Herzog and de Meuron Elbphilharmonie

Author: Gerhard Mack

Publisher: Birkhauser


Category: Architecture

Page: 208

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The Elbphilharmonie is Hamburg's new landmark and is already an icon of contemporary architecture. In this book, Herzog & de Meuron document their project: extensive archive material, plans, and photographs are used to illustrate the process of the creation of this once-in-a-hundred-years building from the first sketch and the various design stages with their many challenges, through to completion of the finished building. The dialog between historical brick plinth and contemporary glass crystal, the combination of different functions, the development of the spectacular large concert hall, the design of a public plaza for the population are just some of the many aspects that contribute to the attractiveness of the building.

ESKIZ Sketchbooks - Architecture Series (Elbphilharmonie Hamburg by Herzog and de Meuron): Large (5. 25 X 8 /13. 34 X 20. 32 Cm), Cream Paper, Plain/Blank, 160 Pages, Green

Author: Ada Erinal




Page: 160

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ESKIZ Sketchbooks - Architecture Series (Elbphilharmonie Hamburg by Herzog & De Meuron). Soft Cover, Large (5.25" x 8"/13.34 x 20.32 cm), Cream Paper, Plain/Blank, 55 lb/80 gsm, 160 pages, Green. Sketchbooks for architects, artists, designers, and for all the people who are searching for a nice notebook to sketch or take notes. Besides the blank pages, it contains a brief description of the building that appears on the cover and the architects that designed it. It contains also the calendar of 2021 and the world time zones.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. (English Hardcover)

Author: Joachim Mischke

Publisher: Edel Books


Category: Hamburg (Germany)

Page: 248

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Hamburg was a city of music. And Hamburg is a city of music. Hamburg has the Elbphilharmonie. The fantastic building on the banks of the river offers many different views of freedom-freedom of art, freedom of trade, freedom of the senses. Joachim Mischke takes us on an exhilarating journey through the past and present of a truly historic building. Unique photographs by Michael Zapf document the extraordinary building's path from idea to reality. Hamburg has built a new landmark. Already unmistakable on the city skyline, its silhouette is also a symbol of Germany as a nation of culture. A symphony of beauty, an ode to the future.

Imagine Math 7

Between Culture and Mathematics

Author: Michele Emmer



Category: Architects

Page: 471

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Imagine mathematics, imagine with the help of mathematics, imagine new worlds, new geometries, new forms. Imagine building mathematical models that make it possible to manage our world better, imagine solving great problems, imagine new problems never before thought of, imagine combining music, art, poetry, literature, architecture, theatre and cinema with mathematics. Imagine the unpredictable and sometimes counterintuitive applications of mathematics in all areas of human endeavour. This seventh volume starts with a homage to the Italian artist Mimmo Paladino who created exclusively for the Venice Conference 2019 ten original and unique works of art paper dedicated to the themes of the meeting. A large section is dedicated to the most recent Fields Medals including a Homage to Maryam Mirzakhani including a presentation of the exhibition on soap bubbles in art and science that took place in 2019. A section is dedicated to cinema and theatre including the performances by Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot. A part of the conference focused on the community of mathematicians, their role in literature and even in politics with the extraordinary example of Antanas Mockus Major of Bogotá. Mathematics in the constructions of bridges, in particular in Italy in the Sixties was presented by Tullia Iori. A very particular contribution on Origami by a mathematician, Marco Abate and an artist, Alessandro Beber. And many other topics. As usual the topics are treated in a way that is rigorous but captivating, detailed and full of evocations. This is an all-embracing look at the world of mathematics and culture. This work is addressed to all those who have an interest in Mathematics.

Learning from Failure in the Design Process

Experimenting with Materials

Author: Lisa Huang

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Architecture

Page: 254

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Learning from Failure in the Design Process shows you that design work builds on lessons learned from failures to help you relax your fear of making mistakes, so that you’re not paralyzed when faced with a task outside of your comfort zone. Working hands-on with building materials, such as concrete, sheet metal, and fabric, you will understand behaviors, processes, methods of assembly, and ways to evaluate your failures to achieve positive results. Through material and assembly strategies of stretching, casting, carving, and stacking, this book uncovers the issues, problems, and failures confronted in student material experiments and examines built projects that addressed these issues with innovative and intelligent strategies. Highlighting numerous professional practice case studies with over 250 color images, this book will be ideal for students interested in materials and methods, and students of architecture in design studios.

