Heart and Soul

The Therapeutic Face of Philosophy

Author: Chris Mace

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 304

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Philosophy's traditional concerns with the nature of knowledge, good conduct and the self cannot be ignored by psychotherapists, while the growth of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have had a profound impact on philosophy. The essays in the books cover topics central to both psychotherapy and philosophy such as the nature of the self, motivation and subjectivity; the limits of certainty and objectivity in interpersonal situations; and the scope of narrative, dialogue and of therapy itself. Contributions draw on a wide range of different philosophical approaches and examine how they can deepen our understanding of the processes involved in different types of psychotherapy in a wide range of clinical settings.

With Heart and Soul

Calgary's Italian Community

Author: Antonella Fanella

Publisher: University of Calgary Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 126

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Offers a detailed and personal exploration of the Italian immigrant experience in Calgary, Canada, focusing on the migration and resettlement of Italians who came to Calgary after WWII and the cultural transformation that occurred in this urban, industrial, and often hostile environment. Draws on 48 in-depth interviews with first- generation Italian immigrants, and includes b&w historical and contemporary photos. Information on the author is not given. Canadian card order number: C99-911246-5. Distributed by Raincoast Distribution Services. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

Heart and Soul

Author: Maeve Binchy

Publisher: Anchor


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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New York Times Bestseller A story of patients and staff, family, and friends who are part of a heart clinic in a community caught between the old Ireland and the new. Dr. Clara Casey has been offered the thankless job of establishing the underfunded clinic and agrees to take it on for a year. She has plenty on her plate already—two difficult adult daughters and the unwanted attentions of her ex-husband—but she assembles a wonderfully diverse staff devoted to helping their demanding, often difficult patients. Before long the clinic is established as an essential part of the community, and Clara must decide whether or not to leave a place where lives are saved, courage is rewarded, and humor and optimism triumph over greed and self-pity. "Good-hearted and entertaining.... Offers many honest pleasures." —The Washington Post

Heart and Soul

Author: Jillian Hart

Publisher: Steeple Hill


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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SMALL-TOWN SECRETS Michelle McKaslin felt as if a higher power had intervened when she rescued an injured stranger and gave him the job of handyman in exchange for room and board. There was just something about this tough-yet-tender drifter that made her believe she'd actually found the one. Was it too much to hope that she was finally stepping out from the shadow of her four perfect sisters? Jaded undercover agent Gabe Brody had no choice but to investigate Michelle's family in a counterfeiting ring. But as he grew to see the beauty in Michelle's life, it tore him apart to deceive the wholesome woman who rejuvenated his spirit. When the truth surfaced, he would need all of the Lord's blessings to convince Michelle that he loved her, heart and soul!

Heart and Soul

Author: Steve Evans

Publisher: GeneralStore PublishingHouse


Category: Interviews

Page: 198

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I love the people of the Ottawa Valley-specially the older people. That's why I absolutely love this book. It is a collecion of people- many that I know personally.

The Heart and Soul of Business

Author: Mable L. Cannings

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 248

View: 562

If you have always wanted to have your own business, If you've been fearful of launching out into the deep, If you have no idea of 'what' kind of business you want, If your soul cries out for purpose and comes up empty, then, this is the book for you! In The Heart & Soul of Business: One Woman's Journey, Mable Cannings shares her 25] years of entrepreneurial experience - masterfully revealing powerful and practical insights to cut your learning curve in half! You will be empowered to avoid pitfalls, save valuable time and money, and reposition for greater personal and business success! Mrs. Cannings is living proof that entrepreneurs can overcome major challenges and still have it all, when they discover their true source of power and wealth. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "The Heart and Soul of Business is a unique blend of one woman's journey. It is insightful, passionate and sprinkled with many of God's promises for the road to success. Mable Cannings helps you to understand and explore your own potential and how to ignite your entrepreneurial passion juxtapose to the Word of God. Mable constantly reminds you to do a soul checkup, ensuring God is the ruler of your spiritual, business and professional life. If you want to be successful and stay successful in your business, this is required reading as it challenges you to dig deeper to get to the heart and soul of business." -Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship President, The Urban Alternative, Dallas Texas Mrs. Cannings is an international speaker and CEO of Mable Cannings International, a personal and business development company focused on educating, inspiring and empowering women and entrepreneurs. Mrs. Cannings and her husband, John, live in Nacogdoches Texas.

Poems for the Heart and Soul

Author: Faye Smith

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 64

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Poems are literature, words of art, and outward expression made up of different verses in a book. Some poems give joy and upliftment to your soul when you are sad, and give us a longing to experience God as our Lord and Saviour. Poems for the Heart and Soul are of such; they are the inspired word of God. They were buried deep within the heart, waiting to exhale in Gods proper timing as He has a way of bringing out the best in everyone.

The Heart and Soul

Five American Companies That Are Making the World a Better Place

Author: Robert L. Shook

Publisher: BenBella Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 315

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In Heart & Soul, Shook takes readers on heartwarming journeys through some of America’s most successful companies: •Mary Kay (Dallas), whose primary focus has always been to be a vehicle for women’s success and independence in a world that often supports neither; the company now has more than 2 million women working toward their dreams in 37 countries •DaVita (Los Angeles/Denver), dedicated to becoming the world’s best dialysis company. America’s number-one provider of dialysis treatment, DaVita treats its patients and employees like family members. •InRETURN (Cincinnati), a company that intentionally employs those with brain injuries and other neurological challenges •World Wide Technology (St.Louis), the largest African-American–owned business in the nation, which thrives on biblical principles of fairness and caring •Starkey Laboratories (St.Paul/Minneapolis), whose employees travel to remote places to provide more than 50,000 hearing aids to the poor To the employees of these companies, success is measured by the good they accomplish in the world. However, profiting and caring aren’t mutually exclusive—these companies demonstrate how any company of any size can do both.

Emotions from the Heart and Soul

Book One

Author: Sharon Michelle Moore Kirkland

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 52

View: 720

Emotions from the Heart and Soul is the authors first book. Its about the emotions and feelings that each character experiences and stories that are being told. When you begin to read the stories you soon become the characters as you are drawn into their lives. Then there is that connection you start to feel with each one while experiencing their emotions. These are true feelings and emotions from the authors life of experiences. Putting these feelings and emotions into stories are a way of healing the pain of the past. By writing the stories, they describe some insight on the authors true feelings from the heart. She has added a little fiction mixed in with the nonfiction to entice your appetite for a good book. A great author never reveals her true source in writing a memorable book. I hope this book is an inspiration to all who read and may it bring you happiness.