How Does the Skeleton Call His Friends?

Notebook with Line (120 Pages) 6x9 Inches - Laughable Gag Gift for Kids Teens Adults Men Women Boys Girls - Notebook for Writing Journaling Doodling Sketching Listing Ideas Thoughts Secret and Dream Daily Diary

Author: A Joke a Book Journal




Page: 122

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Writing & Journaling Notebook - 6x9 Inches 120 Line Pages - Funny cute cover with a hilarious gag which gives everyone a small giggle or a laugh. Front cover: A silly kids joke. Back cover: Answer of the front question. This journal or notebook perfect for creative writing your thoughts, getting a little creative with poetry, jotting or writing down lists or ideas, daily journaling, planning, and organizing. Size: 6x9 Inches, White Paper; 120 Pages (60 sheets front/back) Cover: Matte Finish Soft Cover Design Interior: Blank Lined Paper The Perfect & Ideal Gift for Any Occasion! These silly joke a book journals are perfect for Appreciation and Gratitude Gift, Birthday Gift, Christmas and New Year Gifts, Valentine's Day, New Job Gift, Colleague / Co-worker / Boss Gifts, Journals & Planners, Doodle, Personal Diary, Homeschool Planners for Kids, Creative Writing Notebooks, School Notebooks, Student Graduation Gifts, Teacher Thank You Gifts, Secret Santa Gifts, Gag Gifts, Back to School Gifts, Mom Daughter Journal, Journaling For Kids, Book Lover Souvenir, Novelty Blank Scrapbook, Monthly Project Tracker, Practical Plan Checklist, Retirement Gifts, Gifts for Mom Dad, Grandma Grandpa, Cousins, Brother, Sister, Other Relatives, and much more........ Check out other collection of cute funny and laughable silly kids jokes notebook in our Author Page - Just Search for A Joke A Book Journal.

The Big Book of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

A 3-in-1 Collection

Author: Rob Elliott

Publisher: Revell


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 192

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Now everyone's favorite joke books from Rob Elliott can be found in one economical volume! Combining his bestselling Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids, Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids, and Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids, Elliott will have kids of all ages laughing with the gut-bustingest, knee-slappingest, guffaw-inducingest, funniest collection of clean jokes you can find. Great on car rides, at the dinner table, on the playground, and anywhere in between, this collection of hilarity will make you and those around you smile every day.

Yuck! Ick! Eww! The Grossest Jokes Ever


Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 208

View: 886

Get ready to gag with laughter in this hilarious book of gross jokes! Gross out your friends with this disgusting collection! "Why did Piglet look in the toilet? He was looking for Pooh!" "Why don’t baby birds smile? Would you smile if your mother fed you worms all day?" This giant book has more than 1,000 gross jokes that will make you grimace, giggle, gasp, and groan, and will leave your friends in stitches! So, get stuck in this gut-busting, side-splitting collection of gross jokes today!

Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

Author: Rob Elliott

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 567

Over 1.5 million sold! USA TODAY bestseller! Wall Street Journal bestseller! What happens to race car drivers when they eat too much? They get indy-gestion. Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids provides children ages 7-10 many hours of fun and laughter. Young readers will have a blast sharing this collection of hundreds of one-liners, knock knock jokes, tongue twisters, and more with their friends and family! This mega-bestselling book will have children rolling on the floor with laughter and is sure to be a great gift idea for any child.

The Big, Fat South African Kiddies' Joke Book


Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 222

View: 154

The book that will tickle the funny bone of all South African children, both young and old. The Big, Fat South African Kiddies’ Joke Book contains jokes of all shapes and sizes, from knock-knock jokes to one-liners and old-time classics. There are short jokes, and longer jokes, and questions and silly answers. There are animals that can talk, children who outfox grown-ups, jokes about teachers and learners, sport and computers, the precious (and hilarious) things children say, and much, much more. The Big, Fat South African Kiddies’ Joke Book is guaranteed to put a big smile on every child’s dial, whether they are seven or seventy!

