Help for The Hard Times

Getting Through Loss

Author: Earl Hipp

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 140

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Earl Hipp addresses loss and discusses young people's experiences to help you provide students with tools to grieve and ways to keep their losses from becoming too overwhelming. Earl Hipp addresses loss from the perspective of the heart. He discusses young people's experiences with loss and helps them figure out ways to continue functioning after loss. You will provide students with tools to grieve and ways to keep their losses from becoming too overwhelming. This book, along with the Caring Circle: A Facilitator's Guide to Support Groups and Thirty-Eight Great Handouts are all part of a complete curriculum to use in developing broad-based support groups for young people ages 12 and older. Other books that can be purchased that are part of this program to help teens in specific areas are:-Feed Your Head (Self-Esteem) -Fighting Invisible Tigers (Stress) -Understanding the Human Volcano (Violence)

Helping Teens Work Through Grief

Author: Mary Kelly Perschy

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 184

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The second edition of Helping Teens Work Through Grief provides a more complete and updated manual for facilitators of teen grief groups. It includes additional background information about developmental aspects of teens, the process of grief, aspects of trauma and its effects on teens, the value of a group, determining the group-appropriateness of particular teens, and parental involvement. The many details involved with beginning a group - publicity, interviews, registration, structure, closure, evaluation, and follow-up - are listed.

Times Square Rabbi

Finding the Hope in Lost Kids' Lives

Author: Yehudah Fine

Publisher: Unlimited Publishing LLC


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 260

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Yehudah Fine, family therapist and rabbi, is the author of's bestselling recovery title Times Square Rabbi. Based on his experiences on the streets of New York, the book describes his programs to encourage stronger family links. Fully returnable.

A Student Guide to Health: Understanding the Facts, Trends, and Challenges [5 volumes]

Understanding the Facts, Trends, and Challenges

Author: Yvette Malamud Ozer

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 1213

View: 155

This comprehensive, five-volume reference set is aligned with the National Health Education Standards, containing up-to-date, scientifically based information on a variety of health and wellness topics relevant to high school students. • Five expansive volumes covering such diverse topics as media, family, and peer influences on body image, sexual behavior, diseases and disorders, mental health and wellness, and relationships • Contributions from psychologists, educators, and teen contributors • "What People are Saying" sidebars disbursed throughout that provide opinions by young adults, as well as "Case Reports" and "Facts and Myths" • Dozens of illustrations including those of human reproductive anatomy • A glossary defining hundreds of terms relevant to health and wellness, such as pandemic, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and neurotransmitter

Children's needs 2

Author: George G. Bear

Publisher: Natl Assn Sch Psychologists


Category: Education

Page: 975

View: 677

An all-new & greatly expanded version of NASP's highly successful 1987 volume, designed to provide psychologists, mental health workers, & special educators with a single, authoritative source for practical, accurate & up-to-date information on the problems & issues facing children. Contains nearly 90 concise chapters covering child & adolescent development, family issues, academic achievement & physical health & well-being. Provides the theoretical & practical information you need to develop & implement effective, problem-solving interventions for a wide variety of issues, including aggressive behavior, brain injury, foster homes, giftedness, lying, religion, school phobia, self-concept, sleep disorders, sports, working parents & much more.

Death, Mourning and Caring

Author: Robert L. Marrone

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Psychology

Page: 518

View: 624

Author Robert Marrone, an experienced educator, researcher, psychotherapist, and writer, clearly and thoughtfully explains how attitudes toward death have changed over record time and how current interest in death, dying, and caring is affecting contemporary society. Multidisciplinary in nature, this up-to-date text captures the contributions of psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, theology, biology, medicine, social work, ethics, law, and more.The text not only reflects broad interests, but also reflects a diverse, multicultural community. The author covers the rich variation in attitudes, beliefs and practices in America and throughout the world.

Gumbo for the Heart

Author: Dianne Andrews, MBA

Publisher: Author House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 212

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Gumbo for the Heart is a book that ignites and inspires your energies to keep on keeping on. The stories in this book reveal the power of faith. Through faith you can conquer all adversities in your path. The twenty-five individuals featured have lived accomplished lives, many not by monetary standards but by realizing their purpose. These individuals know the reason why God put us on this earth. Never lose faith. Hope for a better tomorrow and provide charity to others. By charting this course you will have found the true purpose to your life. Gumbo for the Heart is one tool that can be used in reaching fulfillment and happiness . . .

Coping with Loss

A Workbook of Activities in Resolving the Dissonances of Grief for Teenagers

Author: Joseph V. Palazzola

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 36

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Life is filled with many experiences that young people must cope with each day. One of the most severe situations they will encounter is the death or loss of a parent, relative, or close friend. To help teenagers cope with their grief, author Joseph V. Palazzola has written a workbook to help ease the pain and get youngsters through the seven stages of grief. By using various learning strategies that rely on making personal connections, participants can realize true understanding of the grieving process. Joe is a former educator who has taught in the public schools and at college level. His first wife died at a young age and he was left to raise their son, Chris, who was 15 at the untimely death of his mother. Joe and Chris never really dealt with the loss of their loved one together. They silently grieved alone. They were coping, but not addressing the issue of their mutual loss. Six years after the death of his mother, while a college student, Chris was killed in an industrial accident. Twenty years after the death of Chris, Joe has written a workbook that will help teenagers cope with the pain of losing a loved one. Joe realized how difficult it was for Chris, so he wrote this workbook of activities. He includes many strategies and concepts that he used in his teaching career and information he imparted to his graduate students. This book will help ease the hopelessness and despair in a healthy and logical way. A Detroit-area native, Joseph V. Palazzola has retired from teaching and now resides in Vero Beach, Florida. This is his third book. Publisher's website: http: //

Devastating Losses

How Parents Cope With the Death of a Child to Suicide or Drugs

Author: Carol E. Jordan, MS

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 360

View: 704

This book fills a critical gap in our scientific understanding of the grief response of parents who have lost a child to traumatic death and the psychotherapeutic strategies that best facilitate healing. It is based on the results of the largest study ever conducted of parents surviving a child's traumatic death or suicide. The book was conceived by William and Beverly Feigelman following their own devastating loss of a son, and written from the perspective of their experiences as both suicide-survivor support group participants and facilitators. It intertwines data, insight, and critical learning gathered from research with the voices of the 575 survivors who participated in the study. The text emphasizes the sociological underpinnings of survivors' grief and provides data that vividly documents their critical need for emotional support. It explains how bereavement difficulties can be exacerbated by stigmatization, and by the failure of significant others to provide expected support. Also explored in depth are the ways in which couples adapt to the traumatic loss of a child and how this can bring them closer or render their relationship irreparable. Findings suggest that with time and peer support affiliations, most traumatically bereaved parents ultimately demonstrate resilience and find meaningful new roles for themselves, helping the newly bereaved or engaging in other humanitarian acts. Key Features: Offers researchers, clinicians, and parent-survivors current information on how parents adapt initially and over time after the traumatic loss of a child Presents data culled from the largest survey ever conducted (575 individuals) of parents surviving a child's suicide or other traumatic death Investigates the ways in which stigmatization complicates and prolongs the grieving process Addresses the tremendous value of support groups in the healing process Explores how married couples are affected by the traumatic loss of their child