Smart Building Design

Conception, Planning, Realization, and Operation

Author: Maad Bali

Publisher: Birkhäuser


Category: Architecture

Page: 140

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How can smart technology open up new design opportunities – for the design, the execution, and the operation of buildings and for the digitalization of construction? A hitherto unusual conception of the building as a cybernetic architectural system forms the basis of this integrated design approach. The authors – architects and engineers with extensive design experience – contribute an overview of current technical components of automation and communication systems, as well as a summary of relevant laws, standards, and guidelines. Six example projects demonstrate completed applications at different scales, from a single-family residence to office buildings, and through to the Elbphilharmonie concert hall – amply illustrated in text, drawings, and photos.

How To Win Work

The architect's guide to business development and marketing

Author: Jan Knikker

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Architecture

Page: 216

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You are a great designer, but no-one knows. Now what? This indispensable book, written by one of the most influential marketers in architecture, will demystify Public Relations and marketing for all architects, whether in large practices or practicing as sole practitioners. It bridges the distance between architects and marketing by giving practical tips, best practice and anecdotes from an author with 20 years’ experience in architecture marketing. It explains all aspects of PR and Business Development for architects: for example, how to write a good press release; how to make a fee proposal; how to prepare for a pitch. It gives examples of how others do it well, and the pitfalls to avoid. In addition, it discusses more general aspects which are linked to PR and BD, such as being a good employer, ethics for architects and the challenges when working abroad. Featuring vital insights from a wide variety of architects, from multinational practices to small offices, this book is an essential companion to any architectural office.

About Star Architecture

Reflecting on Cities in Europe

Author: Nadia Alaily-Mattar

Publisher: Springer Nature


Category: Social Science

Page: 332

View: 430

Cities across the world have been resorting to star architects to brand their projects, spark urban regeneration and market the city image internationally. This book shifts the attention from star architects to star architecture, arguing that the process of deciding about and implementing relevant architectural and urban projects is not the product of any single actor. Star architecture can, in fact, be better studied and understood as assembled by multiple actors and in its relationship with urban transformation. In its 18 chapters, the book presents a multidisciplinary collection of expert contributions in the fields of urban planning, architecture, media studies, urban economics, geography, and sociology, consistently brought together for the first time to deal with this topic. Through a vast array of case studies and analytical techniques touching over 20 cities in Europe, the book shows the positive and more problematic impacts of star architecture with reference to the preservation of built heritage, tourism and media. The book will be of interest to architects, sociologists, urban planners, and public administrators.

Leuchtende Bauten

Architektur der Nacht

Author: Hollis Clayson

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag


Category: Architecture

Page: 151

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This publication commences a dialogue among historical buildings and utopias, more recent designs, and paintings and photographs that feature nighttime façades. Expert texts illuminate this extraordinarily exciting chapter of architectural history.





Category: Architecture


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Advanced Architectural Design and Construction

Author: Milan Palko

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 496

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Development of the material-technological base in the field of architecture and construction is progressing faster than in the previous periods. Based on the potential of new materials and technologies, it is possible to create advanced architecture and engineering building systems. Integration of advanced materials, technologies and construction systems creates a high-quality architectural construction with optimum performance in the presence as well as in the future. Nevertheless, improper application of high quality materials in the wrong environment may cause a defect.


A Cultural & Literary History

Author: Matthew Jefferies



Category: Hamburg (Germany)

Page: 229

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With nearly eight million visitors each year, Hamburg is fast becoming one of Europe's most popular city-break destinations: it is a city well worth getting to know. An innovative series offering in-depth cultural, historical, and literary guides to the great cities of the world. More than ordinary guidebooks, they introduce the visitor or ......

Architektur weiterdenken

Werner Oechslin zum 60. Geburtstag

Author: Sylvia Claus



Category: Architecture

Page: 409

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Deutsche Nationalbibliografie

Amtsblatt. Monografien und Periodika. Halbjahresverzeichnis. D

Author: Die deutsche Nationalbibliothek





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