Best Funny Jokes 2015

Author: Peter Crumpton

Publisher: PeteyRF Creative


Category: Humor

Page: 65

View: 114

These are the best jokes of 2015 which will have you and your friends laughing for hours and hours!!!!

The Biggest Ever Joke Book




Category: Wit and humor, Juvenile

Page: 248

View: 811

You've come to the right place, that is if you're Count Dracula looking for fang mail, a chiropodist searching for corny jokes, a garbage collector wanting to pick it up as you go along, or just anyone with a taste for the craziest, silliest things ever uttered on Planet Earth ...

101 Amazing Spooky Jokes

Author: Jack Goldstein

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 29

View: 515

This side-splitting collection of 101 of the spookiest jokes you have ever heard is scarily funny! Jack Goldstein drops his Hilarity-bomb on children of all ages with this amazing book containing over one hundred jokes that will have the whole family laughing. Organised into categories such as mummies, skeletons and witches so you have a spooky joke for every occasion, this is an ideal addition to any budding comedian’s bookshelf. Why don't skeletons play music in church? They have no organs...

1001 More Cool Jokes

Author: Barb. ; Singleton Whiter (Glen, ; (illustrator))



Category: Riddles

Page: 208

View: 950

A collection of the best jokes from around the world.

1001 Cool School Yard Jokes

Author: Glen Singleton

Publisher: Learn and Play


Category: Australian wit and humor

Page: 203

View: 590

From the rude to the ridiculous, they'll make kids laugh. 8 yrs+

Extreme Monsters Joke Book

Author: Nikki Bataille Lange

Publisher: Brighter Minds Children's Publishin


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 95

View: 375

Presents a collection of jokes and riddles about monsters, ghouls, ghosts, and other scary beings.

The Skeleton in the Closet

Author: M. C. Beaton

Publisher: Minotaur Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 149

Ever since the death of his father, poor Fellworth Dolphin has slaved away as a waiter to support his miserly, cold-hearted mother. When his mother suddenly dies, Fellworth is shocked to discover that she has left him a sizable inheritance. confused, Fell teams up with Maggie, a plain girl with a similar background, to investigate the source of the riches. But what they find is a closet full of skeletons... Is it really possible Fell's father was involved in a long-ago train robbery? Who's the mysterious woman in the portrait hidden in his mother's wardrobe? As Maggie and Fell poke around the village for answers, they find themselves on a surprise-filled path to danger and adventure, and--just possibly--love. But Fell's sudden good fortune could come to an abrupt end if he doesn't stay one step ahead of a cunning killer... from beloved novelist M.C. Beaton comes this thrilling stand-alone mystery, The Skeleton in the Closet.

The Skeleton Cupboard

The making of a clinical psychologist

Author: Tanya Byron

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Psychology

Page: 320

View: 239

The Skeleton Cupboard is Professor Tanya Byron's account of her years of training as a clinical psychologist, when trainees find themselves in the toughest placements of their careers. Through the eyes of her naive and inexperienced younger self, Tanya shares remarkable stories inspired by the people she had the privilege to treat. Gripping, poignant and full of daring black humour, this book reveals the frightening and challenging induction faced by all mental health staff and highlights their incredible commitment to their patients. Powerfully moving and beautifully written, The Skeleton Cupboard shares the tales of ordinary people with an amazing resilience to the challenges of life.

Skeleton Cay

Author: Mark Seymour

Publisher: Proofmark


Category: Fiction

Page: 282

View: 359

A man's beautiful life— his wife, his daughter, and hisunborn child—are taken from him a day after the 9.11attacks when Islamic terrorists, fleeing the aftermath,come upon his boat, anchored in the waters of an outlyingBahamian island off the north coast of Cuba.Coming back from a solo scuba dive to find the torturedbodies of his family, he swears revenge on those responsible.Thinking they were drug smugglers, he consoles himselfby running a Q-ship operation in the Caribbean, takingon the role of judge, jury, and executioner with a motleycrew of military friends and fellow warriors.In the end, however, the truth comes out, and those whokilled his family come back, close enough this time that he can reach them.But who they are, and why they're back, are a big surprise.