Lyons, Wendy Pannier, Alan Siegel, Carlyle Smith, Gregory Scott Sparrow, Jeremy Taylor, Robert Waggoner and Kelly Sullivan Walden.

Changing and Learning in the Lives of Physicians

Author: Robert D. Fox

Publisher: New York : Praeger


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 194

View: 312

This volume is based on a research project coordinated through the Society of Medical College Directors of Continuing Medical Education. The premise was to understand how learning relates to change in order to better design education to facilitate change. This book provides a vast array of useful techniques and resources for the continuing learner. Suggesting than a qualitative approach to discovering variables of lifelong learning is more productive that the traditional quantitative and correlational approaches, it offers a framework for conceptualizing continuing education.

Critical Choices That Change Lives

How Heroes Turn Tragedy Into Triumph

Author: Daniel R. Castro

Publisher: Daniel R Castro


Category: Self-Help

Page: 208

View: 423

Explains that choices made while facing life's circumstances can determine happiness and success, describing how successful people display similar patterns in thinking.

Transition and Change in the Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Author: David May

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Social Science

Page: 233

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This book presents the lives of people with intellectual disabilities as a series of transitions and offers us a view of the world that is as complex as any other. The contributors have extensive research experience in this field and provide a comprehensive review of their research, drawing out the implications for policy and practice.

Learning to Change Lives

The Strategies and Skills Learning and Development Approach

Author: A. Ka Tat Tsang

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 409

The Strategies and Skills Learning and Development (SSLD) system is an action-oriented model for enabling clients in social work, health, mental health, and human services settings to address their needs and life goals. In Learning to Change Lives, author A. Ka Tat Tsang introduces SSLD’s powerful framework and practice, which has been developed based on three decades of experience in psychotherapy, counselling, education, training, consultation, and community service. Learning to Change Lives provides detailed, step-by-step guidelines for SSLD intervention – starting with engagement with the client, assessment, translating problems into intervention plans, systematic learning and development of appropriate strategies and skills. Key practice procedures are described clearly and illustrated by case examples, specific instructions, and sample worksheets. Aimed at clinical practitioners, mental health professionals, social workers, and other human service professionals, this book can be used as a manual by practitioners and as a textbook for courses and training programs.

Life Coaching — Life Changing

How to use The Law of Attraction to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

Author: Melanie Chan

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 147

View: 308

Successful life coach and NLP practioner Melanie Chan draws on her experience and expertise to inspire you to make positive changes in your life. With real examples from clients who have changed their lives for the better this book provides you with the tools and techniques to help you achieve a more joyful and fulfilling life. In this friendly and practical book you will find out how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours attract experiences to you. After reading the book you will have further insight into how the law of attraction happens and how you can harness this to support your best interests. This book is for those who want to: Move beyond their current limitations Transform negative beliefs into positive beliefs Express their full potential Clarity about their direction in life Improved career prospects Better time management Improved communication and relationships Greater ability to adapt to change More fulfilment and enjoyment Develop new supportive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving thereby bringing more joy into your life.

Teaching to Change Lives

Seven Proven Ways to Make Your Teaching Come Alive

Author: Dr. Howard Hendricks

Publisher: Multnomah


Category: Religion

Page: 160

View: 979

This insightful book conveys the author's passion for communication and gets to the heart of how to do it. Discover the thrill of applying the seven proven concepts - and seeing the results! Also contains sample lesson plans. A great tool for your PDA or Desktop

How a Weirdo and a Ghost Can Change Your Entire Life

Author: Patricia Windsor

Publisher: Yearling Books


Category: Friendship

Page: 128

View: 457

Martha braves class ridicule to befriend a "weirdo," who enriches her life with his Ouija board and proves to be a better friend than those she lost.

Population, Climate Change, and Women's Lives

Author: Robert Engelman

Publisher: Worldwatch Institute


Category: Nature

Page: 44

View: 459

The report draws on new studies that document the environmental pressures from soaring population growth. It also reports on the unique role that women can play in alleviating those pressures, even as women are disproportionally affected by the adverse effects of climate change. Finally, the report argues that humanity ultimately will need to slow population growth to tackle rising global temperatures, and that the only way to do this is by improving the well-being of women worldwide.