Postcard Book

Author: Brooklyn Museum of Art

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Produced between 1856 and 1858 by the artist Utagawa Hiroshige (17971858), One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (Meisho Edo Hyakkei), a collection of woodblock prints, has had a lasting influence on Western art, especially the Imperialists and Post-impressionist movements. The Japanese gardens in these prints inspired Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh owned several of Hiroshiges prints depicting plum trees in bloom. Selected from the Brooklyn Museum of Arts complete edition of the series, the thirty dramatic prints in this book of postcards epitomize Hiroshiges superb compositions. Pomegranates books of postcards contain up to thirty top-quality reproductions bound together in a handy, artful collection. Easy to remove and produced on heavy card stock, these stunning postcards are a delight to the sender and receiver. Postcards are oversized and may require additional postage.

Art Post Cards Book - Famous Artist Style Painting - Ando Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

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In Britain, postcards without images were issued by the Post Office in 1870, and were printed with a stamp as part of the design, which was included in the price of purchase. These cards came in two sizes. The larger size was found to be slightly too large for ease of handling, and was soon withdrawn in favour of cards 13mm (1/2 inch) shorter.75 million of these cards were sent within Britain during 1870.In 1973 the British Post Office introduced a new type of card, PHQ Cards, popular with collectors, especially when they have the appropriate stamp affixed and a first day of issue postmark obtained.Today, we offer an entire book printed face with a beautiful picture and in the back, a classic sample to write wishes and ad the post stamp.Just write your post card, cut it and post it !

Hiroshige Prints

24 Art Cards

Author: Ando Hiroshige

Publisher: Dover Publications


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Exquisite depictions of romantically idealized landscapes from woodcut master's superb Fifty-three Stages on the Tokaido. Reproduced from the Collection of the Elvehjem Museum of Art. Includes The Bridge on the Toyo River, The Ferryboat at Rokugo, The Junction of the Pilgrims' Road and Mt. Fuji in the Morning from Hara.


One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Author: Publishing Yohan

Publisher: Weatherhill



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Graphic Works of George Cruikshank

Author: George Cruikshank

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Design

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269 copyright-free reproductions of etchings, woodcuts (eight in full color).

Hands-on Culture of Japan

Author: Kate O'Halloran

Publisher: Walch Publishing


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Six different world cultures are the focus of Hands-On Culture: Japan, Mexico and Central America, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece and Rome. These colorful volumes examine each culture's art, science, history, geography, and language and literature. From making sushi to designing a drum to reading hieroglyphics, students use an array of hands-on activities to grow more culturally aware and appreciative if differences among peoples. Topics in this volume include: A Japanese view of aesthetics Japan: a closed society Geography and Japanese prints Counting in Japanese: ichi, ni, san, yon, go Haiku See other Hands-on Culture titles

An A-Z of Type Designers

Author: Neil Macmillan

Publisher: Yale University Press


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Review: "This illustrated A-Z features outstanding type designers from around the world, from Gutenberg to the present day. Arranged alphabetically by designer's name, the book contains over 260 biographical profiles. Entries are illustrated by key typefaces taken from a wide range of sources, including type specimens, original posters, private press editions and magazine covers, and also give a list of work and, where applicable, further reading references and a website address. An essential reference for typographers, graphic designers and students, the book also features a full index and eight short texts by leading typographers - Jonathan Barnbrook, Erik van Blokland, Clive Bruton, John Downer, John Hudson, Jean Francois Porchez, Erik Spiekermann and Jeremy Tankard - that cover a variety of different aspects of type design, including typeface revivals, font piracy, designing fonts for corporate identities and the role of nationality in type design."--BOOK JACKET