Horse Rider's Mechanic Workbook 1

Your Position

Author: Jane Myers



Category: Nature

Page: 154

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This book looks at each part of your body in great detail, starting with your feet and working upwards through your ankles, knees and hips. It then looks at your torso, arms, hands and head. Each chapter details what each of these parts of your body should be doing and what you can do to fix any problems you have with them.

Horse Rider's Mechanic Workbook 2

Your Balance: Further Improve Your Riding Skill

Author: Jane Myers



Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 116

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Jane Myers MSc (Equine), AKA The Horse Rider's Mechanic, has been riding, teaching and working with horses almost all of her life. This book is the result of many years of teaching and riding experience. Improving your balance is the key to further improving your riding. It is of key importance because without addressing the fundamental issues you cannot obtain an 'independent seat'. This book contains several lessons for each of the three paces, walk, trot and canter. It builds on Horse Rider's Mechanic Workbook 1: Your Position, teaching you how to implement your now improved position and become a safer and more secure rider. The lessons allow you to improve at your own pace, in your own time. They will compliment any instruction you are currently receiving because they concentrate on issues that are generally not covered by most instructors. This book also provides instructors, riding coaches and trainers with lots of valuable tips for teaching clients. You cannot afford to miss out on this great opportunity to learn!

Life Skills Curriculum: ARISE Four Wheel Drive for the Mind, Book 3: Networking, Jobs & Money (Instructor's Manual)

Author: ARISE Foundation Staff

Publisher: ARISE Foundation




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ARISE Four Wheel Drive: Networking, Jobs and Money is brimming with old-fashioned budgeting skills that help students practice making sound financial decisions. Topics include opening a bank account, building a support system, networking, interviewing, finding a job and many more.

A Writer's Workbook

A Writing Text with Readings

Author: Trudy Smoke

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 272

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This is a comprehensive academic writing skills book that includes authentic readings and a study of grammar. A Writer's Workbook takes advanced-level writing students systematically from reading to writing. Along the way, students read high-interest texts; study the structure of academic essays; grapple with troublesome areas of grammar and writing mechanics; read and analyze student model essays; and write, revise, and edit.

Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series



Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress


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Includes Part 1A: Books and Part 1B: Pamphlets, Serials and Contributions to Periodicals

International Books in Print

English Language Titles Published Outside the USA and the United Kingdom. 1979

Author: K. G. Saur Verlag GmbH & Company



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