Collins Creek, Volumes 1-3

Short Stories From Ron Collins

Author: Ron Collins

Publisher: Skyfox Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 612

View: 186

Jump in, the water’s fine! Join best-selling author Ron Collins as he explores fresh ideas across the genres of fiction — contemporary, historical, fantasy, crime, and science fiction, with a smattering of steampunk—all with ties to the Fiction River original anthology magazine project. This omnibus edition packs all twenty-eight short stories from the original Collins Creek collections into a single volume. --------------------------------------------------- Ron Collins knows how to write for anthologies. But more important than that, he knows how to write. Full stop. Kristine Kathryn Rusch Ron Collins has a mastery of plot and story that few writers attain. Lisa Silverthorne A great read by a great writer. Dean Wesley Smith

Canal House Cooking Volumes 1–3

Summer, Fall & Holiday, and Winter & Spring

Author: Christopher Hirsheimer

Publisher: Open Road Media


Category: Cooking

Page: 384

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A collection of the first three volumes in Canal House Cooking’s seasonal recipes series, for the novice and experienced cook alike Including Canal House favorites for every season, Canal House Cooking Volumes One Through Three collects the recipes we cook for ourselves throughout the year. In summer, we make jarsful of teriyaki sauce for slathering on chicken. We love to cook big paellas outdoors over a fire for a crowd of friends. We are crazy for ripe melons, and we churn tubs of ice cream for our families. In the fall and holiday seasons, we cook our grandmothers’, aunts’, and mothers’ recipes to bring them to life, and invite the people we miss to the table again. For us, it wouldn’t be a holiday without Neenie’s Sourdough-Sage Stuffing, or Jim’s Roast Capon, or Peggy’s Grand Marnier Soufflé. And in winter and spring we make jars of marmalade for teatime and to give to our friends. We warm and nourish ourselves with hearty soups and big pots of stews and braises. We roll out pasta and make cannelloni for weekend or special-occasion gatherings. Cook all year long with Canal House Cooking!

The Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Author: Colin Larkin

Publisher: Omnibus Press


Category: Music

Page: 1600

View: 774

This text presents a comprehensive and up-to-date reference work on popular music, from the early 20th century to the present day.

Thomas Cook/Co-operative Group/ Midlands Co-operative

A Report on the Anticipated Travel Business Joint Venture Between Thomas Cook Group Plc, the Co-operative Group Limited and the Midlands Co-operative Society Limited

Author: Great Britain: Competition Commission

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 180

View: 455

In this report the Competition Commission (CC) formally clears the anticipated travel business joint venture between Thomas Cook, the Co-operative Group (Co-op) and the Midlands Co-operative Society (Midlands). This confirms the provisional findings, that the acquisition will not result in a substantial lessening of competition in any markets in the UK, in particular for customers buying package holidays from high street travel agents. Therefore, customers are unlikely to suffer from significantly higher prices or reduced choice as a result of the joint venture. The joint venture would bring together two of the three largest travel agents on the UK high street. Thomas Cook currently has 780 stores, Co-op 360 and Midlands 100. Thomas Cook will continue to conduct its tour operator business separately from the joint venture.

Travel and Tourism in Britain, 1700–1914 Vol 1

Author: Susan Barton

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 2048

View: 849

The British led the way in holidaymaking. This four-volume primary resource collection brings together a diverse range of texts on the various forms of transport used by tourists, the destinations they visited, the role of entertainments and accommodation and how these affected the way that tourism evolved over two centuries.Volume 1: Travel and Destinations Texts in this volume draw on accounts by early travellers, from short factual lists to longer subjective descriptions. Documents show how eagerly new forms of transport were adopted and how they gave rise to different leisure activities and new destinations. Methods of travel covered include: early road travel by horse or wagon, river travel via sail and steamships, railways, the safety bicycle, motorized transport (charabancs, coaches, buses, cars and bicycles) and finally, air travel.

A Transatlantic Holiday

Author: Thomas Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Applewood Books


Category: Travel

Page: 280

View: 401

Written shortly after the advent of new steamships allowing faster travel to the United States, Thomas Fitzpatrick turns his pen to a description of the ""principal States of New England"" -New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington. Originally published in 1891, Fitzpatrick aims not only to describe America in relation to her experiment with democracy, but also to lay open the beauty of America to a new class of traveler-those who new technology will allow to undertake transatlantic travel within the limits of short leisure time. In the mode of an early travel guide, Fitzpatrick's hope is to provide a ""friendly"" guide which will induce his fellow countrymen to take advantage of new steamships, with their safer and shorter journeys to the United States, so that they themselves can view the natural beauty of the American continent and man-made achievements of her cities.

Dangerous Deception


Publisher: Phoenix Publishing Limited


Category: Fiction

Page: 185

View: 268

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Best-selling Author, Judy Angelo, presents: Volume 4: TO CATCH A COMMITTED BACHELOR... When Dani Swift put on her chauffeur's uniform, with her hair tucked under her hat and her face make-up free, she looks like a clean-shaven young man. It's while wearing her little disguise that she meets the man of her dreams, billionaire businessman Storm Hunter. But how can she compete in his world of wealth and women who will do anything to snag this eligible bachelor? Storm Hunter loves motorcycles and fast cars. And then he meets Dani Swift. Bold and independent, she's like no woman he's ever met. And when their little game of deception leads to him losing his heart that's when he knows that, in her, he's found his greatest love .

To Tame a Tycoon


Publisher: Phoenix Publishing Limited


Category: Fiction

Page: 120

View: 308

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Best-selling author, Judy Angelo, presents: Volume 5: HOW DO YOU TAME A TYCOON? Enrico Megalos is bold, brash and a big least for his staff in the Miami office of Megalos Shipping. And that's where the lion tamer comes in. Asia Miller, Personality Coach, is hired to tame the big boss. She takes on the challenge, not realizing until it is too late that while taming him she is also losing her the one man it doesn't pay to love. Sun, sea and a steamy affair - a thrilling ride on the sensual side.

Billionaire's Island Bride


Publisher: Phoenix Publishing Limited


Category: Fiction

Page: 252

View: 751

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Best-selling Author, Judy Angelo, presents: Volume 3: BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE VERSUS REBEL ISLAND BRIDE - AND THE WINNER IS... Normally shy and reserved, college student Erin Samuels goes to the island of Santa Marta where she breaks out of her shell and does things that shock even her. And, as if that weren't bad enough, she ends up trapped in a marriage by blackmail! Dare DeSouza is used to women throwing themselves at him and he lumps Erin Samuels in the same category. Gold-diggers, that's what they all are, but this time he has a plan. He sets out to teach Erin a lesson she'll never forget...and ends up learning the greatest lesson of his life. An island romance that will keep readers guessing every step of the way...